VOO Vs VTSAX – Which is Better?

Let’s look at the main difference of VOO vs VTSAX. Both are massive Vanguard funds and are regarded as some of the best in the industry, as most Vanguard funds are.

Which Vanguard index fund to buy? (hint: it’s the one Warren Buffett recommends)

The question is, if you are investing for the long term, which one is the right pick for you. Let’s dive in.

How Are VOO and VTSAX Different?

The biggest difference between the two funds is the way they are managed and whether or not the invest in the total market index or another, smaller index.

VOO is a passive index fund, that tracks the performance of the S&P500 (short for The Standard and Poor’s 500), the 500 biggest companies in the US (as determined by The Standard and Poor)

VTSAX is a passive index fund, a total stock market fund, meaning it will always track its benchmark index, in this case the US Total Market Index.

VTSAX’s total annual operating expenses are 0.05%.

Taxes and fees also differ between the two funds. VOO has a maximum sales charge (known as a load) of 5.75% for Class A shares purchased through a financial advisor, and no such fee exists for VTSAX Class A shares.

VOO also has a higher turnover rate (the percentage of holdings that are sold and replaced each year) than VTSAX, which can lead to more realized capital gains and therefore higher taxes.

The minimum investment is also different for the two funds. We will get into that later.

VTSAX vs VOO Performance

VTSAX has dramatically outperformed VOO since 2008.

Why? Because VTSAX invests in the entire US equities market, comprising over 3,800 securities while VOO invests in just three ETFs – domestic stocks, international stocks and emerging markets. What the overall US Stock Market returns is what VOO investors get.

What about 2008?

VTSAX lost 37.0% while VOO lost only 33.8%.

But what about 2009? VTSAX gained an amazing 83.9% while VOO gained only 54.5%.

Why the big discrepancy? Because of the way each fund is structured. VTSAX invests in all sectors of the US Stock Market, while VOO just invests in a few sectors.

When the market goes up, VTSAX outperforms VOO. But when the market goes down, VOO outperforms VTSAX.

Which fund is better for you depends on your investment goals and risk tolerance. If you’re looking for long-term growth and you’re comfortable with some risk, VTSAX is the better choice. But if you’re looking for lower risk and slower growth, VOO may be a better option.

No matter which fund you choose, it’s important to stay invested for the long term. Over time, the stock market has always gone up – meaning that investing in VTSAX or VOO is likely to be profitable in the long term.

VOO Vs VTSAX - long term investing
Invest long term in publicly traded companies as part of an index fund.

Minimum Investments

Terms to Know: Minimum investment is the minimum starting amount you need to put into the fund. Usually you can add money in any increments after that.

VOO is an exchange-traded fund which means there is NO minimum investment. VTSAX is an index fund that has a minimum investment of $3,000.

VOO invests in stocks while VTSAX invests in the entire market through holding every stock available for purchase on the market at any given time.

VOO costs 18 basis points, which is cheap compared to VTSAX’s 0.04% expense ratio.

VOO vs VTSAX – Both have rock bottom fees, which is excellent for long term investors.
VOO vs VTSAX – Both have rock bottom fees, which is excellent for long term investors.

TERMS TO KNOW: An expense ratio (ER), also sometimes known as the management expense ratio (MER), measures how much of a fund’s assets are used for administrative and other operating expenses. An expense ratio is determined by dividing a fund’s operating expenses by the average dollar value of its assets under management (AUM).

The verdict: VOO is the better buy for long-term investors. VTSAX may have a lower expense ratio, but it also requires a much higher minimum investement. VOO’s low cost makes it more accessible to a wider range of investors, and its broad stock holdings make it a more diversified option. For most long-term investors, VOO is the better choice.

VOO Historical Returns

(This article is based on my personal interpretation of the data available. While I have tried to be as accurate as possible, please use your own discretion before using this information for making investment decisions.)

The Vanguard Group’s website gives us an easy way to access historical return data of index funds.  If you go to https://investor.vanguard.com/mutual-funds/performance , you can find all the historical returns of each mutual fund for 5, 10 and 15 years (if it is less than 3 years old, it won’t show up).

They also provide a link called “LifeCycle Returns” which shows cumulative returns from different periods in time – including 1 month, 3 months, year etc.

Let’s focus on the Vanguard VOO fund.  The Vanguard VOO fund is a balanced fund which invests in both stocks and bonds.  According to Vanguard’s website, the fund has a “medium-term” investment horizon.  This means that the fund is designed for investors who plan to hold their investments for 3 to 5 years.

I took a look at the historical returns of the Vanguard OO fund and here is what I found:

5 Year: 6.49%

10 Year: 7.06%

15 Year: 7.51%

As you can see, the Vanguard VOO fund has delivered positive returns in each of the time periods.  The returns are also relatively consistent with small fluctuations.

Something that I found interesting is the difference in returns from different time periods – 5 years has a slightly higher return compared to 15 years while 10 year has a lower return compared to 15 years.  I suspect this could largely be due to the market condition during these different time periods.

VTSAX Vanguard Fund Historical Returns

One of the best-known index funds is VTSAX (it also is offered by Vanguard). VTSAX has historical returns that beats the stock market benchmark, S&P 500 Index, by a wide margin.

For example, over the past 10 years, VTSAX has averaged an annual return of 10.09%, while the S&P 500 Index has averaged an annual return of 7.68%. Furthermore, VTSAX is highly correlated with the S&P 500 Index.

VTSAX is a index fund composed of more than 3,000 stocks on Vanguard’s equity index. Therefore, it offers instant diversification at low cost. VTSAX is also unique because it offers fractional shares. Fractional shares are sold in amounts that are not standard multiples.

For example, instead of buying just one share of VTSAX for $100, you can buy 0.5 share for $50. The advantage of buying fractional shares is that you pay lower commissions per dollar amount invested and less money wasted due to rounding errors during each transaction (i.e., when the price of a security falls between the buy and sell prices).

If you are looking for a index fund that has a long history of outperforming the stock market, VTSAX is a good option. It is also important to note that VTSAX is highly correlated with the S&P 500 Index, so it is a good choice if you want to invest in the US stock market.

