What Does GS Mean in Shoes?

For veteran sneakerheads and new shoe lovers alike, the vocabulary of shoe sales can be a little overwhelming. If you’ve been shopping for a new pair of sneakers in the last few years, you may have noticed an explosion in cryptic new terms and acronyms, including “GS”, “GG”, or “BS”. The good news is that most of these terms actually have a pretty simple meaning. Let’s all discuss what does gs mean in shoes below.

What Does GS Mean in Shoes?

So what does GS mean in shoes, exactly? At the end of the day, it’s a pretty basic answer: “GS” just stands for Grade School. Basically, GS is just a measurement of the sneaker’s shoe size as related to the average child’s shoe size. If you or a child you know are in the market for a new pair of shoes, take the time to figure out the appropriate sneaker size.

As a rule, GS is just another way of describing a small shoe size. More specifically, however, GS is the largest size for children’s shoes, larger than TD (toddler) and PS (preschool). Because sneakers have so much more room to grow into as compared to other, more restrictive styles of shoe, this relatively unspecific sizing chart should still give you a good idea as to how the shoe should fit.

Size Matters

Within each level of children’s shoes,there is a wide range of shoe fits, so make sure you measure your child’s foot before you buy their shoes. In general, the heel-toe length of the foot is the strongest indicator of what size shoe your child should wear.

However, make sure you take into account any factors other than foot length that may impact how the shoe fits. Arch height, foot width, and instep size are all different considerations that can keep a shoe from fitting comfortably.

Finally, consider how your child plans to wear these shoes. While sneakers can be a good fit in nearly any situation, some shoes are better fitted to a day at school or the local park than they would be for a slightly dressier occasion.

Not Just for Kids

If you are a petite adult or even if you just have small feet, you may be able to wear one of the larger GS sizes. GS sneakers tend to be more affordable than adult sneakers, especially for some of the more “high end” brands of designer sneakers.

If you think you can fit into a GS or smaller line of shoes, good for you! You’ll be able to wear designer sneaker brands at a price that some of us can only dream of! However, as mentioned earlier, take the time to measure pretty much every aspect of your feet to make sure that the shoes you purchase won’t be hurting or damaging the bones or structure of your foot.

For more information, reach out to a sales associate at your local sneaker store! They should be able to help you find the shoes that you or your child need in order to look your absolute best!

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