Castor Oil for Acne

For a natural way to treat acne, many people choose castor oil. Castor oil for acne can help relieve the discomfort and appearance of pimples and breakouts without needing a prescription medication.

What Is Castor Oil?

Castor oil is actually a vegetable oil that is used for many different purposes. Pressed from castor beans, the oil is pale yellow with a strong taste and is commonly found as a food additive in candy. As a food product, castor oil can stop wheat and rice from rotting.

For medicinal purposes, castor oil is frequently used for skin conditions. It is a ricinoleic acid and can easily be absorbed through the skin. Cysts, acne and chronically dry skin can all benefit from the use of this vegetable oil.

Castor Oil for Acne Skin Care

Castor oil is generally applied directly to the skin with either a cotton ball or tissue. It is a safe treatment and rarely produces side effects. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, it can soothe red and irritated skin. Dermatosis, psoriasis and acne can all be treated with castor oil.

The specific fatty acids found in this oil can increase the growth of healthy skin tissue. This helps restore uneven skin color from acne scarring. Having an even toned complexion is just one of the skin benefits that castor oil offers.

Psoriasis is a chronic and common skin condition that castor oil can treat. Because the skin is frequently inflamed, the disease produces itchy patches of red and raised skin. Moisturizing and an anti-inflammatory treatment is essential when healing this type of condition. The gentleness of castor oil provides a natural way to ease this problem.

When hormonal acne is inflamed, a similar texture is produced. Raised, red bumps occur along the surface of the skin as well as swelling and discomfort. Because of castor oil’s ability to reduce inflammation, acne can be reduced and even eliminated.


Although there are a variety of different types of acne, most acne affects the skin in similar ways. By treating the symptoms of acne, castor oil can create a smoother, even-toned complexion.

Triglycerides help maintain moisture in the skin. This is especially important when treating dry and irritated skin. By retaining moisture, the skin can tighten and look younger and more flexible. This can decrease the appearance of wrinkles as well as prevent future blackhead breakouts. Triglycerides are found in castor oil and have a major role in removing dirt and maintaining healthy, hydrated skin.

Castor oil can kill organisms and bacteria that cause swelling and redness. By using castor oil during a breakout, you can actually prevent acne scarring from happening. While over-the-counter medications can potentially help eliminate blemishes, they do not remove the bacteria that can cause a breakout in the first place. By having a preventative acne treatment, less medication is needed to help the problem.

How to Use?

Instead of directly applying castor oil with your fingers, try using a cotton ball or pad. After thoroughly cleaning your face, put a few drops of castor oil onto a cotton swab. Using gentle, circular motions, spread the oil over your entire face. Wait approximately ten minutes before washing your face again.


Castor oil is a natural way to prevent and treat acne. Unlike strong antibiotics, castor oil does not kill good bacteria. Instead, it is gentle enough to be used daily and strong enough to reduce swelling and redness from intense breakouts.