Natural Hair Care for Toddlers

Caring for your child is already a lot, and when it comes to natural hair care for little ones, especially if they don’t quite appreciate the brushing and the combing, it can be a challenge. Hopefully, the following tips can help ease your natural hair care woes and keep your baby’s hair fly at the same time. Here are some essential tips for natural hair care for toddlers.

De-Tangling Tips

Knots are probably the most significant struggle parents have with natural hair care for toddlers when they maybe aren’t sure how to go about it or weren’t “natural” themselves growing up.

When detangling natural hair, there are two things that you must do: wet and section.

Before we do anything like comb or style natural hair, it needs to be damp at the very least. Pick up a spray bottle from your local dollar store to avoid the shower if you don’t have the time. Then follow the Detangling Procedure below:

1. Dampen or wet hair

2. Section hair

– Easiest way is two sections in the front two sections in back, four sections total.

3. Going one section at a time

 – Finger “comb” to tease out large knots, spritzing as needed

 – Large knots removed, comb through the section with a wide-toothed comb

 – Once no knots are present, work a leave-in-conditioner into the section

 – Separate section into twists of whatever size you wish

4. Repeat three until all sections are complete.

Also, please allow for dry time; after all, nobody wants to sleep on wet hair.

This technique is excellent because it can turn into the style for the week! But if you have the time, this can also be a night-time do for sleeping. The hair can always be re-dampened and styled, but you won’t have any knots in your way! Huzzah!

Shampoo and Conditioner for Natural Hair Care for Toddlers

Natural hair is naturally less oily and more fragile when over-dried. Shampoos only need to be done once a week. Otherwise, the shampoo will over strip the hair of its natural oils, making it brittle.

African Black Soap is a great shampoo option for avoiding over-drying the scalp. Be sure to use a conditioner after shampooing, as well.

The best practice is to rinse the hair with just water a few times a week to help it retain more moisture and then do the detangling procedure.

Protecting Natural Hair

Satin hair wraps and braids are your best friends when it comes to natural hair cair for toddlers. Braids carry a bonus of not only a protective style, but they also keep for weeks! You can do them at home with simple twists, or take your little’s out to a friendly neighborhood salon.

A satin hair wrap at night not only preserves the style, but it also keeps the hair from breaking off. Rubbing against cotton fabrics or other rough surfaces creates friction, and over time, this results in breakage.

Satin hair bonnets are easy to find and an inexpensive way to keep breakage to a minimum. Minimizing damage is key to having hair grow long and healthy because your ends will always break away first.

So break out the scarves and the head-wraps and make it fun! There are so many beautiful ways to wear a scarf, and if you are having a particularly busy week, it’s a wonderful life hack to throw your little one’s hair up into a bun and declare that it’s dress-up time! While they think they are Nubian princesses, you get a break, and we can all look cute while doing it.