Essential Oils for Wasp Sting

We’ve all been there. A wasp shows up out of nowhere and starts aggressively buzzing around you. Out of panic, you swat at it. This angers the wasp even further, and before you know it you’ve got a painful wasp sting on your skin.

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You need immediate relief and aren’t sure where to turn. Did you know that essential oils for wasp sting can ease the pain and speed along the healing?

Let’s take a look at three essential oils for wasp sting that you should try right away.

Best Essential Oils for Wasp Sting

#1 Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is wildly popular and has become a household name as an essential oil that you always need to keep in stock.

Tea Tree boasts several healing properties that make it the perfect option for wasp stings and other insect bites. First, it’s highly antibacterial, antifungal, and antimicrobial. It consists of immunostimulant and insecticide characteristics that help stimulate healing as soon as it’s applied to the sting.

This oil is cooling, purifying, and immediately starts to reduce the pain associated with wasp stings.

To apply, mix a few drops with a carrier oil of your choice, such as coconut oil or jojoba oil. Rub it into the sting with circular motions. You’ll get soothing, quick relief while the healing process is accelerated.

#2 Lavender Oil

Lavender is easily the most recognized and utilized essential oils on the market. This is because it has such a wide array of uses inside the bottle. Lavender is popular for use on wasp stings because of its highly antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. The anti-inflammatory property helps with pain and keeps the sting from further swelling. The antiseptic property assists in preventing any infections that could occur.

As with Tea Tree oil, you’ll want to mix Lavender with a carrier oil before applying to your skin. Rub into the sting and begin to feel immediate relief and healing.

Lavender oil is very cost-effective. Best of all, the scent is relaxing and soothing.

#3 Helichrysum Oil

Helichrysum is known for its antioxidant properties, as well as being highly antifungal, antiseptic and antimicrobial. It also works as an insecticide.

This oil is very effective in protecting your skin from further infections that can come from wasp stings. This makes it one of the best essential oils for wasp sting.

This useful essential oil focusses on speeding the healing process of a sting by keeping it clean, which prevents additional issues or full-blown skin breakouts. It’s also extremely soothing to your skin.

It has an invigorating scent and helps support immune system function.

Helichrysum essential oil is on the pricier end of the spectrum, but it’s more than worth keeping in stock for skin-related issues.

To use, dilute with a carrier oil and rub directly into the wasp sting. You can also diffuse it into the air for further immune system treatment.

The Best Essential Oils for Wasp Sting

Now that you know the best essential oils to use, it’s time to take advantage of what these oils have to offer. Treat your wasp sting with these essential oils as soon as possible, and you’ll find healing from your sting much faster.

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