Eyebrow Piercing

Eyebrow piercing go in and out of style with the blink of an eye. You can be assured even if this piercing is not popular when you get one, it will be within a couple of months. This is because it is a classic. The piercing looks good on both men and women while being the epitome of unisex fashion. You can have your eyebrow pierced anywhere, but the most common area is right past the arch.

Facts About Eyebrow Piercing

An eyebrow piercing is considered a flat surface piercing. This means it will not heal in the same way are your nose or ears. The risk of migration and rejection is also higher. There is a good chance your piercing will eventually move a little. Since your eyebrows are so easy to see, it is extremely difficult to hide your piercing while you are healing. There is a lot to think about prior to deciding you want to have this type of piercing.

The Reasons for Not Having Your Eyebrow Pierced

The anatomy of your face and your personal preferences are critical for the placement of your piercing. You may also not have the right facial shape. Your best option is to speak with a piercer you trust. Ask them if any eyebrow piercing will work for your face. If you play with your jewelry a lot while you are healing, you will increase the risk of your piercing migrating or rejecting.

If you know you are not going to be able to stop yourself from playing with your eyebrow jewelry, you may want to consider a different type of piercing. In most cases, the piercing is eventually rejected. Once your rejection site has healed, you can have your eyebrow re-pierced. This is the most temporary of all of your piercing options. If you are going to have any issues with this, you should consider a different piercing instead.

The Healing Process

An eyebrow piercing requires about two to three months to heal. You should not move, play with or change your jewelry during this period of time. Your skin in the is area is delicate and soft. If you move your jewelry it can lead to rejection or scarring. The pain scale is much lower than with your other piercing options. You will feel a little pressure and a pinch, but nothing that is unbearable.

Right after you get your piercing, you will most likely experience more swelling than you would with other piercings. This is because your blood will rush to an injury in this part of your face. Some of the symptoms can be unpleasant such as a black eye. You should not be concerned because everything should disappear naturally.

For better healing, you should get enough rest, use cold compresses and avoid blood thinners. If you have any severe symptoms, your best option is to see your physician just to be on the safe side.

Your Eyebrow Piercing Aftercare

You should follow the typical practices for aftercare during your healing process. The skin surrounding your eyebrows is fragile. This means you need to be extremely careful while you are healing. If you are unable to stop yourself from playing with your jewelry, rejection is almost guaranteed. There are tips to help your piercing heal properly below.

Take care when you apply cosmetics and while washing your face. You need to prevent all foreign substances from coming anywhere close to your piercing. This includes cosmetics and face wash. Even though this may be difficult, it is very important. These products contain chemicals that can cause issues such as scarring and skin irritations.

Do not wax your eyebrows. Wax is one of those foreign substances you need to keep away from your piercing. If your eyebrows are bushy, you can pluck the hairs around your piercing as gently as possible for maintenance. Due to the delicacy of your piercing, it is better to be safe and avoid waxing any part of your eyebrows until you have fully healed.

You need to be careful when you get a haircut. This is especially true if you have bangs. It is extremely easy for your eyebrow jewelry to get tangled up in a comb. The fragility of your skin means your piercing can be torn easily. This can leave a permanent scar or lead to numerous other complications including jewelry rejection. To be safe, you need to proceed cautiously.

Precious metals are the best option for your eyebrow jewelry. One of the main causes of migration and rejection is cheaper metals. This is because they can be rejected by your body. You are a lot safer if you choose a precious metal such as 14k gold.

No matter how tempting, do not move your jewelry around. This will cause skin irritations leading to complications. Even if you want to hide your piercing for a conservative event or work, you need to understand this is probably impossible while your body is healing. If you use a bandage in an attempt to hide your piercing, you will be putting pressure on your eyebrow jewelry. This can cause rejection.

Do not remove your jewelry. This can cause damage to your piercing or the hole may close before you have a chance to put your jewelry back in. As soon as you are completely healed, you can use piercing retainers. The look is much more subtle. If you decide to have an eyebrow piercing, you will have to allow it to be seen until you are healed.

Styles for Eyebrow Jewelry

Your eyebrow will most likely be pierced using a 16G needle. This makes your best option for your initial jewelry a lightweight, curved barbell. This will not pull your piercing like a hoop. This decreases the risk of issues including migration while you are healing. If you like the curved barbell, you can keep wearing it after your have healed. This is a popular option.

A curved barbell with beads will sit flush and provide the look of a double piercing. You can stick with the typically curved barbell or use charms to be more unique. Another good option are hoops. You can try a seamless ring or a captive bead ring.

The Variations

There are a lot of variations available because your piercing can be located anywhere on your eyebrow. You can have multiple piercings such as a double or pierce your entire eyebrow. If you want multiple piercings, it is best to get them one at a time to make your healing process easier. The only difference between a horizontal and vertical eyebrow piercing is the direction. The placement is generally right below or above the eyebrow.