How to Clean a Diffuser

Having an essential oil diffuser is a beautiful way to give the home an appealing scent. Keeping the diffuser clean is very important and needs a cleaning process that is done regularly to keep the aromas fresh and clean. Let’s take a look at our step by step guide on how to clean a diffuser.

How Often Should You Clean Your Diffuser

The diffuser should really be given a total wash after each use. This is important, however, a deep clean should be done at least once a month. Don’t allow a buildup of grime and other gunk to clog the diffuser.

How to Clean the Diffuser After Use

First any excess water should be eliminated simply by pouring it into the sink. Prevent spilling the water on the device’s operating buttons by pouring water out from behind. Serious damage could occur if the buttons get wet.

Both the inside and outside of the diffuser should be cleaned. Use just a small dab of dishwashing detergent that is natural put onto a cotton brush. Wipe the tank gently to clean off the grime. Then proceed to clean the outside just by wiping it down. Be sure to use natural cleaners that do not contain any chemical additives. Anything that is too strong or harsh will damage the diffuser.

The next step is simply to rinse off the diffuser. Use a plain cloth that is lightly dampened with water. Rub both the outside and the inside of the diffuser. Be sure to use a very clean rag to rub it until there is no more water left.

A very small chip is located inside the water tank. This is the mist chip and it is ultrasonic. To find this chip, look at the manual. By using a cotton swab, apply rubbing alcohol and clean it thusly.

Deep Cleaning the Diffuser

Start by filling the entire diffuser with water. Use tape water that is at room temperature and fill it halfway. Use pure white vinegar for the next step. Just add 10 drops of this vinegar to the tank in order to eliminate oils that may be stuck. This will also disinfect the diffuser. Do not use vinegar with chemical additives.

After this is accomplished, run your diffuser for only 10 to 15 minutes. Just plug it in an run it to loosen oils that may be caught on the diffuser’s side.

When the time is up, dump the water out and unplug the diffuser. Dump it into the sink the same manner as cleaning it after each use. Wipe the inside down by using a small brush, cotton swab or a soft cloth. Be sure to wipe off any grime that may be there because this will cause the pleasant scents to be diluted. The mist chip should also be wiped since a grimy one will cause it to work improperly.

Then by using a brush, cotton swab or soft rag just damp with water, the outside can be wiped down. Be sure to even check for fingerprints or smudges that should be cleaned off.

Important Facts

Before beginning any cleaning process, the diffuser should first be emptied and unplugged. Now you know how to clean a diffuser.