In 2021 Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI ai said in a tweet:

Neural networks really, truly learn. It’s not a fancy trick.

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This is one of the most remarkable things humans have ever figured out, and the implications are difficult to overstate.

James Hong, a tech founder and investor, added:

It is so mind bogglingly significant that it ups the chances in my mind we are living in a simulation. Like why am I alive just as this is happening, seems almost too coincidental.

Elon Musk Agrees.

In 2022, the public release of ChatGPT, Dall E and other such AI tools, showed people that AI is no longer a theory.

It’s here, right now.

However what is coming in the next year, is MUCH bigger than most can possibly imagine.

The current ChatGPT model used is GPT-3, but the next model, GPT-4 will soon be released to the world and people that release it might be exciting and terrifying at the same time.

GPT-4 is possibly the most anticipated AI model in history.

In 2020, GPT-3 surprised everyone with a huge improvement from it’s previous model.

But the rate of improvement has increased so much that the next model is expected to be as revolutionary and life changing as the previous one.

5 years ago talking about AGI, artificial general intelligence, would be seen as a theoretical conversation about some potential future development.

Now, it’s almost certain that we need to prepare for it immediately.

Historically the Turing Test, the machine’s ability to trick a human into thinking it’s another human, was seen as the ultimate test of machine intelligence.

Some said that it WAS the limit of machine intelligence.

It’s likely that GPT-4 will be able to pass it easily.

The test is almost seen as obsolete and notable people have proposed other, better Tests for confirming human-level AGI.

Such as the

The Coffee Test

The Robot College Student Test 

The Employment Test

People who have tested GPT-4, cannot talk about the results, but they are obviously impressed.

A friend has access to GPT-4 and can’t talk about it due to NDAs. Was about to tell me everything about it and then remembered who he was talking to. 

His emotion alone told me it is next level. 

He said it is just as exciting a Leap as GPT-3 was. Insane.

Disruption is coming. 

GPT-4 is better than anyone expects.

And it is one of several such AIs that will ship next year.

GPT4 will be “Multimodal” meaning it will accept many inputs such as text, audio, video, images etc.

Sam Altman did not specifically say that, but hinted that it’s coming soon.


““…I think this is going to be a massive trend, and very large businesses will get built with this as the interface, and more generally [I think] that these very powerful models will be one of the genuine new technological platforms, which we haven’t really had since mobile.

And there’s always an explosion of new companies right after, so that’ll be cool.”

Currently the models take a snapshot in time of when they were trained.

They do not have live access to the internet and they do not yet

He envisions an AI model that is trained and then learns on its own, growing by itself into an improved version.

Altman didn’t indicate that GPT-4 will have this capability.

He just put this out there as something that they’re aiming for, apparently something that is within the realm of distinct possibility.

He explained an AI with the ability to self-learn:

“I think we will have models that continuously learn.

So right now, if you use GPT whatever, it’s stuck in the time that it was trained. And the more you use it, it doesn’t get any better and all of that.

I think we’ll get that changed.

So I’m very excited about all of that.”

An AI that is able to learn by itself and self-improve, that is connected to all of humanity’s knowledge in real time will be smarter than humans in most respects and that intelligence will grow exponentially.

Meaning that the gap between human and AI intelligence will increase at an ever faster pace.