Sam Altman’s Bold Vision for Humanity in the Age of AI and Automation

Sam Altman’s Vision for a World where AI Automation Enables Everyone to Live Fulfilling Lives Without the Constraints of Traditional Labor


Multiple Universities, Financial Institutions and AI firms have released reports about how AI automation will decimate jobs.

According to the reports, higher wage jobs are most at risk, but almost 2/3 of all US jobs are exposed to some automation by generative AI.

Sam Altman, the founder of OpenAI is calling for policies that will help people transition into a future where the cost of human labor is falling to $0.

In this video, I go over Sam’s plan for humanity, what it means for Capitalism and also we look at two studies that show the extreme impact the AI will have over the next 5 years.


Microsoft Reportedly Working On Its Own AI Chips That May Rival Nvidia’s

Tech companies are racing to buy up NVIDIA GPUs for their AI projects, with OpenAI estimated to need over 30,000 of them for the commercialization of ChatGPT. However, Microsoft is reportedly developing its own AI chips in secret since 2019 to train large language models, hoping to save costs on its AI push. Microsoft’s chips aren’t direct replacements for NVIDIA’s, but they could significantly cut costs as Microsoft continues to roll out AI-powered features in its apps. Other tech giants like Amazon, Google, and Meta also have their own in-house chips for AI, but many still rely on NVIDIA chips for large language models.


Reddit’s Upcoming API Changes Will Make AI Companies Pony Up

Reddit, a popular source of data for AI chatbots, is introducing new API terms that will eventually limit its content pipeline from being used to train artificial intelligence tools, such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google’s Bard, and Microsoft’s Bing AI. Reddit’s new terms apply to developers who use its APIs in ways that require “broader usage rights” and won’t grant automatic licenses for anyone needing to modify user content. This means that commercial usage, like training large language models, will not be granted a developer license and will instead require parties “to enter into a separate agreement with Reddit”. These changes come as Reddit plans an initial public offering for later this year and wants to build on the value of its user-generated content.


Adobe Lightroom Adds AI-Powered Denoise And Support For Content Credentials

Adobe has added a new AI-enhanced denoise feature, additional AI mask categories for selecting people and new adaptive presets for portraits to its Lightroom photo editor. Other features include 18 new travel presets, black and white video presets and a tech preview of Content Credentials, allowing users to add attribution information and information about their edits as verifiable metadata to their photos. The AI-enhanced denoise feature enables users to improve the quality of a high-ISO RAW file without losing details by using machine learning with models that were designed and trained to demosaic and denoise in a single step.


ChatGPT’s AI To Power Chegg Study Buddy As Educators Wrestle With Tech

Chegg Inc, the US educational software maker, is launching CheggMate, an AI-powered study aide that combines its corpus of quiz answers with the AI model GPT-4, the same technology behind ChatGPT. The software will adapt to students by processing data on what classes they are taking and exam questions they have missed, personalising practice tests and guiding study in a way generalist programs like ChatGPT cannot. CheggMate will be available for free initially and is likely to decrease the cost of content and boost profitability over time. Chegg has structured and checked its answers to ensure accuracy.


Broadcom Releases Chip For Wiring Together AI Supercomputers

Broadcom has released a new chip called Jericho3-AI, which can connect up to 32,000 graphics processing units (GPUs) together for artificial intelligence (AI) supercomputers. The chip will compete with another networking technology called InfiniBand, which is now owned by Nvidia after its $6.9 billion purchase of Mellanox in 2019. Although Nvidia-Mellanox systems are some of the fastest supercomputers in the world, many companies are hesitant to buy both their GPUs and networking gear from the same supplier. This reluctance leaves room for Ethernet switches, which can be purchased from various suppliers, and makes Broadcom’s Jericho3-AI a new competitor in the market.


AI Anxiety: The Workers Who Fear Losing Their Jobs To Artificial Intelligence

Workers are increasingly anxious about the possibility of their jobs being taken over by artificial intelligence (AI), as generative AI tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT become more accessible. However, experts recommend that employees should focus on investing in learning how to work alongside technology instead of panicking about being replaced. They suggest treating AI as a resource instead of a threat, which will make them more valuable to potential employers and less anxious. Workers should lean into technology and learn about AI to use it to their advantage. Some research has recently shown that fears of robots taking over human jobs may be overblown, and employees need to understand their unique value.


Nine In 10 Companies Want Employees With ChatGPT Skills

Nine in 10 companies want employees with ChatGPT skills

A survey by has found that 91% of companies are looking to hire employees with ChatGPT skills. The chatbot, which launched in November 2021, has already led to the creation of a new job category, with salaries for prompt engineers starting at $200,000. The tool is being offered more widely since its launch, including through Microsoft’s updated search engine, Bing. While chatbots can augment and make the workforce more productive, as with any new technology, 75% of companies seeking prompt engineers believe the jobs will lead to the elimination of others.


Predict Stocks, Foresee Public Opinion, All Kinda Possible With ChatGPT-like Models

Large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT and BERT can enhance the accuracy of predictions about the stock market and public opinion, at least as measured against historical data, according to two sets of researchers. ChatGPT was used to evaluate the sentiment of news headlines to determine whether text like a news headline expresses positive, neutral or negative sentiment about a subject or company. Sentiment analysis has become a widely evaluated parameter for quantitative analysis algorithms used by stock traders. The model returned predictions that were statistically significant, outperforming other LLMs, and has “potential as a valuable tool for predicting stock market movements based on sentiment analysis”. However, sentiment analysis by itself is not a strong indicator of stock price movement, said the researchers.