50 Hot Hairstyles For Women Over 50

There’s this saying that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. It is because hair has been a powerful symbol of femininity since ancient times. When a woman is having a good hair day, it has a dramatic effect on her confidence. She feels good, empowered, feels more attractive, and even has that extra bounce of joy in her every step. There are tons of hairstyles for women and whatever one chooses speaks to her heart. A woman’s hair speaks a lot about who she is that’s why a woman’s hairstyle reflects on her personality. Is she chic? Or elegant? Or stylish? Or cute? Or maybe adventurous and fun?

Since hair is an extension of oneself, almost all women feel strongly when she decides to change her hairstyle. The famous Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Hairstyles for women are not just about vanity. Whatever hair cut or color she chooses is part of her identity.

What are the Best Hairstyles for Women Over 50?

With all the popular and new hairstyles available for women, choosing a new one can be a bit overwhelming. This is especially true for women who are already over 50 because that’s the time when you’ll experience hair thinning and hair loss due to hormones. The right cut that frames your face perfectly and makes it look thicker is the key. Of course, hair color is equally important because the right color will brighten your face. Additionally, color is also the fun factor, so no matter what age you are, don’t let it stop you from trying a new hair color. So to help you out in choosing your next hairstyle, we’ll take a closer look at 50 different hairstyles for women over 50 that are easy to style and are flattering.

The Best 50 Hot Hairstyles For Over 50

1. Short Bob With Bangs

A classic look as seen in the photo above of Diane Keaton. This one is a favorite among women over 50 for a reason and that’s because it looks youthful and fresh. Bangs frame the face and focuses on your eyes, while layers add volume. You can add fun to this style by adding highlights.

2. Ear Length Highlighted Bob

Blonde Girl with Ear Length Highlighted Bob

An edgy hairstyle for fashionistas. This short haircut is so stylish but so easy to maintain. Not only is the style amazing but the highlights make it stand out, it makes your hair look polished and styled all the time.

3. Shoulder Length Swept Back Layers

Sandra Bullock with Shoulder Length Swept Back Layers

If you want a not too short hairstyle that’s manageable then this is for you. The layers frame your face which softens your look.

4. Short Tucked Layered Bob

A short bob haircut tucked behind the ears is a classic style that looks cute and chic. Add some layers and light hair color and it’s the perfect recipe to look younger than your real age. This cut is also easy to style and perfect for everyone from busy moms to working women.

5. Very Short Textured Pixie

Woman over 50 with Very Short Textured Pixie

Tired of your long locks? This pixie cut aims to focus on your face. It’s a cut that gives texture but still easy to maintain. The right color and highlight suited for your skin tone will flatter your face even more.

6. Asymmetrical Short Bob With Layers

Portia de Rossi with Asymmetrical Short Bob With Layers

Another edgy cut, this one features long layers in front to frame your face. The back part has short layers and light highlights are added as well to brighten the whole hairstyle. Sweep it on one side and you’ll look so polished and ready for events as seen in the photo above of Portia de Rossi.

7. Short Heavy Razor Bob

Woman with Short Heavy Razor Bob

A hairstyle best suited for women with thick hair. This cut will emphasize your hair’s volume and paired with good color and highlights then it’s perfect for on the go women.

8. Rounded Face Framing Bob

Rounded Face Framing Bob

Do you want a haircut that frames and will highlight your face? This hairstyle with tapered layers is for you. Bangs make it youthful too and if you have a receding hairline, it’s perfect for hiding your forehead.

9. Short Curly Wild Bob

Justina Machado with Short Curly Wild Bob

Curly hairstyle for women are always fun. This hairstyle looks so cute as seen in the photo above of American actress Justina Machado. It’s an adorable hairstyle for women over 50, so don’t be afraid to get those tight curls.

10. Below The Shoulders With Side Swept Bangs

Jennifer Aniston with Below The Shoulders With Side Swept Bangs Hair

A medium-length hairstyle that’s flattering for any woman over 50. The side-swept bangs will make you look young and more feminine. Highlights just like Jennifer Aniston’s makes this trendy.

11. Long Gray Elegance

Eveline Hall with long gray elegance hairstyle

Ladies embrace your gray hair. If you have long and thick locks then this beautiful and elegant hairstyle is for you.

12. Long Red With Curly Ends

Dana Delaney with Long Red With Curly Ends Hair

A good red hair color that suits your skin will make you glow. This red hairstyle of Dana Delaney is perfect for older women who love long hair. The layers with side-swept bangs are flirty and girly, making you look years younger.

