Bill Gates on OpenAI

Bill Gates sees this as a revolutionary moment in tech.

Bill Gates is making news because of his recent post called “The Age of AI has begun”

Whether you love him or hate him, Bill moved very fast and quietly got nearly a 50% stake in OpenAI before most people even heard of this company.

Now he is explaining how AI will be used to change our healthcare, farming, education as well as how it will affect inequality.

Here is me reading the letter and adding my thoughts.


OpenAI might be the first trillion dollar AI company and Microsoft owns nearly half, while also making profits by providing OpenAI with the massive cloud computing resources it needs to keep running.

(and also Microsoft’s userbase is a flywheel for training the AI, more on that in another email)

It’s becoming clear that Microsoft might be one of the biggest winners in the AI revolution, so it’s important to keep an eye on Bill Gates as well as Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadella.

Both Gates and Nadella seem like nice friendly people…

…but it’s obvious they are brilliant and ruthless in business.

Anyways, here’s is my video if you’re interested:

-Wes Roth

PS: I’m trying to keep this as neutral as possible in regards to Bill Gates. I know some people see him as Evil Incarnate and some believe strongly in what he is doing.

Whatever your personal view, he is going to be important to how AI is used in the world and it’s important we understand how he is thinking about this.