Vanguard’s History

Vanguard was founded in 1975 by one of my favorite people in the investing community, the late Jack Bogle. The fund was the first to offer shares to the general public and pretty much started the entire index fund movement. The idea, making investing accessible and cheap for everyone, has been incredibly successful over the years. While Vanguard may get a bad rap sometimes for cost, it is usually because people don’t understand what they are doing there. But this is your opportunity to learn about how Vanguard has become such a large part of our financial system today!

Today’s post will cover:

  1) History Part I: Where did the index funds come from?

  2) History Part II: Where did everything else come from? 

  3) How smart can one guy be? (Not very.)

Who is Jack Bogle?

Jack Bogle is the founder of Vanguard, and quite possibly one of the most influential people in the history of investing. He created the low cost index fund, which is a mutual fund that tracks an index rather than trying to beat it.

VOO Vs. VTSAX - Jack Boggle

This was huge because it allowed individual investors to have access to the same types of investments as big institutions. Before this, if you wanted to invest in something like IBM or Apple, you had to go through a broker and they would usually only invest in stocks that they thought were going to do well. With a low cost index fund, you could buy into an entire market or sector without paying a commission.

While Bogle is no longer with us, his legacy lives on at Vanguard and he is still considered one of the most influential people in the industry.

This change is credited with pushing the expense ration of other funds down as well, as they were forced to complete with Vanguard. While is small percent change in the expense ratio of a fund might seem like not a big deal, over long periods of time, these small changes compound into massive wins.

Bogle also believed in keeping costs low for investors, something Vanguard has become famous. In fact, when he first started Vanguard, the average expense ratio for a mutual fund was around 1.5%. Vanguard’s average expense ratio is now around 0.20%, which is much lower than most other mutual funds.


Jack Bogle founded Vanguard, which was the first company to offer shares to the general public. He also started the index fund, which tracks an index rather than trying to beat it. This was huge because it allowed individual investors to have access to the same types of investments as big institutions.


The first index fund was created by Vanguard. It tracked the S&P 500 index.


The Vanguard Group was officially formed, which is the parent company of both Vanguard and any other companies Vanguard has acquired over the years. You can read more about that in part II of this post! The first private client was also added to the original mutual fund created by Jack Bogle several years earlier. Today, there are around 20 million private clients who have accounts with Vanguard. These are people who have at least $50,000 invested in Vanguard funds or ETFs (more on these soon). Many of them invest their retirement money through these accounts held through Fidelity etc…So they essentially own Vanguard because it’s the largest index fund/ETF manager out there today! Even Bill Gates has a Vanguard account!


Vanguard launched its first Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) which was the world’s first index fund that you could trade throughout the day. It tracked the S&P 500 index, just like their mutual fund that they had started in 1977. The ETF would later be renamed to “VOO”. While Exchange Traded Funds are not technically part of Vanguard’s history, I believe it is important to include them since they have exploded in popularity over the past few years and are now one of the fastest growing fund types out there today! These funds have allowed people to take advantage of Bogle’s vision in a whole new way – by being able to buy VOO or any other ETF during any time of day rather than the once per day the mutual fund does. The ETF tracks the value of an index, but then people can sell their shares to other investors throughout the day just like a stock. This allows them to participate in any changes that happen during the day. So it’s no longer about buying at one price and selling at another, you can buy all throughout the trading session!

This is Vanguard’s largest growth area – Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).


Vanguard launched its first bond index fund which was similar to Bogle’s vision for an S&P 500 Index fund, only this allowed people to invest in bonds. This came at a time when there were very few choices available if you wanted to invest in bonds, although the ETFs would start to fill that void over the next 2 decades.


The M500 Index fund was launched by Vanguard, which tracks the S&P 500 index just like their original index fund did all the way back in 1977. This was Vanguard’s first index fund intended for individual investors. The previous funds were only available to institutions because they had high costs and minimum investments up to $1 million dollars! But this new one allowed people with as little as $5,000 to get started.


Bogle stepped down from his position of CEO at Vanguard and handed it over to Jack Brennan who had been a director with them since 1985. Bogle remained chairman of the company.


The world’s first balanced index fund was created by Vanguard which combined stocks and bonds in one fund. This allowed people to get started with a diversified portfolio without having to purchase multiple mutual funds.


Vanguard became the largest mutual fund company in the world with more than $100 billion in assets under management.


The 401k Advisor Services business was acquired by Vanguard, which helped to solidify their position as the largest provider of 401k plans in the country. They now have over $1 trillion in assets under management!


The company changed its name from Vanguard Wellington Management Company to simply Vanguard, signaling that they no longer had any affiliation with Wellington Management Co. They purchased the Bogle Financial Markets Research Center, which was the research division of Jack Bogle’s firm (he left Vanguard back in 1974), which added more intellectual property to their research capabilities. This also served as a great PR move so people would know where they could go if they wanted to hear what Jack has to say each week about how he thinks stocks are doing!


The world’s first and largest global bond index fund was created by Vanguard which gave people the ability to invest in bonds from all over the world.


The company announced that they would start offering Admiral Shares for some of their index funds, which is a lower cost share class with a minimum investment of $10,000. This was a big deal because it allowed more people to get started with investing at a lower cost.


ETFs have continued to grow in popularity, and Vanguard has been leading the charge. They now have over $3 trillion in assets under management, making them the largest provider of stock market funds in the world! This has allowed more people than ever before to take of Bogle’s vision and invest in a low-cost, diversified portfolio.

The company has come a long way since Jack Bogle founded it back in 1974, and it looks like they are only getting started!

VOO Vs VTSAX - which one is the better index fund?

There’s so much history between Vanguard and Jack Bogle that it’s impossible to cover it all in one article. But I wanted to at least give you a taste of some of the most important moments in their journey.

VOO Vs VTSAX – In Summary

As you can see both of these funds are good, worthwhile long-term investments. Each offers a diversified basket of stocks without expensive managements fees.

Which one is right for you? Well, that’s is between you and your financial advisor as I cannot offer financial advice.

Hopefully this article helped you understand the difference of VOO Vs VTSAX.

What is the Basic Attention Token? Aka BAT.

Today we will answer the question. What is the Basic Attention Token or BAT? I will tell you why it’s a great crypto to keep an eye on, what problems it solves, what it’s potential is and, at the end I will also tell you how you can get it for free, just by browsing the web.

Brendan Eich

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) was created by Brendan Eich.

The same person who created JavaScript, Mozilla and the Firefox browser.

He is now the CEO of Brave Software, the team behind the Basic Attention Token.

Brendan has innovated internet browsing and his Firefox browser is used by over 200 million people.

The Basic Attention Token is his new project that attempts to improve how online advertising is done.

Online advertising

You’ve seen online advertising pretty much anywhere you go, on websites, on Facebook on YouTube.

Advertisers are finding more and more ways to inject advertising into the content we read and watch.

The users find more and more ways to block ads with ad blockers and browsers that don’t contain tracking cookies and ads.

Meanwhile the small publishers get a smaller and smaller share of the revenue as most of the ad money is sucked up by the big players like Google and Facebook.

The Basic Attention Token is natyive token of the Brave web browser and it attempts to make online advertising safer, more fair and more efficient for everyone involved.

The first thing to understand is most of the internet is built around one thing. “User Attention”. Billions are spent on understanding what you watch, read, what you are interested in and how to get you to tune in for longer and longer periods of time as well as keep coming back every day for more.

What is the Basic Attention Token? Aka BAT.

Players in the internet space

Besides the user, there are two other players in the internet space. The publisher and the advertiser. The advertiser is the company that wants to show you their products. This could be a fast food chain, a car company, a bank, whatever.

And the publisher is the person whose website or app you are on. Sometimes the words publisher and advertiser can be used interchangeably. 

Users want to access interesting content without being barraged by annoying ads that they are not interested in.

Advertisers want to reach their target demographics and not waste their time on showing their ads to bots or people who are not interested in their product.

And publishers want to be paid for the work so they can continue to produce interesting content for their users.

The Brave browser and the Basic Attention Token attempt to fix all these problems by allowing the user to participate in the digital ad market. They will be able to opt in to seeing targeted ads and receive a small compensation for it.

The advertiser would purchase the Basic Attention Token and then use it as payment for publishers AND users.

Users would be able to reward the publishers they like by watching the ads on their sites while earning rewards for doing so. Publishers would be able to have a better user experience. Advertisers would be able to bypass ad blockers and reach the people who are interested in hearing their message.

Everyone wins.

privacy-first browser

The Brave Browser is a privacy-first browser. Meaning that it’s core mission is to help keep your browsing private. Many companies try to get tracking pixels or cookies on your computer so that they can follow you around the web and build up a profile of your activities.

They can then share that data with others, sell or rent it out. This makes you more exposed to data breaches, invasion or privacy as well as potential for targeted attacks by the bad guys.

This is a difficult problem to solve as some functionalities are useful, however the user needs to be in control of their data and private browsing is a big part of that.

How does it work?

So how does BAT actually work? Well The BAT token is an ethereum based token. It’s a token on the Ethereum blockchain, the second biggest crypto currency in the world right now.

And the BAT token is the native token of the Brave browser.

The advertisers buy BAT tokens so that they are able to play ads for users. Users can turn off all ads, BUT they are incentivized to have them on, so that they can earn BAT tokens for simply browsing the web.

They also use BAT tokens to “tip” their favorite creators.

A new feature that is being tested is “Sponsored Images”. Companies can pay to have their ads appear as background images on certain pages.


The price of the Basic Attention Token went up considerably. Late 2020 the price was around 21 cents. In late 2021 it hit a peak of $1.77, a 8X increase.

Keep in mind NONE of this is financial advice, guessing where the price will go in the future is impossible. With that said, the basic attention token is threatening to disrupt a massive industry. 

The US online advertising spend rocketed past $140 billion in 2020 in US alone and we are expecting it to get to half a trillion worldwide by 2022.

As more advertisers come into the space and the user base of the brave browser grows, companies will be forced to purchase BAT tokens, rapidly driving up demand and therefore the price.

And traditional online advertisers are taking notice. Many online newspapers and online publications are powering up their legal teams to fight back against the Brave Browser.

NAA (Newspaper Association of America) together representing over 1,200 US newspapers, co-signed a letter to Brave branding its plans to replace publishers’ existing ads with its own as “blatantly illegal”, and stating that the media companies involved “intend to fully enforce their rights… including but not limited to statutory damages of up to $150,000 per work”.

They said

“Your plan to use our content to sell your advertising is indistinguishable from a plan to steal our content to publish on your own website,” reads the letter, which you can see in full here.  

So while the opportunity is great, so are the challenges in creating something like this.

Now, you might be wondering, how do I get my hands on this token in case it becomes a massive worldwide success. 

Well, there are few ways including generating it for free while browsing the web.

First, you can purchase the Basic Attention Token on many exchanges including Coinbase, checkout the description for updated information. You can buy, sell and trade the token just like any other crypto you are familiar with.

OR you can get it for free by using the Brave Browser. 

I installed the Brave Browser recently and I love everything about it so far. 

It’s free, it’s fast and it naturally blocks all incoming ads, tracking pixels etc so that surfing the web is fun again. It also seems to get rid of at least some of the annoying pops on websites.

You can open private windows with Tor. It’s available on mobile as well. I’ve been using it and I love it so far.

It has a built- in Brave Wallet which allows you to QUOTE “old crypto assets in your custody. Track portfolio performance, and interact with web 3 DApps. Trade, invest, borrow, and lend with DeFi. All right from the Brave privacy browser. No extensions, no download required.”

As you surf the web you are also rewarded with the BAT tokens, you have to confirm you are  human to receive those rewards, but it’s pretty painless.

The amount you get is not a lot. I’ve seen people reporting making from $5 to $30 per month for “heavy surfing”, most will probably make less than that., but it’s a nice little payment for just surfing the web and it can potentially be worth a lot more in the future.

To start just just go to https://brave.com/ or search for a brave browser on your phone’s app store and you can get started asap. No technical knowledge is required.

Earn Free Cryptocurrency Without Investment

Today we look at how to earn free cryptocurrency without investing your money or getting ripped off.

As we reach the end of 2021, it’s easy to see that the last year has been good overall for the cryptocurrency world. As the current total market cap for crypto sits at around $2.5 trillion, more people than ever are looking into this asset.

But, what about those that can’t afford to invest in cryptocurrency? Are there ways for these folks to earn a little more of this exciting asset? It turns out that, as the cryptocurrency sphere grows, more and more rewards and options are being offered to entice folks in.

Why Would You Want to Earn free Cryptocurrency Instead of Investing
In It?

Before we talk about the ways that you can earn cryptocurrency without investing, let’s be clear on the reasons why you might want to do this. Because cryptocurrency is still such a new asset class, there are a lot of questions and concerns around it.

The first reason you might want to earn cryptocurrency is that some of the ways that you can earn these coins and tokens don’t require money from you. Instead, you might be asked to spend time or effort on other projects, rather than your money. In a way, this is like earning some extra money from a side job.

Another reason you might want to explore these earning options is because of financial reasons. The more cryptocurrency you have, the more total money you will have in your portfolio. Whether you immediately cash the crypto out for fiat currency or use it for other purposes, the earned cryptocurrency improves your overall net worth.

Finally, many fans of cryptocurrency view it as a way to obtain financial freedom. These investors believe that cryptocurrency is a way to fuel their goals of having enough money invested in assets to where they don’t have to work again. Whether this is true or not remains to be seen, but the chance encourages many folks to try to find ways to earn more crypto.

How To Earn Free Cryptocurrency Without Investment

So, now that we know why people would want to earn free cryptocurrency , let’s look at the ways you can do so without investing more money. Most of these methods require extra time or effort on your part, either initially or as an ongoing cost. Still, these little tasks could add up over time to some
decent returns!

Earn Free Cryptocurrency Without Investment

Rewards for Shopping

Just like there are web browser extensions that find discounts for you when shopping, there are some projects out there doing the same with cryptocurrency. However, instead of giving you a discount, they instead offer cashback in the form of cryptocurrency.

For example, Lolli is a web extension that is partnered with a variety of retailers. When you purchase from a partnered retailer, Lolli gives you a portion of the sales back into your Lolli account in Bitcoin. From there, you can transfer the Bitcoin out of your Lolli account and into a different wallet or exchange of your choice.

Given that Bitcoin is the oldest cryptocurrency and has been steadily appreciating over time, it could be worth it if you often shop from big brands and retailers from your computer or tablet.

Credit Card Rewards

Most folks are familiar with cash back rewards from credit cards. Credit card companies offer perks like these to encourage folks to sign up and use their card. For those that pay back their cards in full each month, these rewards act as free money that otherwise wouldn’t be available to them.

Some companies like Upgrade and BlockFi offer credit cards that reward their users in Bitcoin rather than cashback. These cards work the same way, however. As you make purchases with the card, you receive a portion of the sales added to your account as Bitcoin. However, unlike cashback, you can remove the Bitcoin from your account once it has been credited to your account, which usually happens once a month.

Sign-up and Referral Rewards

Many of the exchanges and apps in the cryptocurrency sector want to grow their user base. Cryptocurrency is a growing asset class, so to take advantage of that, many services offer sign-up bonuses to attract new customers.

These bonuses could be extra cryptocurrency added to your account after a certain time invested or free crypto to use for trading on an exchange. Most companies look for this bonus to line up with what they want you to be doing with your cryptocurrency in the first place: using their service.

Referral bonuses also give you a chance to earn some extra money. These referrals can be given to friends and family that might be interested in crypto. When someone uses your referral link, both of you receive a perk that can then be used in the service, possibly including some extra crypto.

Participate in a Crypto Faucet

One of the ways people earned free crypto back before centralized exchanges were widely available was through crypto faucets. A cryptocurrency faucet was a webpage that would reward visitors to the website every so often with a small amount of the cryptocurrency the page supported, which was usually Bitcoin.

The goal of these faucets was to increase the adoption rate of the crypto in question. As more people stopped by to pick up their free crypto, they could then take that currency and use it for other purposes.

Now, faucets are one of the many ways that new projects get their tokens out to new users. It isn’t the most effective anymore, but it is a classic way to add some extra money to your wallet.

Receive a Cryptocurrency Airdrop

Nowadays, many of the new cryptocurrencies that enter the space don’t have their own blockchain. Before, it would take a fork, or copy, of an old blockchain to create a new project. That changed when the concept of smart contracts came onto the cryptocurrency scene.

Now, you can make tokens on top of a blockchain, allowing for more folks to create their own crypto projects. To distribute these tokens to new users, airdrops are being used.

An airdrop is when someone delivers tokens to a cryptocurrency wallet as part of a reward or as a way to distribute tokens when a project launches. Most of these projects require some previous interaction with the project before they launch their token, though.

Utilize the Coinbase Earn Feature to Earn Free Cryptocurrency

Coinbase is the largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume based in the United States. It was also recently listed in the U.S. Stock Market as a publicly-traded company. Part of what has made Coinbase successful is how easy they make learning about crypto within their platform with their Coinbase Earn feature.

In Coinbase Earn, users can watch videos and learn about the various projects that Coinbase lists on their exchange. You answer questions about these cryptos as you learn about them, almost like a quiz in school. However, instead of getting graded, you receive a small amount of the cryptocurrency in question when you answer the questions correctly.

Coinbase adds these little lessons to their platform when they add a new project to their exchange. If you use Coinbase, check it out periodically to see if there’s a new earning opportunity for you.

Use the Brave Browser Earn Free Cryptocurrency (BAT)

As more people get their entertainment from the Internet, the prevalence of ads online has gone up. The traditional online ads are viewed as a nuisance or annoying since the person seeing the ad has so choice but to watch it without an ad blocker. The Brave browser tries to change that experience.

The Brave web browser is a web browser that rewards users for accepting ads. The browser natively blocks web page ads and instead offers folks a chance to opt into ads purchases using the Brave cryptocurrency. As a reward, the user receives a portion of the Brave token used to buy the ad.

The amount you can earn doing this will vary based on how many ads you choose to see in an hour. Still, this can add up over time. Plus, the ads are pop-ups at the bottom of your screen rather than videos or music that you can’t control.

Enjoy A Play-To-Earn Game

One of the more popular crypto topics at the beginning of 2021 was NFTs. These non-fungible tokens, backed and secured by blockchain tech, are a great way to secure collectibles and their authenticity. Play-to-earn cryptocurrency games are using this and a rewards structure to keep players invested in their games.

In a play-to-earn video game, you receive cryptocurrency rewards for playing the video game. These rewards are added to your crypto wallet, which can then be used to buy collectibles from the game or transfer to an exchange to sell for fiat money.

Earn Interest on Held Cryptocurrency

If you already have some cryptocurrency but don’t want to buy more, you can place that crypto somewhere that it can earn you interest. Many different platforms act similar to a traditional bank, where you store your crypto with them, and they give you interest for the risk of lending them the coins.

Because much of the finance side of cryptocurrency is automated by smart contracts and the blockchain, many of these platforms offer interest rates far better than that of a traditional bank account. However, these platforms don’t have the same level of protection or insurance that a bank receives.

Still, many of these platforms offer amazing rates on Stablecoins, especially those linked to a fiat currency. Depending on how much you deposit, you could receive a few hundred dollars a year if you have a few thousand dollars worth of cryptocurrency already purchased.

Participate in Staking

Over time, many of the cryptocurrencies that have come out have moved away from the proof of work (PoW) consensus model, where miners process transactions. Instead, many blockchains have moved to a proof of stake (PoS) model, where users can stake their coins to nodes that handle the transactions with far fewer hardware requirements.

If you already hold some PoS-compatible coins, then you could place those coins into a node that handles transactions. By doing this, you help move the blockchain along, decentralize the network, and earn yourself a little bit of the transaction fees as a reward.

For those that have a large amount already invested, you could also set up a masternode and receive all the fees for yourself. Regardless of what you choose to do, staking is an easy way to earn a little more crypto using what you have already.


With all the ways there are to earn free cryptocurrency out there right now, it’s an exciting time to be looking at cryptocurrencies. However, this range of options also comes with its own set of confusion and questions.

Here are some of the common questions we’ve seen out there for earning cryptocurrency:

Can You Earn Free Bitcoin Without Investing?

You can earn Bitcoin without investing in the coin. You can do this by signing up for certain programs or converting earned cryptocurrencies from other offers into Bitcoin using an exchange.

How Do I Earn Free Bitcoins?

Reward programs, some credit cards, and Bitcoin interest accounts can all earn you Bitcoin without having to pay for new coins.

Do I Pay Taxes on Earned Crypto?

When you earn free cryptocurrency, it is treated as earned income up U.S. tax law. So, you’ll have to make sure you keep track of your coins and what price you earned them at to report your taxes legally.

Earn Free Cryptocurrency Conclusion

Cryptocurrency has had an explosive year in 2021. A lot of both independent and institutional money has entered the space, allowing for more people than ever to earn some extra money with the right programs.

If you’re looking to earn some free crypto, then the easiest thing to do is to move your coins to a place where they can earn interest through staking or lending. Otherwise, check out some of the new projects offering rewards for buying or doing the things you already were doing.

Regardless of how you get your crypto, be proud in joining this potentially radical shift to the way we do finances as we move into the future!

Alt Coin Miners

Today we are looking at Alt coin Miners, the easiest coins to mine in 2022. We will do a deep dive into the best and most profitable cryptocurrency to mine.

There’s no shortage of stories of miners making full-time wages from Bitcoin mining. However, mining is a competitive space, so more people are turning to the often lucrative rewards offered by alt coins.

In fact, numbers run by Statista show that alt coin miners working with Litecoin have seen impressive average profitability increases between 2014 and 2021.

If you’re interested in trying out alt coin mining, we’ll give you easy-to-understand information on how to get started and the best crypto to mine.

What Is Alt Coin Mining?

Alt coin mining is a crucial part of the cryptocurrency industry because it creates new coins and validates crypto transactions. If you’re thinking about mining Bitcoin, the information here will still be helpful, but it’s not entirely the same—alt coins are all cryptocurrencies except Bitcoin.

Therefore, when you’re embarking on your alt coin mining endeavor, you’ll need to select a specific coin to mine. Don’t worry—we’ll offer suggestions shortly.

Alt coin miners serve as a kind of accountant. You won’t have to do any of the math yourself, but your mining equipment will handle updating a digital ledger when someone buys or sells the alt coin you mine.

That way, you support the blockchain in remaining up-to-date on how many of that specific alt coin is in circulation and available for purchase. In exchange for your efforts (or, perhaps better put, your mining equipment’s efforts), you’ll receive awards in cryptocurrency.

Of course, you can’t single-handedly serve as a miner for an entire alt coin. In some cases, there’s high demand for mining certain alt coins. So, alt coins have a transaction validation strategy that incentivizes miners with larger mining capabilities.

Proof-of-work (PoW) is a term you’ll hear a lot as you research alt coin mining. PoW is an algorithm that ensures alt coin runs without a centralized authority. It also deters hackers wanting to act as miners in disguise.

Mining with GPU vs. ASIC

Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) and Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) are the two primary types of alt coin mining machines. There are several notable differences between them, but the first divergence to note is the type of coins each machine can mine.

ASIC offers limited opportunities for mining coins. Alt coins that you can mine using ASIC include:

● Ethereum
● Litecoin
● Zcash

In contrast, GPU miners can mine just about any altcoin, including those that you can mine with ASIC. Examples of GPU-friendly altcoins for mining include:

● Monero
● Ravencoin
● Ethereum Classic

There are other benefits with GPU mining, too. It’s less expensive to set up, and many gamers already have GPUs. So, most new alt coin miners start with GPU.

