Humidifier for Eczema

Everyone experiences dry, itchy skin from time to time but eczema can be quite extreme and a humidifier for eczema can help. The humidifier’s gentle steam mist will balance dry air climates to infuse hydration into people, pets and plants. The rich, moist air will soothe existing discomfort and prevent further dryness as skin heals from eczema’s effects.

As a disclaimer, while we do our best to make sure all info is accurate, check with your healthcare provider before attempting any new treatment.

Eczema is more than dry skin.

Dermatitis is the formal name for eczema. It tends to run in families but it may also come out of nowhere. The main cause is a rare gene defect which interrupts the skin’s sensors to produce moisture, the secret ingredient to supple skin and also its protector.

The condition produces occasional dry skin irritation in mild cases. However, infections and scaly rashes occur at its most severe levels. The instinctual itch-scratch pattern leads people, especially children, to break the skin and allow germs or bacteria in.

These painful consequences can keep people up all night, as sleep interruption in adults and babies is one of eczema’s most reported side effects. This is much to manage when a simple solution like water can soothe and prevent episodes.

5 Benefits of Humidifier For Eczema

Humidifiers are available at most drug stores and big box stores, particularly in desert regions and winter seasons. They range in size and capabilities from large models to cover entire rooms and tabletop versions for close range. Users fill the holding tank with water and set it to generate low or high levels of steam into dry air.

1. Prevention

Since eczema results from the body’s inability to create proper moisture levels, humidifiers will help fill the gap. Hydrated skin can reserve a moisture barrier from lotions and creams rather than soak them up entirely. If eczema is already active, hydrated skin will absorb prescription ointments and emollient remedies much better, for faster counteraction.

2. Natural Relief

Generic treatments like hydrocortisone cream and prescribed ointments feature chemicals including steroids. Some people rely on frequent application of gentler high end and medical-grade lotions, but children may not keep up such regimens.

Humidifier for eczema just uses water. Pure water is harmless. It even improves pets’ coats and helps household plants thrive during winter house heating. It is a necessary healthy alternative for children and babies.

3. Low-Cost Convenience

You must only remember to fill a humidifier and turn it on for steady, soothing humidity. Its biggest expense is the purchase price. Unlike space heaters for hard to heat spaces, a humidifier has low electricity usage rates and should not skyrocket electric bills.

4. Better Sleep

Much of the itch-scratch pattern leading to broken skin and possible infection happens in sleep, when sufferers lose awareness of how much pressure they place on the skin. Keep an extra humidifier in bedrooms and sleep areas. Turn it on an hour before naps and bedtimes. This will create a high water density in the air before eczema suffers arrive to sleep.

5. Therapeutic for Everyone

There really are no disadvantages to humidifiers. To avoid damages, take special care not to place direct steam and humidity near art prints and electronics. Otherwise, everyone in the household and environment will feel better with more supple skin from humidified air.