Get to Know How AI-Enhanced ERP with Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Copilot Streamlines Business Processes, Improves Data Analysis, and Paves the Way for the Future of Project Management


Next-generation AI and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Copilot capabilities for ERP

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), just took a good long swig of the AI juice with Microsoft’s newest hotshot, Dynamics 365 Copilot. Its specialty is automating dull tasks, so folks can really let their creative juice flow. Copilot’s latest tour de force? It’s playing its part in finance, project operations, and supply chain management. 

ERP systems have always been the unsung heroes of businesses, gathering data from every nook and cranny for better decision making. But traditional ERP has been playing catch-up with today’s fast-paced global markets, bogged down by its own rigidity. Enter Copilot, here to alleviate your finance managers, project managers, and procurement pros from the clutches of time-consuming tasks and help them glean insights faster than a rabbit on espresso.

You see, in this brave new world of AI, data is king. And Microsoft, with its Dynamics 365 and Microsoft Fabric, working with Dataverse and business intelligence tools, has set up a full-blown data kingdom. This setup enables professionals to squeeze the most out of their data by using everyday tools like Power BI and Excel, now turbocharged with Copilot abilities.

Project managers, on the other hand, often find themselves caught between the rock of deadlines and the hard place of budgets. Copilot to the rescue! It’ll help them whip up project plans and status reports in a jiffy, and keep project risks on a tight leash. In short, Copilot empowers project managers to work smarter, not harder.


Mercedes is adding ChatGPT to its infotainment system

Mercedes has decided to stuff ChatGPT into its MBUX infotainment systems. Starting tomorrow, Mercedes owners in the U.S can sign up to play around with this new feature. How? Just tell your fancy ride, “Hey Mercedes, I want to join the beta program.” And voila, your car’s got a new party trick.

Mercedes is pitching it like this:

You can have a full-blown conversation with your voice assistant that goes beyond simple commands. Ask it about your destination, get it to suggest dinner recipes, or even answer complex questions—all while your hands are busy steering and your eyes are on the road.

The cynical might say Mercedes is tired of maintaining its voice interface and just wants to pawn it off onto a third party. And now, their infotainment system declares “Powered by ChatGPT in Microsoft AI,” like some sort of high-tech Matryoshka doll.


Ikea designers used AI to help create a couch that can be packed in an envelope

IKEA’s got a possible fix for your moving-day blues. Enter “Couch in an Envelope,” a product of IKEA’s design lab, Space10. It’s a couch, yes, but imagine a couch that weighs as much as a hefty toddler and can fold down into an envelope.

This concept flips the traditional sofa on its head, challenging the view that couches are these big, immovable objects you’re stuck with until they fall apart or you decide to redecorate. This project involves AI in its creation, tailoring a couch that meets modern needs: light, recyclable, easy to assemble, and as flexible as a gymnast, with over 30 possible configurations.

It’s a bit of a Frankenstein’s monster, developed in collaboration with Panter&Tourron design studio. Its anatomy? A lightweight aluminum frame, biodegradable body, and cushions made from cellulose and mycelium foam. You won’t need a toolbox to put it together. Just a base and two wing-like pieces that act as arms, plus four petite legs.


Amazon’s cloud unit is considering AMD’s new AI chips

Amazon Web Services (AWS), the kingpin of cloud computing, is eyeing up new artificial intelligence (AI) chips from Advanced Micro Devices Inc (AMD). They’re playing coy about it though, not a peep of a final decision yet. 

This news came to light during an AMD event. AMD’s big game plan? They’re going to serve up all the parts to create AI systems just like ChatGPT. But they’re letting customers play chef, picking the ingredients they want. 

Now, AWS isn’t going public yet about whether they’re going to use AMD’s new MI300 chips. But Dave Brown saying it’s on the table, but they’re still hammering out the details. 


BlackRock’s Larry Fink predicts AI could solve productivity crisis

Larry Fink claims that artificial intelligence (AI) could be our ticket out of the productivity pickle we’ve found ourselves in. Speaking on home turf, Fink expressed his belief that AI could not only jazz up productivity rates, but also ease up on that pesky inflation we’ve been dealing with.

Fink has been sounding the alarm about inflation for a while, suggesting it might nudge the Federal Reserve to start bumping up interest rates again. But with AI, he thinks we might dodge that bullet. The guy’s got a knack for making high-stakes bets, and seems ready to place another on this techno wizardry.

BlackRock, which has more money under its belt than anyone else in the world, is also scouting for potential acquisitions to beef up its global presence and tech capabilities.