Best Pregnancy Face Wash: Reviews And Comprehensive Guide

This best pregnancy face wash article is written because we know that when a woman gets pregnant, a lot of changes will happen. Aside from the belly increasing in size and shape, she may also experience some other physical changes. One is the appearance of pimples, due to hormonal changes. Not only that, but hormonal changes may also cause the skin to look so dry. This is now where pregnancy face wash comes in. Good thing, these products are now available almost everywhere.

These pregnancy face washes have the capacity to treat the most typical and most tenacious skin-related conditions that a lot of pregnant women need to take in hand. Nevertheless, it is never advisable that you trust all of the choices that are presently available. You should be cynical on what you are using on & for your skin nowadays. That being said, we have listed some of the best pregnancy face wash that is certainly safe and effective to use.

So without further ado, let’s get things started!

Top 12 Best Pregnancy Face Washes

#1 Christina Moss Naturals Face Wash

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With more than 2000 customer reviews, this sure is one of the best pregnancy face wash available on the market today. This is simply the best for those who have sensitive skin, like that of pregnant women. What makes it great is that it has no artificial preservatives or chemicals, fragrances, and some other substances. Not only that, but this facial cleanser is also hypoallergenic.

Its concentrated formula is so effective in thoroughly, but gently cleansing the skin. While it does this wonder, it also gets rid of all the annoying acne accumulation. In addition, it does not irritate or dry out the skin. You do not even need to use a large amount of it to cleanse your whole face. A dime-size is actually more than enough.

#2 Era Organics Natural Moisturizing Face Wash

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If you are searching for a pregnancy face wash that can clear up your acne in less than one month, then this is the one for you! Aside from being a face wash, you can also use it as a body wash. Its formula perfectly balances the natural pH level of the skin. Hence, healing without drying out or irritating the skin is probable.

Moreover, this face wash also helps in soothing various stubborn conditions, like acne, eczema, dermatitis, and psoriasis. Since it also works on sensitive skin, it is guaranteed gentle for pregnant women’s skin.

In terms of its application, you only need a small amount and mix it with water. That will do to clean your whole face & neck. However, you should stand its odd smell.

#3 Belli Skin Care Anti-Blemish Acne Facial Wash

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This one is a pregnancy face wash that is suitable for all types of skin. It targets the hormonal or pregnancy acne breakouts. Further, even though you have very sensitive skin, there is no need for you to worry about it.

Moreover, the effective blend of all-natural ingredients of this face wash is what actually makes it effective. It has lactic acid, green tea, cucumber extract, as well as lemon peel. All of these ingredients are great exfoliator and has antioxidants. There are no dangerous ingredients in this face wash. That just means that your skin will not feel irritated or dry.

#4 Body Boost Clarifying Daily Face Wash

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This face wash is so effective and gentle. This is what makes it a great pregnancy face wash, as hormonal skin constantly demands using gentle skincare products. Another thing that sets this face wash apart from the other is that it includes astringents, plant extracts, and antioxidants.

Its natural astringents help in clearing out blemishes. As for the plant extracts, they help in minimizing excessive pigmentation. Its antioxidant contents come from green tea and cucumber –these are essential in protecting the skin against harmful free radicals.

You might use this face wash on a day-to-day basis. Since it is clinically tested, it goes without saying that it doesn’t cause any allergic reaction or skin sensitivities during a woman’s pregnancy.

#5 Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, The Best Pregnancy Face Wash?

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This is a very popular skincare product all over the world. It works so well with any skin type, sensitive ones inlcuded. It is clinically proven to hydrate the skin. Not just that, it also helps in making the surface of the skin softer.

The formula of Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser is also mild and non-irritating. It will surely soothe the skin while getting rid of any dirt, impurities, or even makeup. That sure is the best part if you are a pregnant woman. You may also use this product on your hands and body –not just your face.

Furthermore, it is non-foaming and soap-free, plus it does not destroy the natural protective shield of the skin. it’s also great in sustaining the skin’s normal pH balance. You may use it with or without water.

#6 Mederma AG Hydrating Facial Cleanser

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This pregnancy face wash is very gentle and non-drying –regardless of your age and skin type. It gets rid of oil and dirt from the face, leaving it feeling smooth and refreshed all the time. What’s nice about this is that you can use it for shaving your sensitive areas, as well, like your bikini line, face, and underarms.

The hydrating formula of Mederma AG Hydrating Facial Cleanser helps in eliminating dead and dry skin cells. In addition, it is also dermatologist-recommended and hypoallergenic, so there are no harmful chemicals added to it.

#7 Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Daily Facial Cleanser

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This is a gentle hydrating facial cleanser that is particularly made for those who have sensitive skin. That just means that it helps in moisturizing, cleaning, and softening the skin. Further, it doesn’t give rise to any allergic reactions, as well. Its formula is creamy and mild. It also gets rid of oil completely and you may even use it as a makeup remover.

