Menopause and Climaxing

Sooner or later all women will experience menopause. This condition typically happens to a female after she is done producing eggs. The age when most women stop making eggs is around 40. However, some women can experience menopause in their mid-30s or long after they’re 50.

When menopause happens, a female will experience many different changes to their body. One area that impacts women during menopause has to do with sex. Many women may wonder the connection of menopause and climaxing. This condition will impact a female’s sex drive in one way or another. For some women, their sex drive declines dramatically during menopause. Other women experience an increase in sexual desire while enduring this situation. So, can women still have a climax during menopause? The answer to this question is yes.

Harvard Health conducted research on this issue. They discovered that close to half of all women between the ages of 53 to 73 were sexually active. This research reveals that nearly half of all older women continue to frequently have sex. The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy states that nearly 37% of all women need clitoral stimulation to climax. The same study also revealed that women 18% of all women could have an orgasm from vaginal penetration.

What this tells us is that a female’s ability to climax has already been established. If they were having an orgasm before they reached menopause, chances are they will continue this pattern. Keep the following information in mind. A woman’s sexual desires might decrease during menopause. Estrogen and testosterone are tied to a woman’s ovaries. Women do have testosterone, but they don’t have a lot of this hormone like men. Instead, women have more estrogen.

During menopause some women’s estrogen starts to decrease. When this happens, they typically lose interest in sex. Some women’s vaginal walls also start to thin out. This of course makes having sex more painful for them. Women who experience this difficulty often react to it by no longer desiring to engage in this activity.

Females that have this problem will not be able to climax because sex is painful.

Menopause and climaxing can be a very challenging situation for ladies who no longer can produce eggs. The changes that their body goes through when they are no longer ovulating might be more than they can handle. For many women, the condition of menopause makes them feel unbalanced and it causes them to undergo many mood changes. These factors can also lead to them not wanting to have sex anymore or not being able to climax if they decide to engage in this act.

Menopause and climaxing is possible but many women probably won’t experience an orgasm when they are feeling a certain way due to menopause. Menopause doesn’t last forever, and a female should be able to get her body and emotions under control once its over. They could then continue their sexual activity and climax once again.