Meditation Essential Oil

When we begin our meditation practice, we often search for new tricks and techniques that will allow us to calm our minds with greater effectiveness. Although we may use a mantra, meditation beads or a chant to improve our concentration, meditation essential oil may be the answer we’re looking for.

How Essential Oils Anchor Us In the Meditative State

When we begin to learn about meditation, the first lesson that we stumble upon is becoming mindful of our immediate surroundings. Small details such as the sound of wind hitting our window, leaves rustling outside and birds singing songs get overlooked by the chaos surrounding our daily life.

To counteract this situation, we learn to still the mind and take note of these beautiful moments by clearing our thoughts of unwanted baggage. Many mindfulness teachers recommend we take note of the sensation of air passing in and out of our nostrils as we breathe. Even though this technique may seem simplistic, it allows the mind to remain inside of the present moment; this kicks all negative thought patterns to the curb.

In the past, many people wrongfully associated the practice of meditation as something reserved for only the spiritual individuals in society. According to new data released by The Harvard Gazette, people who participate in meditation for as little as eight weeks were shown to increase the amount of gray matter in their brain. Without delving into the science, gray matter is directly linked to our motor skills, memory recall, emotional control and speech patterns.

Essential oils assist us in achieving the meditative state by working with our body’s strongest sensory input — smell. Meditation essential oil captivates the mind by allowing us to recall blissful memories that we’ve stored away in the recesses of our mind. Do you have a memory from an earlier point in your life that can put you into a blissful state almost immediately? By using essential oils in our meditative practices, we can engage with these memories easier and consistently.

The Best Meditation Essential Oil for You

Whether you are using an air diffuser or simply rubbing the oil directly onto the surface of your skin, certain fragrances work better than others. The most effective oil, frankincense, has been used by practitioners for hundreds of years to calm their mind and ground themselves into their meditation practice. This fragrance has notes of spice, warmth and sweetness that is unrivaled among other oils on the market. Users of this oil have also noticed that it has an uncanny ability to clear unwanted anxiety, worry and stress that accumulates throughout the day.

If frankincense doesn’t seem to work for you, perhaps it’s time to move onto sandalwood. Sandalwood has an extensive history of being used within Indian culture to clear negative thought patterns and help users feel calm and collected. If you are looking for an oil that can improve your sense of well being and happiness, this is the oil for you!

Remember that your meditation practice is unique and customized to your lifestyle; don’t take our word for it. Experiment with the oils above and find out which products are most effective, and which produce minimal results. May you find peace, harmony and improved focus in your life within the upcoming weeks!