Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Beard

There has been a lot of hype in the last couple of years about beard balms and beard oils. But, if you do a quick search for “beard oil,” you get thousands of results and more oils than you knew existed before this foray into the world wide web.

In this post, we’ll be focusing on the use of Jamaican black castor oil for beard health.

Using Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Beard

We’ll start at the beginning, in case you are asking yourself, what is this?

It is just castor oil, another great oil, but there is a difference in the manufacturing process. Regular castor oil is cold-pressed, just like the way they make olive oil, but with Jamaican black castor oil, the beans are first roasted and then pressed.

This process turns the normally yellow-hued castor oil into a thick, dark oil because of the addition of the ashes from the roasting process.


Jamaican Black Castor Oil, which we will refer to from here on as “JBC” oil, has a lot of great qualities that make it an excellent choice for hair care.

Benefits for Hair

First, the heaviness of the oil makes it great for moisturizing dry, brittle hair, protecting it from further damage. This effect is mostly due to the omega fatty acids in the oil, and it’s a natural ability to “lock-in” moisture, and moisture retention is critical for healthy hair.

 JCB oil also helps to nourish the hair and allow it to grow stronger by promoting blood flow to the scalp. This blood flow promotes a healthier development of the root, and you have thicker, longer, healthier hair.

Benefits For The Skin

Ricinoleic acid, which is a fatty acid within the oil, is antibacterial, antifungal, and works to decrease inflammation. This fatty acid aids in natural hair regrowth by keeping the scalp healthy.

In the case of beard health, this applies if you suffer from acne, especially if you tend to have breakouts on the cheeks and jaw. JCB oil significantly reduces breakouts by getting rid of the bacteria causing the acne and then blocking any new colonies from forming new infections.

Once the skin is clear and less irritated, your beard has a chance to flourish.

How to Use Jamaican Black Castor Oil for Beard Care

Using Jamaican black castor oil for beard care is not going to be an everyday routine. The oil is too thick and heavy for everyday use; nobody wants to look greasy.

Instead, maybe two or three times a week, at night so the oil can absorb fully, apply a small amount into the roots of the hair, not on the hair itself.

Take a moment to massage it into the roots, then comb the oil from the roots to the ends, wiping away excess. Feel free to sparingly dab any problem areas too.

What Jamaican Black Castor Oil Will Not Do

If you are experiencing male pattern baldness, JCB oil isn’t going to help you regain your full head of locks. Male pattern baldness is the death of the hair follicles, entirely. JCB Oil won’t regrow your follicles, sorry.

Neither will it create hair where there wasn’t hair before. A patchy beard is often a result of genetics and age, not hair care habits or skin issues.

But if you have thin hair because of a skin condition or damaged, dry hair, then JCB oil can assist you in your beard health.