Best Shampoo for Red Colored Hair: Reviewed in 2022

Nowadays, there exist numerous ways to make your hair look great, like coloring.

Though the process is expensive, it’s worth dying your hair because the results are stunning.

Statistics indicate that 85% of women dye their hair every two months.

But you wouldn’t want to spend that much on coloring your hair only to have it gone within a short time.

It is, therefore, essential to use a shampoo that will protect and enhance the color in your hair, than that which will make it fade or remove it entirely.

For insight, this article will discuss the best shampoo for red colored hair.

7 Best Shampoo for Red Colored Hair

#1 Love Beauty and Planet Rose Shampoo

It comes with a conditioner that get used together.

First, you use the shampoo to get rid of any dirt from your colored hair.

Then you wash it with the conditioner to help moisturize and remove detangles from your hair.

Organic coconut oil gets infused in this shampoo to help maintain your colored hair.

To help keep your hair vibrant, this shampoo and its conditioner get mixed with Murumuru Butter.

If you love the scents of beautiful flowers, then you will like the Love Beauty and Planet Rose Shampoo because it comes with the fragrance of the Bulgarian Rose Petals that get picked individually with hands.

You may wonder whether you get to use this shampoo with its conditioner if your hair is not dyed red.

The answer is yes; it doesn’t matter what color you’ve dyed on your hair. It will make any color vibrant on your hair.

The safety of this shampoo is also top-notch. It comes free from paraben, silicone and any cruelty. Its quality is also unmatched.

Based on most user’s reviews, this shampoo makes the hair soft and smells great. Others say it doesn’t build up or feel greasy.

#2 Keraste Blond Absolu Bain Lumiere

Sometimes colored hair experience some dullness, and this shampoo got designed to cater for this problem. It gives colored hair a natural shine and makes them brighten instantly. If you are looking for a highlighted look, you may need to consider this shampoo. It is also ideal for dry hair has it helps hydrate your fiber intensely. Also, it not only rids of all dirt and impurities from your dyed hair but also helps make your hair feel lighter and refreshed.

Could your dyed hair be damaged and is looking for an ideal remedy? The Keraste Blond Absolu Bain Lumiere gets filled hyaluronic acid that helps strengthen your damaged hair and make them grow back and uniformly. Also, with the Edelweiss Flower-anti-oxidative that comes with this shampoo, your hair enjoys daily protection from damage and helps calm any sensitized fiber. According to most customers’ reviews, this shampoo is ideal for over-processed hair and blondes. Others say they felt the difference immediately after using this shampoo and highly recommend it to anyone with any colored hair. Some users say they love the scent and you get to enjoy value for your money with this shampoo.

Best Shampoo for Red Colored Hair: Reviewed in 2022

#3 David Mallett Shampoo

Is your hair heavily highlighted or are undergoing a balayage treatment. Then the David Mallett Shampoo got designed for you. Thanks to the red Japanese algae called Le Volume that get used in making this shampoo. It heals and nourishes your red-colored hair. You also get to enjoy an extra hydration dose as it revitalizes your hair effectively. If you are wondering how, the Le Volume is rich in vitamins B, A, and C, some elements, and protein. It also contains minimal soap content, has mild surfactants, and non-aggressive chemicals, making it ideal for allergic or sensitive scalps.

Also, after washing your dyed hair with this shampoo, it gets free of dirt and any impurities and leaves your colored hair shinning with vitality. Your senses get refreshed and invigorated by the green tea’s subtle scent that come with this shampoo. If you are the kind of person that loves styling your red hair with different styles, this shampoo is ideal to use as it makes your hair feel light, giving you ease with limitless styling styles. Users say that though the price of this shampoo is high, it is worth spending every coin on it.

#4 Tresemme Shampoo

Do you want your red-colored hair to stay silky and gorgeous for a long time? Then you may need to consider the Tresemme Shampoo. It gets designed with the luxurious Moroccan Oil that helps your hair look beautiful and shiny for up to three days. Also, with this shampoo, you need not worry about the frizzing, thanks to the Moroccan Argan and Keratin Oil used in its making. Besides, your hair also becomes light and smooth, making styling easy and effortless. Besides spotless cleaning your colored hair, it leaves it vibrant.

Using this shampoo is also easy. You only need to apply it on your wet hair and use your fingertips to massage your scalp and roots gently. After a few minutes, rinse your hair thoroughly and finish with a conditioner from Tresemme. If you use heat styling tools, apply heat protection spray from Tresemme before styling to your preferred look. Based on reviews from users, this shampoo leaves your hair shiny and smooth. It also nourishes your hair from its root to the tip. Other customers say that it works perfectly with their thin and colored hair. Also, most users love its scent and compare its results with a professional shampoo.

#5 Lavender Luminescent Platinum Shampoo

If you are looking to revive the red color in your hair, this shampoo will work out great. It also helps brighten your day by hydrating and making your hair bright. Does your colored hair have brassiness? This shampoo will not only remove those unwanted warm tones but also enhance your platinum white tones. The Chamomile extract and Lavender oil used in its making help your dyed hair live longer. It gets sold with its conditioner because they get used together. After washing your hair with the shampoo, you then use the conditioner on your colored hair to help hydrate and enhance its color.

The manufacturer of this shampoo is keen on quality and safety, and that’s the reason this shampoo gets made using natural oils, sulfate-free surfactants, and UVA/UVB filters. The lavender scent also leaves you refreshed and feeling relaxed. If your colored hair is tangled, this shampoo will help straighten it, leaving it feeling light.

