Woodsy Beard Oil Recipe

Whether you grow your beard to protect your face in the winter or you grow your beard year round as part of your personal style, you will want to use beard oil with a pleasant fragrance. Often scents designed for men have a strong woodsy note.

Woodsy Beard Oil Recipe Basics

Beard oils are designed to groom and condition both the hair of your beard and mustache and the skin that is under it. Beard oil is made from carrier oil, plus essential oils added to give fragrance and enhance hair growth. A woodsy beard oil recipe is easy to achieve.

Begin with Carrier Oils

First select your carrier oil. Jojoba oil is said to be the closest carrier oil to your natural sebum. Argan oil is also very mild and unlikely to cause skin problems. Other carrier oils are sweet almond oil or castor oil. Some recipes call for olive oil. You may use one carrier oil or a combination of oils.

Add essential oils for fragrance and healing.

For a woodsy beard oil recipe, use essential oils like sandalwood, cedar wood, frankincense and patchouli. Frankincense is especially healing.

Branch out from just the woodsy scents by choosing herbal scents like rosemary, cinnamon and cloves.

Energize with citrus like orange and grapefruit. If you prefer calming scents select lavender and vetiver. Lavender heals skin issues well. Rosemary promotes hair growth and stops hair loss. Tea tree oil helps fight the flaky dandruff from your skin under your beard and has a strong masculine scent.

Vitamin E provides extra moisture and is a natural preservative.

Add Vitamin E to your woodsy beard oil recipe if you need extra moisture. It does not add fragrance, but is a great component of beard oil. A gentle carrier oil and Vitamin E oil are the foundation. Choose essential oils by your own fragrance preferences or to address particular problems.

How do I make and use my own beard oil?

Before you make a blend, test the oils you plan to use on the inside of your elbow to be certain you are not allergic. Test your carrier oil. If you do not react, test the essentials oils, just a drop with a drop of carrier oil for safety.

You will want a dark colored glass dropper bottle to store your oil and dispense it. A 60 ml. bottle is a good size for your woodsy beard oil recipe.

Put your essential oils in the dropper bottle first. You will use about twenty drops of essential oils. An example is a combination of 6 drops vetiver, 4 drops lavender, 4 drops sandalwood 3 drops rosemary, and 3 drops of tea tree oil. Of course you should use the scents you prefer.

Add four drops of Vitamin E oil and then the carrier oil or oils. You will want a total of 7 teaspoons or 35 ml. carrier oils. Close the bottle and roll it gently between your hands to blend. Apply a dime size amount to your beard by dropping it in one hand, and rubbing in both hands. Work your beard oil in to your skin then brush or comb it through your beard.

Use your beard oil as you desire,. Expect your woodsy scent to last about four hours and the conditioning effect to last all day.