Menopause Divorce Rate

It is sometimes believed that the divorce of a married couple had something to do with menopause. In fact, there are many theories concerning the menopause divorce rate. Although people often get divorced over the age of 50 and this is around the time that menopause occurs, there are many other factors to consider. Below you’ll find information that will shed light on the menopause divorce rate.

Drifting Apart Naturally

It’s no secret that married couples change as they get older. Unfortunately, they don’t always change in the same ways, which causes a natural drifting apart. When two people are entering their 50s, there’s often reflection on what’s important in life. In many instances, the children have left the nest and the couple realizes they share very little in common. Even if the wife was not entering menopause, the drifting apart probably would have occurred anyway.

When it comes to the menopause divorce rate, it’s important to look at the big picture. For instance, everyone goes through puberty and is able to get through all of the changes that occur. Even when it’s difficult, we all get through it. The same can be said of menopause, even when there is a spouse involved. It’s something that couples are often able to handle. However, this doesn’t mean the changes occurring will be easy to manage. Some women feel absolutely miserable during menopause, while others barely recognize the symptoms.

Emotional Impact of Menopause

There are a lot of hormonal and physical changes that happen when a woman is going through menopause. It can cause physiological challenges that would be tough for anyone to manage. Some of the more common issues include hot flashes, insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression. There’s also a natural tendency to push away loved ones, especially a spouse or partner that’s interested in sex. It can feel like your mind, body and soul are consumed by the changes happening.

As with any other event in life that can be emotionally taxing, menopause isn’t always something that will damage a relationship. In some instances, couples have grown closer. This usually happens when there is sympathy and understanding regarding the challenges associated with menopause.

Why Menopause Divorce Rate Rise?

You may be surprised to learn that the wife files for the majority of divorces that occur during menopause. This is often because of reasons already discussed, especially the challenges of stress that can make you want to give up on the marriage. It’s common to respond to other people when under stress in ways that you would not have otherwise. Quite frankly, this is the case for most human beings, whether or not they’re menopausal. In the event that neither the husband nor the wife are willing to do the work to heal the marriage when it starts to crumble, divorce is often the route taken.

As briefly mentioned, there are many changes in a person’s life after the age of 50. It’s something that can cause a lot of self-reflection. When possible, the conclusion might be to leave a marriage that has not been working for a long time. For some people turning 50 offers a new beginning, with or without a spouse.