Essential Oils For Epilepsy

Epilepsy is a condition that involves the neurological system. It presents with seizures that can range from mild to severe depending on the type of epilepsy that you have. Sometimes, you might not realize you’re having a seizure because you don’t experience the movements that you often associate with the condition. At times, you might stare off and not be aware of what’s around you. There are also seizures that present as muscle spasms that last for only a few seconds. Medications can be taken to decrease the number of seizures that you have, but there another option is using certain essential oils for epilepsy.

Using Essential Oils for Epilepsy

Essential oils are often made with natural substances and can be warmed so that you smell the aroma of the oil or rubbed on areas of your body. Sometimes, you can use the oils orally depending on the type. There are several oils that are beneficial if you have epilepsy and that can often promote a calming impact for your body and mind after coming out of a seizure.

#1 Jasmine

This is one of the best oils to use that can deliver a calming impact after a seizure. You can also use the oil in your home by putting it in a warmer so that the scent circulates. The aroma can often calm the mind and can sometimes help with the triggers that you might have that cause seizures to occur.

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#2 Clary Sage

Another of the essential oils for epilepsy that you can use is sage. It has a soothing quality that tends to decrease the number of seizures that you have. After having a seizure, sage is a good oil to use to massage the body because it tends to linger on the body a bit longer.

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#3 Lavender

If you notice that it’s difficult to relax after a seizure or if you notice that stress and anxiety tend to cause more seizures, then consider using lavender in your home or keeping lavender oil with you. This is one of the essential oils for epilepsy that is calming in all aspects. It’s a relaxing scent, decreasing anxiety that you might feel during the day. You can also use lavender after a seizure to calm you so that you can sleep better.

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#4 Chamomile

Chamomile has a similar impact and can often promote a better sleep pattern than lavender. Lavender and chamomile oils are often used together because of their delightful aroma and the similarities that they have.

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What To Avoid

There are a few oils that you should avoid if you have epilepsy. They usually have a strong scent and can be overwhelming to smell or use on your body, sometimes triggering more seizures to occur. These oils include rosemary, fennel, and wormwood.