How to Start Using Essential Oils

You may have thought about using essential oils. When making this decision, it is not unusual to feel a bit overwhelmed about getting started. There are a few methods you should consider when you start using essential oils. Most people are surprised at how many areas of their life can be helped from using them. Learning how to start using essential oils is the first step toward experiencing their many benefits.

Learn How to Start Using Essential Oils During A Bath

When you add essential oils to your bath, it will only enhance the experience. Epsom salts can be used as a base for the essential oils. They won’t dissolve well if you just put the oil in the water. It is better if salts are put in first. The oils will then easily dissolve. It is important to not use any chemically produced soaps or similar products with this type of bath. You will get the best benefit if only Epsom salts and essential oils are used.


You can enjoy the benefits of essential oils by simply inhaling them. The most effective way is to open a bottle of essential oil and place it next to your nose. You can also put a few drops onto a tissue then take a deep breath from it. You must be careful when using a new essential oil. You should only use a single drop to be certain you do not have a sensitivity or a reaction to it. You should also keep your breath relaxed at you inhale. It will require more than a sniff.

Benefits of Essential Oils for Skin

Essential oils are fat-soluble. This means they are quickly absorbed by a person’s skin. A common way people enjoy the benefits of them is by applying them to their skin. They must never be put directly on a person’s skin. When applying essential oils to the skin, it must be diluted and mixed with a carrier oil. This could be apricot kernel oil, almond oil and more. Choosing a carrier oil will depend on a person’s preferred texture, smell, and sensitivities. It is important to avoid any possible allergic reactions.

Essential Oil Diffuser

When people want to disperse an extremely fine mist of essential oils into the air, they can use an electronic diffuser. They are designed to fill the air with an essential oil. It is an effective way to experience the healing aroma of essential oils. Only place a few drops into the diffuser. Once it is turned on, it will circulate the oil into the air of a living space where it has been placed.

Steam Inhalation

This involves boiling a few cups of water. The hot water should then be carefully poured into a bowl. Between two and five drops of oil can be placed in the water. You can then put your nose approximately 12” away from the bowl. Take a towel and then drape it over the bowel and your head. Then inhale the steam. This can be done at any time of day or night to experience the relaxing or energizing effects of essential oils. Should you have any type of irritation or discomfort, stop it right away. One of the many benefits of this method is in treating symptoms of a cold or the flu.

It is important to remember that essential oils are extremely concentrated plant extracts. A small bottle of essential peppermint oil could be stronger than 27 cups of peppermint tea. One or two drops will often do what is necessary. These are effective methods that show you how to start using essential oils.