13. Neck Hugging Shag

Woman with Neck Hugging Shag

Another classic hairstyle for women over 50. This short haircut is edgy with lots of layers. This is perfect for women with fine and thin hair because a good shag makes the hair appear thicker.

14. Long & Straight

Demi Moore with Long and Straight Hairstyle

Yes, the classic long and straight hairstyles for women will never go out of style. This looks good for women over 50 with oval face. If you decide to go with this hairstyle just like Demi Moore make sure that the length flatters your face shape and will not make it look too long. Also, choose a hair color that brightens your face.

15. Angled Wavy Bob

balayage hair angled wavy bob

Another bob hairstyle that looks great for women of any age. The flattering cut with soft waves looks great with a good balayage color.

16. Super Shiny Short Cut

Mary J. Blige with Super Shiny Short Cut

If you want a super short hairstyle, you may want to try Mary J. Blige’s style of keeping it shiny. Bangs and highlights make it interesting and fashion forward. It’s a manageable hairstyle but you may need to take care of it with gloss treatment to keep its shine.

17. Wavy Little Bob

Halle Berry with Wavy Little Bob

A short wavy bob just like Halle Berry’s is a fun hairstyle for older women. It makes thin hair appear thicker because of the wavy layers.

18. The Classy Updo

Helen Mirren with the Classy Updo

Look elegant with the classy updo hairstyle of Helen Mirren. This will never go out of style, ever! It will make you look polished and stylish, which is perfect for events or leave some hair loose for a more relaxed style.

19. Half Up Half Down

Cynthia Nixon in Half Up Half Down Hair

The half up and half down hairstyle is very versatile. You can wear it for any occasion, for work and even every day. If you want to add volume, you can put the top part higher in a loose bun.

20. Ultimate Mid Shag

A hairstyle for all ages. This kind of cut is great for women over 50 because although there’s length it doesn’t weigh down the volume because of the shags.

21. The Career Bob

Martha Stewart with Career Bob Hair

A favorite of career women, this bob haircut is so flattering for women over 50 and the best part is this style screams “successful.” It frames the face beautifully, easy to manage and with the perfect hair color this hairstyle stands out.

22. Loose Waves

Kyra Sedgwick with Loose Waves

Who doesn’t love loose waves? It’s such an attractive hairstyle for women over 50 and it adds volume as well. The only catch is you need some time styling it but it can easily be done with rollers or hair curlers.

23. Sleek Updo

woman's back with sleek updo

A sleek updo hairstyle that’s perfect for formal events. This is best for women with medium or long hair.

24. The Hot Color Bob

Sharon Osbourne The Hot Color Bob

Show them that women over 50 love fun hair. If you’re adventurous with hair colors then this hairstyle is for you. Choose a striking hair color like Sharon Osbourne’s vibrant red hair.

25. Shaggy Highlights & Shine

Shaggy Highlights & Shine

A hip and fashionable hairstyle, this cut will not just add volume but with the right highlights and glossy color it will make you look years younger.

26. Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

Purple Hair Asymmetrical Pixie Cut

If you want a different look with an edgy hairstyle then an asymmetrical pixie cut with vibrant color will totally turn heads. This is a favorite of younger women but women over 50 has the confidence and character to pull off the vibe of this look.

27. The Marilyn Bob

The Marilyn Bob

Get that sexy bob ala Marilyn Monroe. This hairstyle is for women of any age and can easily be style from day to night.

28. Wavy Volume Waves With Textured Bangs

Jennifer Garner with Wavy Volume Waves With Textured Bangs

Get flirty with a romantic hairstyle just like Jennifer Garner’s long wavy hair with side-swept textured bangs. Using a large barrel, you can achieve the wavy curls. This hairstyle volumizes your hair and the bangs add a chic element as it falls perfectly above your eyes.

29. The Ultra Short

Jamie Lee Curtis with Ultra Short Hair

Be confident and flaunt your pretty face with this ultra short hairstyle. Just like Jamie Lee Curtis, this haircut looks great with hair color that looks good with your skin. It is easy to manage daily but regular trims are needed to maintain it.

30. Messy Bun

Pamela Anderson with Messy Bun

Sexy and so easy to replicate, all you need are a few pins and hair ties and you can achieve this fun and youthful messy bun hairstyle. Pamela Anderson wears this for an event but you can make this your everyday look or for that relaxing weekend.

31. Messed Up Curls

Messed Up Curls

Who says messy curls are not fab? With this hairstyle, messy curls are fun and sexy. Highlights also add definition to this hairstyle.

