OpenAI Releases API for ChatGPT and Whisper

And just like that, tons of people are furiously working on building a million applications of ChatGPT.


OpenAI makes ChatGPT cheaper and more available through an API.

(as well as rolling out the enterprise side called “Foundry”)

(…oh and also it released the API for Whisper, it’s speech-to-text tech)

And just like that, tons of people are furiously working on building a million applications of ChatGPT.

One for marketing slogans, one for pickup lines, one for historical quotes…

Most will be garbage that will be quickly forgotten.

When the iPhone came out, one of the best selling apps was a fart app.

Other early and successful apps were just allowing you to switch on the built in flash and use it as a flashlight.

It was basic, but it was new and successful.

Same thing will happen now, most early apps will be simple, but have the first mover advantage that will propel some to huge windfalls.

But after that will come the bigger and more powerful applications.

Some companies that are jumping on OpenAI’s API:

  • Snap
  • Quizlet
  • Shopify
  • Instacart

Speech to Text as Well

The other big thing is Whisper, which is OpenAI’s speech to text tool.

Basically if you ever worked with automatic subtitles aka transcribing, that is basically speech to text.

If you are interested in doing a deep dive and seeing what it can do, here is a great video that shows off it’s capabilities and then dives *DEEP* into the tech/science/nerdy stuff.

The first few minutes show you how you can try it out yourself (the easy way), how well it performed even with lots of distortion and why this software is “light” enough to use for simple everyday tasks.

OpenAI Still King

I don’t have any affiliation with OpenAI, and I will criticize them harshly if they screw up…

…but so far, I gotta say, they are killing it.

They keep making grand claims that people question at first and then they fulfil them.

Sam Altman, founder of OpenAI, said he wanted for OpenAI to be the “platform” on which everyone else built their AI applications.

Many questioned this and said it was never going to happen.

Many said trusting OpenAI would be foolish – similar to how people who built their businesses entirely on Facebook got ruined when Mark Zuckerberg pulled the rug from under them.

In case you didn’t know:

Zynga (creators of Farmville) hinged on fads (online farming?) and owed its existence to Facebook.

Like that relationship was ever going to work.

Zynga rode Facebook to the top and the two grew dependent on one another. 
Then when the timing was right — when Facebook didn’t need Zynga or any other gaming company to prove it could make money — Facebook cut the cord.


Over the course of the last 15-20 years people learned that building entire businesses on the backs of these giant tech companies can prove fatal.

Google, Facebook, Amazon and Apple all have completely devastated smaller business with algo changes or with specific targeted blacklisting.

If you build the next killer app on OpenAI’s platform, what stops OpenAI from shutting you off and building it themselves?

Big companies that use the platform for just one aspect of their business (like for creating customer service chatbots for example), will be safe. Those who build their entire company on OpenAI, will always be on a shaky foundation.

So far Sam Altman and OpenAI seem to be keeping their promises, but only time will tell when and if they decide smiting AI-dependent businesses.

Cool Content:

AI generated videos are very close to being a reality.

(meaning AI generating all the images, frame by frame, from some text inputs)

The below video is created by using 3D models and something called img2img to make *everything* you see.

The “glitches” you see as the pictures shift are a feature of how the AI generates images. As technology improves these will likely be smoothed out, but I predict that this will remain a trope of AI video (similar to how pixelated images are still used to represent video games).

As far as animation goes, AI allows small teams to create killer animations with little to no capital:

Here is what the final version looks like: