Yoga for Menopause

Menopause can make women feel terrible mentally and physically, but there are natural ways to feel better each day. Yoga for menopause can help to alleviate the difficult symptoms that are associated with the changes in hormone levels. If you are experiencing nighttime sweating, fatigue and joint pain while going through menopause, then learning how to use yoga can improve your quality of life. Here are some of the benefits from using yoga for menopause.

Eight Valuable Benefits from Yoga for Menopause

Benefit 1: Improving Your Body’s Metabolism

You may notice that your body’s metabolism changes after menopause, so the decrease in hormones can lead to gaining weight. Increasing your physical activity is the most important way to improve your body’s metabolism, and with a gentle yoga routine, you won’t need to worry about having pain in your joints or muscles after exercising.

Benefit 2: Helping You to Sleep Better

If you suffer from insomnia or sleep disturbances at night, then you should begin to exercise more. You can participate in a yoga class at a nearby gym, or alternatively, you can have a yoga exercise regimen at home. When you want to relax, make sure to choose the simple yoga postures that help you to feel calmer.

Benefit 3: Additional Bone Strength

After menopause begins, you are more likely to suffer from bone loss that can make it easier to break a major bone in your body. With yoga, you can strengthen your body’s bones without performing strenuous exercise. Talk to a professional yoga teacher about the best postures to use during yoga to improve the density of your body’s bones.

Benefit 4: Increasing Your Energy Levels

If you are fatigued in the morning, then you should schedule a yoga class early in the day. This will get you out of your house along with increasing your energy levels. When you want to use yoga to stimulate your body, look for a type of class that offers vigorous poses.

Benefit 5: Reducing Your Hot Flashes and Nighttime Sweating

With additional exercise, you can reduce your nighttime sweating and hot flashes. Yoga exercise can regulate your body’s hormone levels, preventing the frequent hot flashes that you feel during the day or the excessive perspiration that occurs at night.

Benefit 6: Alleviating Your Anxiety

If you are feeling any stress, then your menopause symptoms will likely get worse. Yoga exercise can alleviate your anxiety by changing your brain chemistry. You can learn more about yoga by buying a DVD to watch at home, or you can join a class to learn how to perform a variety of postures.

Benefit 7: Losing Weight Safely

The changes in hormones can lead to gaining weight, but with yoga, you can burn excess calories safely. An intense yoga routine several times a week can keep your body slimmer in the difficult areas that include the abdomen and the thighs.

Benefit 8: Preventing a Mood Disorder

Some women feel emotional and moody while going through menopause. Yoga for menopause is also beneficial for the emotional part of your brain, helping to prevent depression or anger issues. It is a good idea to perform yoga exercise each day at home, or you may want to find a local yoga studio.