Tweet Smarter, Not Harder: Elon Musk’s Covert AI Agenda for Twitter

Elon Musk Goes Full Circle, Calling for a Pause on AI While Investing in It


Elon Musk Working On AI At Twitter Despite Calling For 6-Month Pause

Despite recently signing a letter calling for a six-month pause on AI development, Elon Musk is investing heavily in AI for Twitter, according to a report from Insider. Musk has hired AI engineers from Alphabet’s DeepMind and is looking for others to develop his own AI software for Twitter. Musk’s history with AI has been marked by false starts and attempts to take over OpenAI. Insider suggests that AI could be used to improve Twitter’s search function and ad capabilities. Twitter responded to questions with a poop emoji, set up by Musk, which speaks to why advertisers are nervous about being associated with him.


Microsoft Bing Usage Skyrockets Following ChatGPT Update

Microsoft Bing has seen a surge in usage following an update that integrates ChatGPT, an AI system from OpenAI, to answer search queries. Users can now have a dialogue with the AI for follow-up questions, but the feature is only available on the Bing app and Edge browser, and access is limited to a waitlist. The move has seen a tenfold increase in app downloads and made the Bing app the 12th most popular free iPhone app globally. However, Bing AI responses come with a notice that the results are summarized from sources, potentially reducing traffic and ad revenue for content creators.


Microsoft Is Testing Bing ‘Compact Mode’ Again

Microsoft is testing a “Compact Mode” feature in its search engine, Bing, allowing users to view fewer details and have a neater interface. The feature was first tested years ago but is now being revisited as part of Microsoft’s efforts to enhance the browsing experience on Bing. The feature is activated through a toggle button under Bing’s tabs and removes some information and visual cards, offering specific and additional details about the search. It is worth noting that the feature is only available in specific searches involving results from Wikipedia. Microsoft is trying to make Bing more visually informative, and the Compact Mode feature can make significant changes to the UI of Bing.


User Spending Goes Up By More Than 4000% On AI-Powered Apps

User spending goes up by more than 4000% on AI-powered apps

AI-powered apps are gaining popularity, with a 4184% YoY increase in in-app spending in March 2023, according to analytics firm Apptopia. The report highlights that many AI chatbot apps are being launched in both app stores, with a 1480% YoY increase in such apps in Q1 2023. Most of these apps charge for unlocking a larger number of conversations with the chatbot. The report also notes that downloads for AI-powered apps have increased by 1506% YoY, with the number reaching almost 20 million in March. However, analysts caution that it is too early to say if these apps will have staying power.


Italy Gives OpenAI Initial To-Do List For Lifting ChatGPT Suspension Order

The Italian data protection watchdog, Garante, has outlined what OpenAI must do for it to lift the suspension order against ChatGPT. The regulator believes that the service is breaching the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and has given OpenAI until April 30 to comply with measures concerning transparency, data subject rights, and the legal basis for the processing of data for algorithmic training. OpenAI must also adopt age gating to prevent minors from accessing the tech and introduce more robust age verification measures. The DPA has given OpenAI until September 30 to implement a more stringent age verification system.


Sundar Pichai’s Response to the Delayed Launch of Bard is Brilliant and Reminds Us Why Google is Still Great

Google CEO Sundar Pichai addressed the delayed launch of Bard and competition with Microsoft, highlighting that Google’s success is not simply due to being the first mover, but rather a commitment to quality, user experience, and continuous improvement. Pichai emphasized that Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful, which guides everything the company does. While other companies may have been first to market with new technologies or products, Google’s focus on innovation and improving upon existing solutions has allowed it to become the market leader in many areas. Google’s long-term approach to product development will help ensure its continued success.


At Least Two Exciting New Features Look To Be On The Way To Bing Chat

Microsoft’s Bing Chat is adding two exciting new features, according to Mikhail Parakhin, who heads up Bing Chat. The first feature involves adding longer-term memory to the chatbot so it can recall previous conversations, which is a logical step forward. The second feature is the addition of ChatGPT-style plugins, which will allow Bing Chat to interface with third-party apps and services, much like ChatGPT already does. Bing Chat already integrates with Microsoft’s search engine, but direct access to services like Expedia could make the overall experience smoother. These features are expected to roll out soon, making for exciting times ahead.


‘ChatGPT-like Personal AI’ Can Now Be Run Locally, Musk Warns ‘Singularity Is Near’

A new “ChatGPT-like” personal artificial intelligence (AI) called “GPT4All” has been developed by Nomic AI and can be installed and run on a home computer without an internet connection, providing immunity to AI censorship. While less powerful than OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4, it is still a powerful tool and requires just 4GB of space. Founder of technology blog Multiplex, Brian Roemmele, has called it a “first PC” moment for personal AI. Tesla and Twitter CEO Elon Musk, a vocal critic of AI development, recently signed a letter calling for all AI companies to “immediately pause” training powerful AI systems, warning that “human-competitive intelligence can pose profound risks to society and humanity.” In response, Roemmele argued that people should “choose a side” and claimed that “AI is rapidly becoming the target of censorship, regulation and worse.”