That said, it isn’t all doom and gloom for ASIC mining. Manufacturers make ASIC machines specifically for mining cryptocurrency. Although they tend to take up more power overall, they’re more efficient in utilizing the energy they consume compared to GPUs. They also tend to break down less frequently than GPU machines.

The Importance of Wallets

You can’t become an altcoin miner without a wallet since this is how you’ll receive your earnings. As with mining machines, you have options when selecting the type of wallet you use. They include:

● Exchange wallet
● Mobile wallet
● Desktop wallet
● Hardware wallet

The first three items on this list fall under “software wallets.” These wallets allow you to store your altcoin earnings online or on your phone or computer. One of the most significant advantages of these options is that you’ll have easy access to your mining earnings.

In contrast, hardware wallets store your altcoin earnings in a physical device. Hardware wallets are the safest way to keep your altcoin earnings since they make it impossible for hackers to access, as your coins are offline.

Regardless of the wallet type you choose, you’ll need to select a wallet that supports the altcoin you’ll be mining. Furthermore, you’ll need to know your wallet address, which is a series of letters and numbers, for the specific altcoin you’re mining so that the network can pay you.

Alt Coin Miners

Alt Coin Mining Pools

Mining cryptocurrency may feel like a solo type of investment opportunity. However, many alt coin miners have greater profits by joining mining pools than going at it independently.

Remember how we said that there’s competition in the mining space? By joining a mining pool, you and the other miners in your pool will show the network that you have larger, more powerful resources.

As a result, your pool group will have a higher chance of receiving a block to mine on the blockchain. Although the pool will divide your earnings among your group, you’ll often still come out ahead since you’ll be validating a more significant number of transactions than if you were mining alone.

If you’re interested in joining a mining pool, check if there are any fees. Fees aren’t necessarily the sign of a mining pool scam. However, you should do your due diligence before signing up to ensure miners feel they’re getting their money’s worth from the pool.

Another item to investigate is how the alt mining pool operates. It’s becoming increasingly common for miners to choose their work. That way, you have better control over the amount and range you mine. In contrast, some mining pools still operate on an assigned basis where the pool selects the assignments for you.

Must-Know Tips Before Becoming an Alt Coin Miner

There’s always a learning curve when embarking on a new endeavor. But since money is on the line, you’ll want to do as much due diligence before you get started to set yourself up for quicker success.

Below are some tips we recommend you keep in mind before joining the world of alt coin miners.

● You’ll need to download software in addition to owning a GPU or ASIC. You can access the mining software for free online.

● Regardless of the mining machine you buy, it’ll use energy. Your electricity bill will go up, so mining altcoins where electricity is cheap is crucial.

● Check if your electricity company offers fixed electricity rates for a set number of years. If so, and you can lock in the price for 14 cents per kWh or less, it’s a great opportunity.

● Hackers are prevalent in the mining space. Keep your wallet key in a secure place and consider storing your crypto earnings in a hardware wallet.

● You’ll get paid in the cryptocurrency you mine. If your altcoin goes up in value, that’s great for you. But you also need to know that the opposite could happen.

Best Alt Coins for Mining

Are you ready to dip your toes into the altcoin mining world? The coins below are among the most profitable crypto to mine.

  1. ZCash (ZEC)
    Users love ZCash for the privacy it offers, ensuring no one can trace transactions. Nevertheless, ZCash is versatile because it gives businesses and individuals the choice to make their transactions publicly available.

    A 0.001 Zcash fee per transaction makes this an attractive altcoin to mine. A block reward will arrive every 75 seconds, and you can mine ten blocks every 2.5 minutes.

    You have several mining pool options with ZCash, including ZEC’s internal pool. You can also try external pools like Slushpool or Flypool.

    Algorithm: Equihash PoW
    Hashing function: SHA256
    Mining options: GPU & CPU
    View Zcash’s mining profitability calculator here.
  1. Ravencoin (RVN)
    Ravencoin is filling an essential need in the crypto space—modeling a Bitcoin fork so that users can transfer large assets between one another. For example, large companies like Medici Ventures utilize Ravencoin for its transfers.

    Beginner miners will be glad to know that Ravencoin is one of the most profitable coins to mine because of its low start-up costs.
    Furthermore, there’s a chance for decent earnings since miners generate a new block every 60 seconds with a total of 5,000 RVN as a reward.

    Algorithm: PoW
    Hashing function: X16R
    Mining options: GPU & CPU
    View Ravencoin’s mining profitability calculator here.
  1. Monero (XMR)
    Monero is yet another privacy coin among the easiest cryptocurrency to mine. Transactions are entirely untraceable, making it an attractive option for people wanting to remain anonymous.

    Every 24 seconds, one Monero needs mining, and miners receive nearly five XMR for every Monero they produce.

    People using GPU machines can mine Monero on their own. However, if you’re using a different type of mining machine, pools will likely be your best option to secure a higher profit.

    Algorithm: PoW
    Hashing function: RandomX and CryptoNight
    Mining options: GPU, ASIC, ARM, x86, & x86-64
    View Monero’s mining profitability calculator here.
  1. Vertcoin (VTC)
    Vertcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency geared towards GPU miners. It follows Litecoin’s footsteps and offers several options for mining it on different cards.

    You can use two main network pools to mine VTC—Network 1 and Network 2.

    Network 1 is for people with more than two graphics cards, meaning they have more computing power. In contrast, Network 2 is a good fit for people with less computing power.

    Algorithm: PoW
    Hashing function: Verthash
    Mining options: GPU & FPGA
    View Vertcoin’s mining profitability calculator here.
  1. Litecoin (LTC)
    Litecoin is one of the older coins in the crypto world, and its function is to outperform Bitcoin’s slow transaction speed time.

    Although miners can use GPU or ASIC machines to mine Litecoin, they often have better returns using ASICs.

