How to Care for Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair has been worn by movie stars and just about everyone else for decades. It’s often considered a wonderful solution to bad hair days. You can wear a wig or extensions to achieve the look you want. If you choose to wear synthetic hair, you’ll need to take care of it in order to maintain a natural appearance. The tips below can help you learn how to care for synthetic hair. Here’s how you should handle each process:

How to Care for Synthetic Hair by Shampooing and Conditioning

In some ways, washing synthetic hair is similar to washing your own hair. For instance, you need to make sure it’s thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, especially if you’re wearing the same hair often. This is the case for wigs and clip ins. Washing synthetic hair is somewhat easy because you can simply place it in a bowl filled with cold water and gently agitate the strands. If you’re washing a wig, be sure to also clean the cap to release the dirt and oils that have accumulated. Although there are shampoos made specifically for synthetic hair, there’s a good chance that the shampoo used for your own hair will work just fine.

Synthetic hair needs to be conditioned just let your own hair. You should condition it right after shampooing. You can apply the amount of product recommended by the manufacturer, which is usually about a dime size. However, it’s common to increase that amount based on hair length. If you’re washing a wig, be sure not to put conditioner on the wig cap. Leave the condition in the hair for approximately 5 minutes before rinsing it out with cold water.

Drying Synthetic Hair

It’s always best to dry synthetic hair by letting it sit overnight instead of using a blow dryer. In fact, you should never use a blow dryer because it will damage the hair. If you’re in a hurry and need to dry the hair quickly, use a hand towel to gently soak up the water. The type of towel used is important to avoid leaving lint behind. Sometimes it’s best to soak up the excess water with an old t-shirt.

Brushing and Styling

A big part of caring for synthetic hair is avoiding damage to the hair fibers. This means you have to be careful when brushing it. In fact, you should choose brushes that are gentle and designed for synthetic hair. The same applies to the type of comb used. Generally speaking, you’ll want to use a wide-tooth comb that won’t pull the hair. Take your time because rushing usually causes people to pull and damage the hair.

Styling tools like flat irons and curling irons should not be used for synthetic hair. Doing so is problematic for many reasons and it will usually damage the hair. Keep in mind that there are some synthetic hair wigs that are specifically made for heat styling. Unless the packaging tells you that heat can be used, avoid it.

Learning how to care for synthetic hair is a process and you’ll get better with time. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy a wide variety of hairstyles. Synthetic hair can also be used to give your own hair a break.