Menopause High Blood Pressure

When you’re transitioning from the reproductive part of your life to menopause, you might notice that your blood pressure tends to get a bit higher than normal. The reason behind menopause high blood pressure is usually because of the change in your hormone levels and your body adjusting to these changes. Once your hormones stabilize, then you should see a decrease in your blood pressure levels. There are a few different ways that you can try to control your high blood pressure including various types of essential oils.

How to Deal with Menopause High Blood Pressure?


As you get older, your body changes in a way that naturally results in high blood pressure. Menopause only tends to enhance this natural change. Your arteries begin to harden, and your metabolism tends to slow down. With these changes, your blood can have a difficult time reaching essential areas of your body.

Weight Management

One of the things that you can try is exercise. Not only can this stimulate your blood flow in a healthy way, but it can also promote weight loss. When you begin to lose or maintain your weight, then you’ll usually notice that your blood pressure begins to decrease. Peppermint essential oil can help to increase your energy levels so that it’s easier to want to get up and get active in order to lose more weight.


Try to consume healthy foods when possible. Dark green vegetables can often lower menopause high blood pressure as well as citrus fruits. Whole grains are also good to incorporate in your diet instead of eating a lot of foods with carbohydrates white flour. Avoid foods with a lot of sugar in them as they can make you feel tired and can sometimes make you gain weight, which can then lead to high blood pressure. Another detail to keep in mind is that you become a bit more sensitive to salt as you age, which can increase your blood pressure along with the hormone changes of menopause.

Decrease Stress

Although it’s easier said than done when you’re experiencing a change in your life, it’s important to try to reduce your stress as much as possible when you’re going through menopause. This can lead to lower blood pressure levels and can make it easier to sleep at night since your mind isn’t racing in various directions. Once you’re able to manage your stress, you can begin dealing with this change in your life in ways that are positive. Talk to friends and family members who have been through menopause, take a walk, or start a hobby to take your mind off of the changes in your body. You can also use lavender or vanilla essential oils when taking a bath or in a diffuser to help lower your stress levels.