Essential Oil for Beard Growth

Sometimes, it might seem like it’s taking months for your beard to grow the way that you want. Trimming your beard can sometimes help as it gets rid of the dead ends and the excess weight that they bring to your face. Another option would be to try essential oil for beard growth as there are a few different types that work well and that can make your beard soft and clean as well.

What is the Best Essential Oil for Beard Growth?

#1 Jojoba Oil

The oil has a consistency that’s more like wax instead of the typical essential oils that you might use. Jojoba can spread throughout the follicles and promote healthy hair growth by opening the follicles while decreasing the amount of oil that you feel on your face by keeping your beard clean. There are antioxidants in the oil that help to keep bacteria out of your beard as well, making it a good essential oil for beard growth.

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#2 Avocado Oil

This is another essential oil for beard growth that is safe to use and that helps to naturally nourish and open the hair follicles. The oil isn’t used as often as others but offers numerous antibacterial properties along with removing dandruff from your hair. Avocado increases the amount of collagen in your skin, which promotes growth while also making your beard thicker as well. This is an oil that is easily absorbed into your skin without leaving behind a greasy feeling.

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#3 Coconut Oil

If you’re looking for an oil that offers several benefits aside from beard growth, then coconut is one to consider. The scent that it leaves behind is one that is refreshing, which means that your beard will not only look fuller and healthier but will smell good as well. Since the oil has more fatty acids than others, it tends to kill bacteria in your beard and can help with skin irritation if you decide to shave your beard after it grows. If you have a longer beard, coconut oil can help to keep your hair soft and manageable.

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#4 Cedarwood Oil

An oil that has a woodsy scent, cedarwood relieves stress while also opening your hair follicles, allowing your beard to grow in a healthy way while being nourished. It can be used to treat dry skin, which can sometimes result after your beard begins growing and reaches a certain length as to where the hair begins irritating your skin.

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#5 Peppermint Oil

This is another oil that leaves behind a refreshing aroma when it’s used. Peppermint is an oil that is often found in many beard products. You only need to use a few drops of this oil to see results. Not only does peppermint promote hair growth, but it can also decrease bacteria in your beard. If also helps with blood circulation in areas where the oil is used.

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