32. The Editor

Jodie Foster with The Editor Hair

A hairstyle that’s so simple yet so chic. It’s a practical hairstyle for women over 50 who doesn’t want frills and just want a sophisticated but youthful look.

33. The Page Boy

modern woman with page boy hairstyle

The modern page boy hairstyle is for women over 50 who are stylish but loves the classics. Highlights and lowlights make it more interesting and eye-catching.

34. Textured & Stacked

blonde lady with textured and stacked hair

It would be difficult to maintain this style every day but if you have thin hair this is worth it. The textured and stacked haircut will make your hair look volumized.

35. Chandelier Bob

Jodie Foster with Chandelier Bob

If you have thinning hair this chandelier bob hairstyle is best for you. It will add volume on top, then the layers below will soften your face shape.

36. Long Silver Ombre

Lady with long silver ombre

Style your silver hair with ombre color. This is very easy to do, just dye the bottom part of your hair with your favorite color.

37. Short Wedge Cut

Meryl Streep with Short Wedge Cut Hair

When it comes to short wedge cut, one of the celebrities who carry this style really well is no other than Meryl Streep. It’s a classic style that brings out the “boss” in you.

38. Long Curly Gray Hair

Embrace your gray hair. Silver locks are now popular even with younger women and you can make it look more alive with a good hair toner and treatment. If you have thick hair, style it with big messy curls.

39. Color Enhanced Gray Bob

Multi Color Enhanced Gray Bob

Get funky and play with colors. Add uniqueness to your gray hair by adding bright colors. You can opt for highlights or temporary colors.

40. Salt & Pepper Bob

Salt & Pepper Bob

Your salt and pepper hair will make you look mature if you don’t have a flattering haircut. This bob cut frames your face making you look youthful.

41. Super Shaggy Textured Pixie Cut

Julie Walters with Super Shaggy Textured Pixie Cut

Wear your hair short, spiky and shaggy for that cool, edgy, I don’t care look. British actress Julie Walters wears it confidently with bright blonde color.

42. Rounded Short Layer Cut

Blonde Lady with Rounded Short Layer Cut Hair

A fresh haircut for busy women. The layers frame the face while the bangs soften the overall look.

43. Half Up Major Curls

Sarah Jessica Parker Half Up Major Curls

Curls always look glamorous even with less styling. Wear it half up and you’re ready to conquer everything from house chores, errands, events or even work.

44. Long Blonde

Carmen Electra with Long Blonde Hair

Look younger with long blonde straight hair. This hairstyle will soften your features and will make you look young with a bright blonde hair color. Maintenance is needed to keep this hairstyle such as frequent trims, treatment and toner.

45. Major Volume Long Bob

Major Volume Long Bob

Perfect for women with thin hair, this style adds a lot of volume on top while the long bob makes it feminine. Great with highlights and lowlights to showcase the style.

46. Shoulder Length Ombre

Shoulder Length Ombre

Ombre hair color is ever so stylish but some women find this hairstyle hard to maintain. Here’s good news because you shouldn’t be afraid to try this style. You can pull this off with just a simple light color on your tips.

47. Naturally Curly Controlled Cut

Michelle Pfeiffer with Naturally Curly Controlled Cut

Curls can be wild and unmanageable if not maintained well. Michelle Pfeiffer’s hairstyle makes curls super cute and fun with just the right length and vivid hair color.

48. Curly and Sleek

Bette Midler with Curly and Sleek Hair

If posh and stylish is your vibe then Bette Midler’s curly and sleek hairstyle will look great on you. It’s a short hairstyle that makes it easy to manage every day while the curls will add volume.

49. Bangs and Long Layers

Blonde lady with Bangs and Long Layers

If you love long hair then play with it by adding bangs and long layers. This is a hairstyle that looks romantic and with a light hair color it will brighten up your face. Get some highlights and lowlights to give emphasis to your layers.

50. Natural Wind Swept Carefree Cut

Woman with Natural Wind Swept Carefree Cut Hair

There are lots of hairstyles for women over 50 but nothing beats a simple wind swept carefree hair cut. Keep it mid length and let it naturally flow with your real hair color.

What Hairstyles For Women Over 50 Would You Want to Try?

Ladies, be bold and brave to try hairstyles that you find beautiful. Don’t let being over 50 stop you from having fun with your hair. The important thing is that you’re happy and confident with the style that you choose. The right haircut will take years off your look, so experiment and update your hairstyle now. With so many good hairstyles for women over 50 on this list for sure, you’ll find some that fit your personality.