Can You Get Pregnant After Menopause?

Throughout a woman’s reproductive years, family planning is an important part of life. While some women welcome the possibility of having more children, others may be concerned about the potential risk of getting pregnant when they no longer thought it was possible. Naturally, one of your biggest questions as you reach this new stage in life is can you get pregnant after menopause. Understanding how and when menopause happens helps you make the best decisions regarding your future fertility.

What Happens During Menopause?

Before menopause, your body creates special hormones that let your body know to ovulate, or release an egg. Estrogen is the hormone that you will hear about the most, but your body also produces progesterone, luteinizing hormone along with follicle stimulating hormone. All of these hormones must be in the right amounts in your body for an egg to be released. In the years leading up to menopause, these hormones begin to change. Your ovaries begin to produce less estrogen and progesterone, which causes the other hormones to begin to rise. Some months you may not release an egg, although most women are unaware of this change.

Why People Sometimes Think They Got Pregnant After Menopause?

You will occasionally hear women claim that they got pregnant after menopause. In reality, all of those hormonal changes that occur during this time of their life likely made them think that they were finished with being capable of reproduction. When you wonder can you get pregnant after menopause, it is essential to understand how the perimenopause time period works.

This stage involves major hormone fluctuations that can cause changes in your menstrual cycle such as skipped periods and lighter cycles that may barely be noticed. You can even begin to skip periods for several months in a row. While some women welcome this change, do not be fooled. You are not considered to have entered the menopausal stage until you have gone a full year without a period. If you are wondering if you are still capable of getting pregnant after this time, then blood tests can reveal your hormone levels.

How Pregnancy Is Possible With Medical Assistance?

There is also now a very real possibility that a woman could get pregnant after she officially hits menopause. However, this takes a conscious decision and dedication to get pregnant on her part. With medical assistance, a menopausal woman can use a donor egg along with hormone treatments to stimulate her body to accept a pregnancy. Keep in mind that this does come with some risks, but women who are still relatively young and in good health can carry an in vitro pregnancy to term.

Menopause represents a moment in a woman’s life when she can no longer get pregnant without medical intervention. However, it is not always as easy as one might think to know for sure when this moment has occurred. Women who are still having occasional menstrual bleeding or who have strong opinions regarding getting pregnant during this time should consult with their physician to find out what they need to do regarding their next stage in managing their reproductive health.