 According to many customers, they prefer this shampoo because of its pure and organic nature. Most users say they experience no harm using this shampoo. Other reviews from clients say their red-colored hair never brakes when using this shampoo and its conditioner. According to them, the color becomes blonder and brighter, and they enjoy the light feel on their head.

#6 Davines Alchemic Shampoo

Are you a copper redhead? Then this shampoo got designed for you. It will help illuminate and intensify any cool red shades or colored hair. Weak and damaged hair becomes a thing of the past on using the Davines Alchemic Shampoo. Besides, it’s hard to go wrong with an Italian brand. For best results, it gets used with the Alchemic Conditioner Copper that helps hydrate and smoothen your hair. Also, you get to comb and style your hair with ease as it removes all the tangles. The hair also felt lighter and refreshed.

You may think that using this shampoo and its conditioner is complicated, but you’re wrong. You only need to massage it gently in your scalp for a few minutes. Then rinse it thoroughly and follow with applying the conditioner. Your red-colored hair will not only look gorgeous and shiny but will last for long.

Based on comments from many customers, this shampoo is also great for other natural and colored hairs. Some say it helped their silver and gray color stay bright. Others love the fact that their long platinum blonde hair lasts long after using this shampoo and its conditioner. To others, the shampoo is excellent and would recommend it to anyone with either natural or colored hair.

#7 Goldwell Kerasilk Color Shampoo

Is your red-colored hair fading and wondering the best shampoo to use? Then you may like the Goldwell Kerasilk Color Shampoo. Thanks to its color caring silk that helps protect your red color from fading out. It helps remove all dirt and impurities from your color-treated hair and get it moisturized. With this shampoo, your hair gets to avoid experiencing premature color. This shampoo gets made with the Taman and Keratin oil to help make your hair healthier. It is also the reason why this shampoo gets to interact well with your hair’s structure, making it soft and straight.

Also, if you are searching for an excellent shampoo for your red-colored hair, then your search ends with the Goldwell Kerasilk Color Shampoo. It comes as creamy and luxurious. Following the comments of many users, this shampoo keeps their red hair color intact for up to five weeks. It also contains no sulfate, making it safe to use. Others say that when used with its conditioner, their hair becomes soft and thick. According to most customers, you enjoy value for your money with this shampoo, and it works instantly.

With the above insight into various top-rated shampoos for red-colored hair, you may decide to get one for your dyed hair. But you can’t just enter into a store and pick any best shampoo for red-colored hair. You need to consider some factors for best results. Are you eager to know the factors? Check out the following;

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Shampoo for Red Colored Hair

1. Safe ingredients

Some shampoos for colored hair come with harmful ingredients like paraben and sulfate. Before buying one, check out the elements. Some contents used in making these shampoos may harm both your hair and scalp. For example, sulfates are renowned for stripping off the hair. Keep your eyes on shampoos free from such ingredients because they are the best shampoo for red colored hair.

2. UV Protectors

The sun’s harsh rays are well-known to damage both natural and dyed hair. To help prevent your hair from being affected by ultra-violet rays, go for a shampoo for colored hair with heat protectants or UVB and UVA filters.

3. Quality

Though many shampoos for colored hair gets made to help your dyed hair, not all works out great. You need to consider the one with the best results. To know the most reliable shampoo, you can start by asking for recommendations from friends or family members who have used such a shampoo. Then go looking out for genuine reviews and recommendations from users on various online platforms. Besides, these shampoos don’t come cheap; you should enjoy the value for your money.

With the above information, you may have known what to consider when buying a viable best shampoo for red colored hair, but still struggling with some answers. To help you answer most of the questions bothering you, here are answers to some frequently asked questions.


1. What Can I Do to Protect My Colored Hair From Fading?

The only way to keep your hair intact is by refraining from getting it wet. Water is renowned for removing dye from your hair, mainly if applied frequently. Because you need to wash your hair, it’s not realistic not to get it wet. You, therefore, need to take good care of your hair to avoid it getting dirty quickly. As a result, you don’t have to wash it frequently. Also, if raining, having a shower, or swimming, protect your hair from getting wet with a waterproof covering. Thanks to the advent of technology, there are specially-formulated products used while washing your red-dyed hair to prevent it from fading. Such products are the shampoos for colored hair.

2. What is The Science behind a Shampoo for Colored Hair?

Generally, shampoos get made to remove dirt and oil from the hair. The conditioners help in managing the hair. Shampoos for colored hair use the same concept, only that they come with an added ability to help prevent the dyed hair from fading. They work by minimizing the amount of color that gets washed down while cleaning your hair. They contain special conditioning agents responsible for coating the surface of your hair to prevent the color molecules from escaping. Also, shampoos for colored hair get designed to make your hair feel smooth and soft and help disguise any damage.

Why Should I Use a Conditioner with Shampoo for Colored Hair?

For best results, it gets recommended that you use the shampoo for dyed hair with its matching conditioner. Mostly these products get designed to work together. As a result, you not only enjoy a bright-colored hair, but also a soft, moisturized, and healthy hair.


As described above, you need to use special shampoos for your red-colored hair. Otherwise, it will fade and get damaged. But before buying, you need to consider the factors described above. If you are not sure of the shampoo to go for your red hair, use any of the above best shampoos for red colored hair discussed above. But ensure whatever shampoo you pick, it meets your needs and fits your budget.