Leverage Meta’s Expansion of Reels Ads to Instagram and Harness the Power of Their Latest AI Features to Amplify Your Business


Meta Expands Reels Ads To Instagram, Tests AI Features

Meta is giving a turbo boost to Reels, those mini movies everyone seems to love. Businesses can now pepper ads between Reels on Instagram, a privilege that was once only for Facebook. These ads are like a chameleon, blending right into the Reels experience, not to spoil the fun for us viewers.

They’re also bringing in something called app promotion ads to Reels. These help businesses get more downloads of their apps. With all the apps floating around, it’s a godsend for businesses to rise above the racket and reach folks open to new stuff.

Meta’s doing some experiments with AI to make the tunes in single-image Reels ads even better. They’ve found that ads with music and a voice-over are like catnip to viewers, hooking them 15% more than silent ones. So, they’re giving advertisers free access to some real smooth sounds from their Meta Sound Collection to jazz up the ads.


Dropbox launches $50M AI-focused venture fund, intros AI features

Dropbox ain’t just idling on the sidelines of the AI playground. The big kid has decided to join the race by pulling out a hefty $50 million from its piggy bank to start Dropbox Ventures. The aim? Throw some bucks and wisdom at AI startups hoping to shake up the work scene.

Dropbox ain’t just handing out greenbacks, they’ve gone and used AI to spruce up their own storage service. Enter Dropbox Dash, a smarty-pants search bar that digs through all your apps and content to find what you’re looking for. Imagine asking where the next company holiday is and getting an answer pronto, instead of having to do some digital detective work yourself. 

Dropbox AI, another shiny new tool, can skim through your Dropbox files and churn out a nifty little summary. It can even answer questions about your content, like some personal digital librarian. For now, it only works on file previews, but plans are in the works to expand its powers.


OpenAI Considers Creating an App Store for AI Software

OpenAI are setting up shop — an app store of sorts for AI models. Seems like they want to cash in on developers who’ve been tweaking ChatGPT for their own gigs. They figure these bespoke AI models could be a hit with other businesses.

Sam Altman spilled the beans about this marketplace scheme while chinwagging with developers in London. Now, this move might ruffle some feathers, as it steps on the toes of their own clients and tech pals like Salesforce and Microsoft who run similar app stores. But for OpenAI, it’s all about spreading their AI charm to more folks out there.

It seems Aquant and Khan Academy, both already in the OpenAI fan club, might fancy peddling their custom AI models in this new marketplace. Ever since ChatGPT hit the scene, companies have been scrambling to use it for their own needs, from handling mundane tasks to showing off new tech toys. Now, it looks like they’ll have a chance to share their AI wizardry with others. 


Otter is introducing a meeting-oriented AI chatbot

Otter, the automatic transcription service, is now throwing its hat into the AI chatbot ring. They’ve just announced a new chatbot designed to keep meeting-goers in the loop. 

What’s different here is that Otter’s chatbot can hold a group conversation. You can also tag your teammates if you need further clarity or action.

So, how many words is Otter transcribing? About a million per minute. But they’re playing coy about whether they’ve used this data to train their new chatbot. Otter says their AI chat feature will be available to all users in the near future and assures us they won’t be sharing chat data with any third parties. 


Startup Arbol Unveils AI and Blockchain-Powered Climate Insurance Platform

This Big Apple startup named Arbol, has come up with a new way to handle insurance payouts for bad weather, using a mix of AI and blockchain technology. They’ve got the backing of the RiskStream Collaborative, a group that knows a thing or two about blockchain.

Basically, this kind of insurance covers you when Ma Nature gets upset. Thunderstorms, floods, you name it. And given that the weather’s becoming more unpredictable, this market’s set to grow threefold.

Their platform, dRe, is like an insurance for insurance companies. It’s geared towards dealing with severe storm damage. Using weather data from dClimate, a leading climate data network, and Chainlink’s decentralized network, the platform decides when to trigger a payout based on wind speed and location for specific weather disasters.


Mullen Launches AI-Powered PERSONA Vehicle Technology Across All EV Lineups

Mullen Automotive, the folks who are all about going electric, are shaking things up with some fancy tech for their vehicles. They’re calling it “PERSONA” and it’s about as AI-powered as it gets.

PERSONA is like your car’s best friend who always remembers your preferences. It’s an advanced gizmo with a camera and sensors that use facial recognition to customize your car’s settings. The car basically knows it’s you coming and starts dancing to your tune—literally.

Last year, they gave this tech a trial run on the Mullen FIVE crossover during a tour. The folks who tried it out thought it was pretty swell. As one fella named James put it, “being able to personalize it to who I am is great”.

And because the bigwigs at Mullen aren’t about to let a good thing gather dust, they’re taking it to the next level and adding PERSONA to all their vehicles. 


Wimbledon to use AI for video highlight commentary

IBM just spilled the beans that this year’s Wimbledon is going to be chock full of Artificial Intelligence (AI) comments. That’s right, robots are joining the commentary box, aiming to give fans a whole new level of engagement with the game.

But before you start fearing a world without our dear old John McEnroe, chill. IBM’s sports partnerships leader, Kevin Farrar, says AI isn’t replacing anyone, it’s just there to pick up the slack and make the game even more enjoyable for fans. McEnroe, the iconic tennis pundit and three-time Wimbledon champ, won’t be getting the boot any time soon.

Wimbledon’s embrace of AI is part of a broader trend in tennis, with electronic line calls being introduced in men’s ATP Tour matches from 2025 onwards. Looks like technology is holding court in the world of tennis, folks. Let’s just hope it doesn’t start arguing with the umpire.


Artists Are Mad About Marvel’s ‘Secret Invasion’ AI-Generated Opening Credits

Marvel’s latest show, Secret Invasion, has slipped on a banana peel just a wink past the starting line. The opening credits for Secret Invasion are completely AI-created. The director, Ali Selim, tells Polygon it all ties back to the Skrull theme of the series. Makes sense, but the man admits he doesn’t exactly know how this AI stuff works, just that he digs the vibes.

The AI gobbles up a ton of pictures from real artists and spits out something that’s a mishmash of many. The artists aren’t too pleased about their work being used without a thumbs up or a penny in their pockets. Worse still, this tech could put them out of a job. Selim mentions “AI vendors,” but let’s not kid ourselves, it’s not quite the same.