How to Care for Permed Hair

Let’s face it. Perms give you big hair with volume in tight curls or beachy waves, and today’s modern formulas have been refined to avoid potential damage or weakness to your mane. When a salon expert gives you a perm, they know how to properly time the chemical treatment to deliver that amazing Hollywood hair.

How to care for permed hair shouldn’t be a difficult task. All you need to remember is that permed hair needs some TLC or tender loving care.

6 Simple Steps on How to Care for Permed Hair

1. Shampoo Sparingly

When you get a perm, hairstylists recommend using shampoos with moisture. Look for ingredients like macadamia oil or argan oil to nourish your strands and keep them strong.

2. Do not shampoo every day

You want to get in the habit of shampooing once weekly and conditioning more than you’re used to. Permed hair reacts best in warm water and not too hot. You want to be gentle with your locks and avoid stripping the moisture away.

3. Condition Often

When you condition permed hair, the curls or waves will last longer. If you don’t lock in that extra boost of moisture, your curls will frizz and look dull with dried-out ends.

There are all kinds of conditioning masks, creams, lotions, etc. Look for ingredients that feature botanicals like camellia oil, soy protein, wheat protein, organic aloe and other fortifying elements that tackle perm tangles and strengthen strands. Avoid nasty chemicals like parabens, silicones, sulfates or synthetic colors.

4. Air-Drying Best

It’s so hard to put down the blow-dryer, ladies, but when you have a rockin’ perm, you should avoid excess heat. The ideal method is to air-dry your hair, and use your fingers to define the waves or curls.

If you must use hot air, set your blow-dryer on the coolest setting possible, and invest in a curl diffuser attachment. This simple piece disperses the airflow of your blow-dryer, so you can create extra volume and gorgeous curls.

5. Wide-Tooth Comb

It may sound too simple, but the proper styling tools make a difference. A wide-tooth comb is your perm’s BFF. Detangling a perm can be a challenge at times, and you want to avoid comb aggression that turns to breakage.

A wide-tooth comb is excellent for gently separating strands when you’re hair is wet. So bring it into the shower, or use it after conditioning.

6. Styling Boosters

You don’t want to leave your perm feeling crunchy or looking hard. Haircare experts recommend products like a mousse texture foam to give your curls or waves that controlled volume and shaping. This gentle formula can be worked through your hair from roots to ends to maintain definition without drying your curls out.

Permed hair is gorgeous when it’s in its healthy, voluminous and bouncy state. It turns heads often. How to care for permed hair isn’t rocket science, so relax. As long as you treat your mane with added moisture, less heating tools and a gentler touch, your perm will last with luster and movement.