The Benefits and Effects of Argireline on the Skin

Argireline has gained a following on social media and has been endorsed by a celebrity surgeon. It has some pretty bold claims and has even been named “Botox in a jar.”

What Is It?

It’s a plant-derived compound and is similar to Botox in the way it acts to freeze nerve to muscle potential. The makers of it say the chain of peptides that make up the compound will limit the ability of neurotransmitters in order to activate movement in facial muscles. By doing this, it will send signals to facial muscles and subtle facial expressions, such as wrinkles, are limited and then reduced.

Why Is It Considered Good for Wrinkles?

This ingredient can be considered a good anti-aging ingredient because it does work to build more tiny blood vessels, called capillaries. This process is important because capillaries will nourish the skin at the cell level, which encourages healthy elasticity and stimulates fibroblast to help create more collagen. When tested, experts have confirmed that Argireline is effective, but there are questions about whether or not it can deliver results that are consistent.

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When it’s used regularly, Argireline will relax the muscles around wrinkles and fine lines, which include foreheads, furrows, and crow’s feet. Results can vary by person, which means a broad spectrum of efficiency. In some cases, it can reduce wrinkles up to 30% after being used for 30 days. However, some only noticed a reduction in wrinkles of less than 10% when used for the same time period.

Some of the discrepancies in results can be related to skin thickness issues. There isn’t a delivery method that can provide total effectiveness and deliver all the benefits that this offers. The cream isn’t able to penetrate deep enough in the skin to be effective for every person.

Side Effects

Not everyone has side effects while using. If you have sensitive skin, there may be stinging while applying, as well as dry and flaky skin and redness. It’s best not to apply it to irritated or sunburned skin. There are some users who have complained about issues with brain fog and drooping and sagging skin after extended use. However, there isn’t any scientific evidence to disprove or support the claims.

It’s Best for Thin Skin

Without any conclusive double-blind clinical studies, the effectiveness will be based on each individual. It does appear that it can be a successful wrinkle fighter when used on thinner or aging skin. It doesn’t work as well on the thicker epidermis of younger users.