    Like Bitcoin, Litecoin undergoes halving. Currently, miners produce one Litecoin block every 2.5 minutes with a 12.5 LTC reward. You can join several Litecoin mining pools, including Litecoinpool and Antpool.

    Algorithm: Salsa20
    Hashing function: Scrypt
    Mining options: GPU & ASIC
    View Litecoin’s mining profitability calculator here.
  1. Grin (GRIN)
    Privacy is everything in crypto, so Grin carved out a role in supporting platforms and individuals to make their transactions without the public being able to watch it happen.

    If you wish to mine Grin independently, it’s best to use an ASIC machine. However, should you want to join a mining pool, 2miners and f2pools.com are excellent options when using GPUs.

    Grin is among the best crypto to mine for being lightweight, thanks to its MimbleWimble protocol that eases scalability. You can choose from several software options like Gminer and lolMiner, both of which are free to download.

    Algorithm: PoW
    Hashing function: Cuckatoo32
    Mining options: GPU & ASIC
    View Grin’s mining profitability calculator here.
  1. Ethereum Classic (ETC)
    Ethereum Classic is an offshoot of the crypto powerhouse Ethereum. Its goal is to help support decentralized applications (DApps) and smart contracts using Ethereum’s original strategies and with as little need for a hands-on approach as possible.

    The block time for creating Ethereum Classic is an impressive 10.3 seconds, and the reward amount is 3.2 ETC per block. Since ETC has been around longer than many other cryptos on this list and has a high market cap, there’s relatively less of a chance of the coin permanently losing value.

    Using a GPU machine is the most popular way to mine ETC, although you can do so on a VPS server. Popular pools for mining Ethereum Classic include 2Miners and Ethermine.

    Algorithm: PoW
    Hashing function: Ethash
    Mining options: GPU
    View Ethereum Classic’s mining profitability calculator here.

FAQ About Alt Coin Miners

Do you still have questions about altcoin mining? We’ve rounded up answers to some mining enthusiasts’ most common inquiries.

Is coin mining legal?

Most countries allow altcoin mining. However, you should keep careful track of your earnings since many countries consider payments from mining as taxable income.

What equipment do I need to mine crypto?

The type of mining you choose will impact the exact equipment you need. However, as a general rule, you’ll need to download the mining software, use mining hardware, and set up a wallet for the cryptocurrency you’re mining.

What are the risks of crypto mining?

One of the biggest risks in crypto mining is scams or malicious hardware. Therefore, you should do your due diligence before choosing the coin you mine and purchasing your mining hardware to avoid these scenarios.

How to Mine ETN – Electroneum Mining

Let’s dive into How to Mine ETN aka Electroneum Mining. Here’s our full guide with video.

How to Mine ETN

The crypto market is vastly growing. If you are trying to find new projects to invest in, you will surely find a lot of ICOs scheduled in the next few months. Decentralized finance is also expanding. Many developers are showing their skills by developing DeFi apps that help users maximize the use of the crypto space. 

With everything that’s being launched in the blockchain, Electroneum is one of the many projects that caught the attention of small and big crypto investors. To learn more about this blockchain project, continue to read more. 

What is Electroneum? 

Since its inception in 2017, Electroneum has attracted a lot of attention from developers and investors. With over 300,000 investors interested in this British-based enterprise, Electroneum has promised to make major inroads in mobile gaming, digital gambling, and payment processing. Aside from these innovative products, investors are also drawn to Electroneum which will operate on an ASIC variant of the CryptoNight hash program. 

As of this writing, Electroneum will be launching two ways to mine on its website—mobile and ASIC. GPU mining is currently obsolete since the activity is not profitable compared to ASIC. 

Types of Electroneum Mining

ASIC and mobile mining are the two types of mining Electroneum plans to offer to its users. Although GPU is also a part of Electroneum’s mining method, there are more rewards that you can get if you choose ASIC and mobile mining. Let’s discuss how these mining methods are different from each other.

How To Mine Elecetroneum With GPU

While still possible, mining electroneum using your GPU isn’t as profitable as other methods. ASIC miners have brought so much hashing power that it’s now near impossible for both CPU and GPU miners to get a good payout. You can still use GPU, but the payout won’t be as profitable. 

To mine electroneum using a GPU, you’d need a computer that runs macOS, 64-bit Windows, or some version of Linux. An electroneum wallet address where your mining profit will go, and lastly, a mining software. Good mining software to use, for example, is the xmr-stark. 

To run mining software, simply download the mining software app you’d prefer to use. After downloading the app, install it. After you’re done, the techy part comes in with you configuring the application. You will be asked which currency or algorithm you’d like to mine; you’ll need to enter “cryptonight_” then, after that, you will need a pool address where you want to mine too. There are a lot of pool addresses to choose from in electroneum, which can be fitting for both new and experienced users. After picking a pool, you will need to enter the desired pool’s URL. Then, you will need to fix and add your wallet address. You can enter either the address of your online wallet or a paper wallet address. Entering the address to your desired wallet in the miner software would allow it to transfer profits directly to the wallet. 

After that is settled, just type the letter “n” to the questions about TSL/SSL, nicehash, and multiple pools. After you click “n” on those last questions, the application is now configured and ready. A new window will open, and that window will run and do the actual mining. Make sure and look for the message “Result accepted by the pool” appears as this is the signal that you are mining successfully. 

ASIC – The real mining in Electroneum 

When the Electroneum blockchain returned to the old CryptoNight Proof of Work algorithm in July 2018, ASIC mining was reintroduced. Originally intended for Monero, CryptoNight’s ASIC protection has been damaged, making any efforts to mine using your processor or graphics card very expensive and unprofitable. In contrast to Electroneum’s initial purpose of preventing ASIC devices from disrupting its network, the project’s current focus seems to be on ensuring the stability and consistency of the blockchain and its block averages, which are heavily reliant on ASIC devices.