Additionally, this facial cleanser is so gentle. Regardless of how sensitive or dry your skin, it truly is a reliable choice. However, what makes it different from the others is that it is a polyglycerin formula. Therefore, it clears out the dry and sensitive skin, while being so gentle in not triggering any unwanted reaction.

#8 Aleavia Organic Facial Cleanser

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If you want a pregnancy face wash that is organic, then this is for you. This organic solution is essential in treating acne in a natural way. It is 100% natural and organic, with no chemicals, parabens, and harmful toxins. Not just that, it also has no non-natural fragrances and any dyes.

Aside from being a facial wash, it may also function as a makeup remover. What makes it even more astounding is that its formula assists in stabilizing the natural pH balance of the skin. This is because of its aloe vera content.

The liquid content of this product may last for a long time. You just need to be cautious during the application, since this facial cleanser may sting the eye.

#9 Lucina MD Nourishing Cleanser

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This face wash mainly targets sebum production. After all, it is the very thing that is responsible for the acne and breakouts during women’s pregnancy. The formula has wheat germ oil, which adds a boost of antioxidants. Not only that, but wheat germ oil is also a vital nutrient, which the skin needs in looking more youthful and much clearer.

Furthermore, this pregnancy face wash also has no harmful substances. Therefore, your baby’s health inside your womb will not be affected. You will also be relieved that this face wash is particularly made for pregnant & breastfeeding women. For those who deal with serious acne and breakouts, this is a good deal, as well.

#10 Nourish Organic Face Cleanser

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This facial wash has cucumber and watercress in it. This is actually the distinctive selling point of this astounding face cleanser. Cucumber is essential for replenishing and hydrating and the skin, while watercress is rich in antioxidants.

It is so gentle to the skin and very safe during pregnancy. Moreover, it also helps in getting rid of impurities, with no dryness, irritation, or redness. Its formula also penetrates deep into the skin to dissolve dirt, oil, or any impurities.

What’s more, it is also an organic, vegan, and gluten-free face wash.

#11 Bella B Foaming Face Wash

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This might look like an average product, yet it isn’t. It is fortified with pharmaceutical-grade organic ingredients, like tea tree oil. It also has a hypoallergenic formula, which gently cleanses the face. And it does an amazing job of minimizing acne.

There is no trace of benzoyl peroxide, alpha hydroxy acid, or salicylic acid in this product. Only organic ingredients are used in its making. That having said, it sure has a lot of antioxidants, which is definitely beneficial for skin health.

#12 Maternal Anti-Blemish Face Wash

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This product is plant-based and vegan in nature. Its ingredients are very effective and safe. It also includes lactic acid and green tea, aside from plant extracts and oils, which have high levels of antioxidants.

This pregnancy face wash also has a praiseworthy aspect for its safety. It doesn’t cause harm to pregnant & nursing women. All of this is due to the prohibition of parabens, dyes, fragrances, salicylic acid, and more.

Nonetheless, to be frank, it is just a preventative product. This means that it will keep new acne from developing on the skin.

How To Eliminate And Avoid Acne During Pregnancy?

Here are some ways on how you can keep acne away during pregnancy:

  1. Wash your face less than 3x a day. You should wash your face once every morning, at night, and in between. Thrice a day is enough for you to get rid of any bacteria, oil, or some other possible pollutants.

  2. Exfoliate. You should get rid of your dead skin cells that clog into your pores. Exfoliating 2 to 3 times every week is fine.

  3. Moisturize. You should not skip moisturizing your skin as it provides enough oil to it, in order to avoid dryness.

  4. Use non-comedogenic makeup. You should only use non-comedogenic makeup or beauty products as they do not clog your pores.

  5. Use light-based skin-care products. You may use light masks or light pens in treating your acne. They are essential in eradicating bacteria on the face.

  6. Eat healthily. This is already a given thing. For you to have nice skin, it should be a habit that you eat healthy foods. Eat clean and get away from sugary and high-glycemic foods.

  7. Avoid dairy. Dairy is capable of providing IGF-1 and endogenous hormones. These cause the onset of acne. Ditch them and you’ll be free of acne during pregnancy.

  8. Keep your hair away from your face. Your hair has oils in it. When it touches your face, it might leave the oil and clog your pores, thus causing acne. Keep it away from your face.

  9. Stop touching your face. Bacteria, oil, and dirt from the fingers may easily transfer to your face.

Final Say

There is so many pregnancy face wash available on the market. You only need to choose any of the top 12 best ones on the list above. For a more in-depth understanding, the comprehensive guide here is also a great help.

If you are still doubtful, there is no harm to visiting a specialist to discuss your acne problems during pregnancy. If you happen to choose a pregnancy face wash, which works wonder for you, then congratulations.

Always remember that there is no one answer to a particular problem. You need to take a lot of care of your skin even more if you really want to achieve great results. The process of doing it might be a bit slow, but gradually you will get there. After all, patience is a virtue!