Prompt Engineering is a MUST Have Skill

It’s probably the skill that will define this decade.

Prompt Engineering

Prompt Engineering is the skill of using natural language to get the most out of our AI systems.

It’s going to be a defining skill over the next decade.


Natural language (that is, the language we use to speak to one another… as opposed to code or machine language) will become the number one way we communicate to machines.

It’s the most natural for us and it will replace code as the way we use and create automated systems.

Prompt Engineering Careers Are Starting NOW

This isn’t some futuristic vision either, here’s a real actual job that’s posted right now:

And the salary ain’t too bad:

And Google is investing money into companies like Anthropic, so that equity can be worth a lot of money… like, very soon.

Google invested $300 million in AI firm founded by former OpenAI researchers

The Verge

What’s a Prompt Worth?

The value that these skills will bring is massive.

One, they will be able to get the most powerful outputs from various AI software.

From chat to art to video output, the ability to get the correct wording to get the best possible output will be similar to the value of a god-tier coder was in the 90s and 2000s.

Two, once these prompts are finalized, anyone can use them to achieve what they want.

Let’s say you created the most genius prompt for how to have the AI spit out amazing marketing copy that is emotionally charged and gets prospects to pull out their wallets.

Other marketing companies would pay a hefty fee to get access to your optimized and tested prompts so that they can use it for their own marketing materials.

AI Is Still in It’s Infancy

We are still very, very early in the game.

All these new concepts are just beginning to have names.

5 years ago no one was talking about “Prompt Engineering” unless you were deep into research into AI.

Now, millions of people are begging to realize how powerful this skill set can be.