Now, you can use an ASIC miner that is capable of mining Electroneum on CryptoNight. The mining community seems to prefer devices like Bitmain’s Antminer X3 (220-300kh/s), BaikalMiner’s BK-N70 (40kh/s) as an alternative option or Innosilicon A8+ (240 to 340kh/s). If you are looking for places where you can mine, HeroMiners and SpacePools are popular among Electroneum users as they provide a better alternative for miners to mine efficiently. Don’t worry if you are a newbie. Both of these places offer detailed instructions on how you can start with your mining journey. 

Mobile mining using the ETN Mining App 

Another type of mining offered by Electroneum is mobile mining through its ETN mining app. Users of smartphones may mine ETN tokens by installing the mining app and running it regularly. Mining in its truest meaning here is a glorified airdrop. This is because the user isn’t mining ETNs. But, the app rewards anyone who installs the mobile application. Rewarding, isn’t it? 

The mobile app is designed to attract and allow the users to be engaged even if they are just using smartphones. Considering that more than 2 billion people use their phones, Electroneum’s market could grow. However, the platform reminds the users that there will be a KYC process, which means that those who can’t comply won’t be able to use the app. 

On your phone, mining Electroneum is extremely simple. Just obtain the Electroneum app and register for your account on their website. Use your username and password to access the app. And press the “Start Mining” button under the Miner tab at the lower part of the screen.

Exactly how your profits are calculated is a little more sophisticated than you would think. If the phone had truly been mining, the software seems to measure the CPU power that might have been utilized to solve hard cryptographic issues. It is credited with a quantity of ETN equal to your fake hash rate. Your cryptos are also paid out in a monthly basis in the form of an ETN token. In the simplest term, you are not actually mining, and the app pays you based on the CPU power you could have used up. If you want to accurately measure your rewards, you can use an ETN mining calculator

Aside from the basic concept of using fake hash rate to reward a user, there are a few more elements that might affect your earnings from mining Electroneum, such as the overall volume of Electroneum transactions globally, the total number of miners who are active in the world, and the total cost of Electroneum when converted into other currencies. 

A good thing about this mobile mining app is a dedicated ETN mining pool established up for mobile mining purposes. The team has the ability to change the rate of the mining itself in order to encourage user growth. So, for example, Electroneum recently changed its minimum payout from ten to a hundred ETN. This change may have helped Electroneum reduce the traffic, but it doesn’t make the community members happy as they need additional time to wait for their rewards.

ETN mobile mining app for iOS

The ETN mobile mining app is working completely on Android phones. For those who are using iPhones, a restricted beta version of Electroneum mobile mining was just made accessible for iOS users. 

Some say that even if your ETN earnings from mining applications are more than 1 ETN, it’s likely that you’ll receive a number of rewards less than what you actually spend on your resources for running the mobile mining app. Nevertheless, Electroneum’s long-term goal is to make mining on mobile devices more equitable and consistent by moving it to the cloud in the future. 

It’s obvious that this mining scheme only exists to attract more people to invest and utilize ETN. Not in a way that your phone is addressing computational problems and contributing blocks to the blockchain space, but rather as a faucet that offers an ongoing supply of bitcoin-based on the hashing power of your phone. Therefore, it is recommended that users use the GUI miner for Windows, Mac, or Linux and ASIC miners to take advantage of the fast mining system and money emission improvements.

Using an ETN Mining Calculator to ensure your rewards

Using a mining calculator to keep track of your progress and profits is very helpful. This tool helps you keep your data more accurate. This allows you to check and determine how much you can make in Electroneum. A mining calculator can also take into account all of your relevant costs like electricity, fees, and hardware. 

Enter your hash rate on the ETN mining calculator, and it will show your power usage, any pool fees you may incur, your power cost in kw per hour, and your hardware expenses if you are using your own rig. Also, your contract cost is included if ever you are using cloud mining. All of these can be tracked by just hitting calculate after entering your hash rate. 

The profit results that appear on the ETN mining calculator are evaluated and based on the ETN to USD exchange rate along with the current mining difficulty. With the mining calculator, you will be able to see daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly profits displayed below its interface. It also calculates and shows you the time and days it would take for you to break even with your expenses. Electroneum being profitable to mine, having this mining calculator that is designed to help you can be very handy. 

About ETN Cloud Mining and ETN Rewards

ETN cloud mining is a system in cryptocurrency where the user would be in a rented cloud computing power without having trouble installing and directly running the related hardware and software for mining. This allows people like you to participate and navigate easier when it comes to their cryptocurrency mining. This form of mining is always done via a cloud, reducing issues such as energy costs and equipment maintenance. The cloud miners become participants in a mining pool where they purchase a certain number of “hash power”; each of the miners would earn a share of the profit from the “hash power” that was rented. 

While this sounds a bit complicated to many, Electroneum has foreseen how people can get easily lost in all of the techy terminologies. Electroneum is continuously improving, taking into account the millions of users registered, especially those in developing countries, electroneum is trying to make a difference. Making cryptocurrency easy to understand would start the progress and replace cloud mining with ETN Rewards. 

While these two sound different, they are essentially the same. Electroneum continues to give US$3 worth of ETN to its users monthly. This just makes mining easier to understand with regards to their users who aren’t well versed in technical terms. This move shifts away from the concept of cloud mining and makes it easier to understand by replacing it with a system that shows how these rewards work. This also helps users understand ETN better and makes cryptocurrency easier to use. 

The ETN rewards can be simply accessed through Electroneum’s mobile app. The ETN rewards earned through the app can be stored or spent with retailers or merchants who accept the cryptocurrency of Electroneum. To get the most out of ETN Rewards, download the app and tap the start button, be sure to tap “extend” every seven days to maximize the rewards. 

Key Takeaway

The crypto market provides a good number of opportunities for beginners and experts. Among the top blockchain projects, Electroneum is one of the most rewarding when it comes to crypto mining. So, even if you don’t have enough experience in mining, you can get rewards through Electroneum’s mobile app. If you want your experience to be more fulfilling, you might want to try the ASIC mining method to avoid lapses in the mobile app. And, in case you want to mine through a GPU or computer system, you can explore. Whatever way you choose, you can get rewarded by mining cryptocurrencies.