How to Use Beard Oil

In 2014 the beard trend began and it has grown increasingly since. Men actually give comments to other men about their beards. Some men just look at a man with a shining long gorgeous beard with feelings of envy. If you’re trying to grow your greatest beard ever, but you’re struggling a bit, let’s talk about how to use beard oil.

What is Beard Oil?

We all know that bearded men are turning heads nowadays. Burly broad beards have made the men’s facial hair a fashion statement. The beard has to be groomed, though. There can’t be hair that goes where it wants to go running wild and feeling rough against your face if there is an embrace. This is where beard oil brings the bearded man’s game to another level.

What’s in the Oil?

Beard oil is loaded with ingredients that condition that coarse facial hair and make it smell and feel like serendipitous euphoria. Several different oils combine to create the perfect formula for men’s facial hair’s conditioning needs such as grapeseed oil. The oil from jojoba combines with argan oil to create a conditioning treatment for the most rugged beard.

How to Use Beard Oil

If you’re new to the process of conditioning your beard, you likely need to know how to apply beard oil.

When to Apply?

The best time for you to apply your beard oil is when you are fresh out of the shower. This is when your beard will be clean. Your facial pores will be open from the heat of the shower as well. Towel dry your beard but do it gently by lightly squeezing or rubbing it. Be sure the beard is a little damp still. The focus is to not apply the oil to your beard when it’s dripping wet.

Step One

The first thing you need to do is pour the oil into your hand and apply it to your beard.

Not so fast.

You have some factoring and figuring to do.

The length of your beard and the amount of time you have been growing it will determine how much beard oil you should be using.


  • For a beard that has been growing a month or less you should use 3 or 4 drops of beard oil.
  • If you have four to twelve weeks of beard growth then four to six drops are recommended.
  • For a beard that has been growing for three months to a year you need to apply six to ten drops.
  • If your beard growth is over a year, you should apply at least ten drops and gauge if you need more according to length and thickness of your beard.

This is a suggestion for the beginner oiler. Through the process of trial and error, you may find that you want to use more or less on your beard. It’s important to utilize the rule that less is more when it comes to beard oil. You don’t want to apply too much and end up with oil that drips after you leave home and you have oil spots on your shirt. When you’re a beginner oiler, you should start with just a few drops at a time. Oil does not dry up the way water does. Once your beard feels soft and well=coated you know that you have the right amount for your face.

The Application

Rub the oil into your hands and begin running your fingers through your bead working outward from the root of the facial hair. Rub your palms down each side of your beard and then run your fingers up through the bed from the neckline upward. Make sure that you have evenly coated your beard. You can now commence the combing and grooming process.

Happy grooming oh, ye bearded man of glory!