Essential Oils for Massages

Many people can experience intense stress around the holidays. Using several of the essential oils for massages can help both the mind and body to relax. Setting aside time this holiday season to care for yourself can boost energy, calm nerves and revitalize an experience that shouldn’t have to come with so much pressure.

The Benefits of Massage Therapy

There are a variety of different massages that relieve stress. Although a back massage may be the most common, foot massages and even hand massages can relieve pressure points that can cause anxiety. For centuries massages have proven their benefit in healing aches, pains and even emotional distress.

What are Massage Essential Oils?

To engage all senses, essential massage oils are frequently used. These oils are absorbed by the skin easily and do not burn or sting. Because these oils are not highly concentrated, they work well for those with sensitive skin.

Why Do People Use Essential Oils for Massages?

Essential oils for massages can be helpful for many reasons. Including the olfactory sense while receiving a massage can help tune out any unneeded stress or everyday worries. Adding a palpable, smooth texture to a massage can boost the tactile experience. With essential massage oils, the medicinal properties in each herb have a meaning that goes beyond a favorable fragrance.

5 Types of Essential Oils for Massages

Depending on the purpose of each massage, essential oils may vary. Although specific herbs are used for specialized healing, all massage oils are safe to use.

#1 Geranium oil

Geranium oil has a flowery scent that is widely used for its uplifting, yet calming effects. When used medicinally, geranium promotes healthy blood circulation and improves the nervous system. Relieving muscle stress is one of its main purposes.

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#2 Almond oil

Almond oil is very popular for massage therapists because, although it is slightly oil, it is still light and good for the skin. Almond oil also absorbs quickly and will not irritate the skin. This type of oil is particularly good when used as an anti-inflammatory.

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#3 Lavender oil

The scent of lavender is strong, but sweet. A sense of cleanliness and well-being often accompanies the fresh properties of lavender oil. Widely used for relaxation purposes, lavender is especially good at healing sleeping problems.

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#4 Coriander oil

Coriander comes from the Cilantro plant and is often found to be warm and soothing. Medicinally, coriander is known for helping create a healthy digestive system. For issues with the pancreas, this oil promotes a wide variety of health benefits.

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#5 Sesame oil

Many people experiencing aches and pains from arthritis can benefit from the use of sesame oil. It is an anti-fungal and antiseptic oil that works well for the prevention of aging skin as well fighting fungal infections. When used in a massage it proves to be very calming for most people.

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To enhance a relaxing massage, essential oils can be added for a particularly stressful time in life. With the medicinal qualities that many of these herbs bring, they are more than just a pretty scent.