HuggingChat’s Bold Move: Open-Source AI Takes Center Stage & OpenAI’s Trademark Tug-of-War

HuggingChat’s Pioneering Approach Challenges Closed-Source AI Giants, While OpenAI’s Struggle to Secure the ‘GPT’ Trademark Raises Questions About AI Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights


Hugging Face Launches Open-Source Version Of ChatGPT In Bid To Challenge Dominance Of Closed-Source Models

Hugging Face is shakin’ things up with its new open-source alternative to ChatGPT, HuggingChat. It’s like they’re throwin’ down the gauntlet to those closed-source AI models. They’re teaming up with LAION’s Open Assistant, and the idea is to make AI more transparent, inclusive, and accountable. HuggingChat could even become the Android App Store of AI chatbots. But hold your horses – there are some kinks to iron out. There are licensing issues, and the model’s based on Meta’s LLaMA, which ain’t for commercial use. Hugging Face knows it’s just the start, but they’re not backing down in the fight for open-source AI.

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‘GPT’ May Be Trademarked Soon If OpenAI Has Its Way

OpenAI is looking to trademark “GPT,” but the process ain’t as easy as pie. Bunch of copycats like ThreatGPT and MedicalGPT have been poppin’ up, and OpenAI wants to protect its turf. Trouble is, they hit a snag – didn’t pay a fee and didn’t provide enough evidence to speed things up.

Now they’re stuck waiting, and even with some things working in their favor, it’s not a sure bet they’ll lock down that trademark. If they do get it, they might be able to stop others from using “GPT” all willy-nilly. The longer this drags on, the more famous OpenAI gets, and that might just help their case.

In the end, the question is whether folks know OpenAI and “GPT” like they know their ABCs. They ain’t there yet, but they’re closing in, partner.


ChatGPT For Everyone: How To Use The New Free Chatbot From OpenAI

AI’s the talk of the town, and ChatGPT is no exception. But guess what? It’s already old news! OpenAI just announced GPT-4, but it’s only for paid subscribers. Don’t worry though, we’ve got some tips for using GPT-4 free of charge.

  • POE.COM – Lets you play with different bots, including GPT-4, but limits you to one query a day.
  • AI Dungeon – AI-generated text adventures with ChatGPT for creating stories and training skills. Sign up, it’s free!
  • Hugging Face’s Transformers – Open source library for all you natural language processing geeks. Check it out on GitHub.
  • – Web-based platform for creating and sharing chat applications with GPT-4. No fees, no restrictions!
  • Microsoft Bing – Sneak a peek at GPT-4 with Bing’s AI, called “Prometheus”. It’s got some bonus features too!

So, there you have it! Give these freebies a spin and get your AI game on. Just don’t forget to come up for air once in a while.


Companies Turn To AI To Avoid ‘Cloud Sprawl’

Folks are using AI to avoid getting “cloud sprawl” and save some dough on their cloud-computing bills. With so many cloud tools taking over, it’s time to get a grip on those costs. These third-party cloud systems, like Amazon Web Services or Microsoft’s Azure, let companies scale up or down as needed. But, it’s easy to lose track of all those subscriptions, and that’s where AI steps in.

AI is being used to identify patterns in cloud use, flagging where companies might be spending too much. It’s like having a super-smart, money-saving buddy watching your back. One company, Gnosis Freight, even saved 15% on its cloud bills thanks to AI. But, AI is only as good as the data it’s given, and it takes time to learn long-term patterns.

Cloud spending is still on the rise, reaching a whopping $597.3 billion this year, but AI can help companies spend smarter, not harder. The goal is to “avoid cloud sprawl” and not blow the budget while growing the biz.


Coke ‘Exploring Ways To Leverage AI’

Coca-Cola’s hoppin’ on the AI train, folks. In their recent earnings release, they bragged about teaming up with fancy tech like ChatGPT and DALL-E. Coke wants to use AI for better customer service and jazzing up point-of-sale stuff with their bottling buddies. And they ain’t the only ones – everyone from Microsoft to Chipotle is joinin’

But hold your horses! Some stocks are shootin’ up ’cause of AI hype, even if their fundamentals ain’t all that. Remember when everyone was gabbing about blockchain and the metaverse? They were supposed to be game-changers, but they ain’t exactly rocked our world yet. Even Coke’s NFT adventure in 2021 didn’t get a shoutout in their recent earnings call.

So, AI’s the big buzzword now, and investors are askin’ if companies are investing in it. But like Baird markets strategist Michael Antonelli said, it’s still on the fringes, and we’re waitin’ for the AI gold rush to hit. Until then, let’s not forget that buzzwords don’t always live up to the hype.


Hailo CEO Orr Danon Says Edge AI Means ‘Stream The Insights’ Not The Video

AI chip technology is advancing quickly, with new players emerging to challenge Nvidia’s dominance in the data center. Companies like Hailo are developing embedded AI chips designed for the Internet of Things (IoT) that conserve power while handling AI inference. Hailo’s latest offering, the Hailo-15, focuses on power optimization in embedded applications and can be used in cameras to offload cloud vision analytics, saving energy.

Hailo’s chip utilizes a non-Von Neumann data flow architecture tailored for edge deep learning. CEO Orr Danon believes that streaming insights, not video, is key to the IoT’s progress. The company aims to create intelligent nodes that make sense of the world around them, offering insights rather than raw data. Hailo’s data flow architecture seeks to provide a flexible, efficient system by understanding the distribution of processing within neural networks.


Tech Companies To Highlight AI In Earnings; Investors Focus On Profits

Big Tech’s gonna gab about AI being their next cash cow when they spill the beans on their quarterly dough. Investors wanna see if axing jobs has fattened their wallets enough.

Microsoft, Google’s mama Alphabet, Instagram’s poppa Meta, and Amazon are worth a whopping $5 trillion. They’re set to yak about their latest earnings, with analysts betting on profits rising 4.5% from the last quarter.

These giants chopped 70,000 jobs between November and March, with Meta swinging the axe twice. Meanwhile, Amazon’s got high hopes for an eight-fold increase in profit after a rough last quarter.

YipitData says Amazon’s North America sales will crush expectations. The CEOs are hyping up AI, talking about its massive potential. Microsoft’s got ChatGPT on Bing, Google’s got a chatbot called Bard, Amazon’s AWS is helping others make AI chatbots, and Meta’s got an AI that can find stuff in pics.

But, there’s a catch. Analyst Thiago Kapulskis says they gotta beef up their cash flow while the economy’s going south. Investors are waiting for these tech giants to ride the AI wave.

Cloud businesses ain’t doing too shabby either. Microsoft and Alphabet stocks have jumped 20% this year, while Apple and Amazon gained 26% and 25%. Meta’s up a wild 76%.

Big Apple’s gotta deal with folks pinching pennies and not buying iPhones and MacBooks. They’ll dish out their earnings on May 4.