Essential Oils for Love Spells

Love has been the most common spell cast throughout the world every single day for centuries. The magical, mysterious ways human beings attract to one another can be intentional or unintentional but certainly love can be created with particular interests in mind. It can also be recreated and won back if necessary. Love spells move people to fiery connections, intense feel-good hormones and uplifted spirits like no other natural condition can. However, love also sends people into depression when it ends or is unrequited. So whether you aim to draw a particular individual to you or conjure hope after breakup and rejection, essential oils for love spells increase results quickly.

Best Essential Oils for Love Spells

#1 Rose Oil

Be bold and come on strong with the oil of this quintessentially romantic flower. Its color, scent and image all speak the language of love to human senses. Just one drop on a love spell candle or display will set love intentions in motion.

Dilute essential rose oil in carrier oils such as almond and coconut to create a sweet tincture for the scalp and pulse points. Add several drops to distilled water for an invigorating spray. The mist hydrates for a youthful glow plus adds that rosy flush associated with falling in love.

#2 Jasmine

Heat things up immediately with jasmine essential oil. This ancient oil from the precious jasmine plant is the prized ingredient in many high-end perfumes and sensual salts. Jasmine’s spell-casting power lie in its opulent, almost intoxicating scent.

A jasmine-scented candle, versus a plain candle, puts a jolt of sexiness into any love spell. A quick sniff before love spell-casting will power up the yearning for a spell to be effective. A light dab around the heart radiates a cloud of sultriness around anyone who wants to attract a mate.

#3 Lavender

Lavender sprigs are standard in bridal bouquets and wedding centerpieces for its appealing color guests love and its relaxing scent newlyweds need. It symbolizes luck, royalty and calm. Use lavender essential oil for clarity and focus towards more effective chants, affirmations and mantras during love spells.

When love goes wrong or away, lavender’s soft minty scent makes is one of the most important essential oils. It decreases anxiety and promotes sleep, since insomnia is a common side effect of heartbreak. Lavender oil may be diffused during spell casts to help mend broken hearts and draw replacement mates faster.

#4 Grapefruit

Grapefruit is another essential oil to heal the effects of lost romance while love spells work to channel new passions. The oil’s juicy, citrus scent makes people highly alert and wakes up their senses when they feel down. A side effect of feeling better with grapefruit oil is casting a natural spell to seem more attractive: People interpret others who smell like grapefruit as more vital and youthful.

Just a dab of grapefruit essential oil on the wrists sparks remarkable effects. Even children and pets are attracted to its exciting, joyous zest. When romantic dates come up, a spritz of grapefruit oil diluted in water makes rooms and car interiors feel adventurous.

#5 Geranium

When love goes well but needs a boost, reach for geranium essential oil. Its spectacular aroma recalls memories of initial attraction between partners and makes for sexy, intimate connecting.

On special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, add geranium flower petals basted with drops of the oil to your love spell efforts. The geranium oil scent releases natural lustiness into the air and strong desire for love in anyone who comes around.