Our Editorial Standards

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We strive to create the most comprehensive, helpful and accurate library of content around the topics of A.I. (as well as business, money and finance).

While many authors contribute to our site, our editorial team goes over the content to check for accuracy and to update it as needed to make sure it’s current and doesn’t get out of date.

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We Believe:

  1. Transparent Sponsorship – if we get paid to review something or so cover a specific subject, you should know about it. Sponsored products will be marked as such. Some links will be affiliate links and may pay us if you choose to purchase something (at no extra cost to you). Overall we strive to be about YOU… not about MONEY.
  2. Be Fair – we want to cover everything while being fair. We also want to give our honest opinions. Sometimes that conflicts. Our goal is to try to understand both sides and give you, the reader, our best summary of the facts as well as our own opinions. We never lie to push our own agenda.

How we keep the lights on (make money):

As part of aiming to be as transparent as possible to our readers, we provide below a list of ways in which we could potentially generate revenue to fund operations.

Keep in mind, we do NOT let this influence editorial decisions:

Affiliate code links in suggestions on where to go to buy a bottle of something we write about.

Affiliate code links to things we reference in buying guides, including items up on Amazon.

Traditional web advertising via banner ads on the site.

Sponsored content (i.e. advertorials), which will be clearly spelled out as such when posted.

Sponsored portions of the site, such as specific categories, articles or topics.

Selling our own merchandise and products when and if available.