Essential Oils for Bloating

Bloating has many different causes. Sometimes it’s simply the result of consuming certain types of foods or carbonated beverages. However, it can also be caused by menstruation, certain medications or bacterial growth. The information below sheds light on five essential oils for bloating that can help to alleviate the problem so that you feel more comfortable.

5 Best Essential Oils for Bloating

#1 Cardamom

Cardamom essential oil is great for helping to protect and soothe your digestive tract. That’s because it acts as an antibacterial agent, which is sometimes the culprit when a person is bloated. The overgrowth of bacteria can result in a variety of issues and it’s best to find out the origin of the problem instead of just treating the systoms. While Cardamom can certainly help to reduce bloating, you’ll want to see a doctor if you have persistent bloating and you don’t know the root cause.

#2 Fennel

While some people are familiar with the use of fennel in the kitchen, few know that fennel essential oil is a great solution for bloating. The properties of fennel can help to improve your overall digestion because it serves as an antibacterial and antifungal agent. In fact, fennel can help to protect your body against many different pathogens. As a result, fennel can help to eliminate bloating that’s the result of bacterial growth. Some of the most common conditions treated by fennel include colitis and colic.

#3 Peppermint

Some essential oils for bloating serve multiple purposes, such as peppermint. For starters, peppermint is often used by people that suffer from bloating and irritable bowel syndrome, among other conditions related to the digestive tract. Peppermint can reduce bloating and the pain that’s associated with having an excessive amount of gas. It can also help with treating constipation and diarrhea. Part of the reason why peppermint is effective at reducing bloat is that it contains menthol. The use of menthol is good for reducing inflammation in the intestinal lining.

#4 Chamomile

Chamomile comes from a family of plants called Asteraceae. Chamomile essential oil has been used for many years because of its effectiveness in treating a variety of conditions. For instance, chamomile can treat anxiety, ulcers and diaper rashes. One of the reasons why chamomile is often found it different kinds of tea is because it can help to reduce stress, which is why it’s such an effective way of treating anxiety. Chief among the benefits of chamomile is its ability to improve your overall digestion. Chamomile is partly effective because it helps your stomach eliminate gas by causing your muscles to relax. When your muscles are more relaxed, food is able to pass through your system with greater ease.

#5 Ginger

If your stomach is irritated, there’s a good chance that ginger tea can help. That’s because it has anti-inflammatory agents that are highly effective at soothing your stomach. One of the reasons why ginger tea is so effective is that it can accelerate the speed in which your body is able to process food. As a result, if you have a particular type of food that causes bloating, ginger will help your body eliminate it. Ginger essential oil has the same properties. Whether used in tea, to cook a meal or during a body massage, ginger is a flowering plant that offers a variety of health benefits.

All of these essential oils are viable solutions when you need to ease bloating. Natural products are often appreciated because you don’t have to worry about potential side-effects. In addition to being able to treat bloating, essential oils are great to have available because they can be used to treat other ailments.