AI Safety Alert: OpenAI Takes a Pause on GPT-5 to Prioritize Precautions

Why OpenAI’s Decision to Delay GPT-5 is a Necessary Step Towards a Safer Future with AI


OpenAI Puts A Pause on GPT-5, Focuses on AI Safety

OpenAI is not currently working on GPT-5, according to CEO Sam Altman, who also discussed the company’s focus on safety issues for GPT-4 during an interview at MIT. Altman emphasized the importance of caution and increased rigor in addressing AI safety concerns, noting that technology will impact everyone and encouraging engagement in the discussion. OpenAI has recently released several statements on AI safety measures, though some have criticized the company for not providing deeper insights into their approach. There is some speculation surrounding the actual status of GPT-5.


OpenAI Is Working On A Humanoid Robot And It’s Time To Start Getting Terrified

OpenAI is collaborating with Norwegian robotics company, 1X, to create a bipedal humanoid robot capable of performing various job functions using artificial intelligence. The project has received $23.5 million worth of funding to integrate emerging technology into people’s daily lives. While the intention is to make our lives and jobs easier, some fear that the introduction of humanoid robots in the workplace could potentially eliminate jobs entirely. OpenAI and 1X have yet to unveil their concept, NEO, but the idea of intelligent robots becoming more advanced than their human counterparts in the workplace is a cause for caution. Despite this, the project aims to benefit all of humanity, but pop culture has primed us to be wary of a potential humanoid robot revolution.


Microsoft Integrates Bing Into Its Keyboard SwiftKey App On Android And IOS

Microsoft has integrated its Bing chatbot into SwiftKey, its smartphone keyboard app on Android and iOS, enabling users to search directly from their mobile keyboards without switching apps. The integration comes with three major features: Chat, Tone and Search, enabling users to make their text more appropriate for different situations, to access Bing for more detailed queries and search the web directly from their keyboards. Microsoft had planned to shut down SwiftKey on iOS last year but reversed the decision, with the new Bing integration designed to drive interest in the product.

The new Bing is now also available through the Microsoft Start app for users who have moved off the waitlist.


Issues With The Windows 11 Update? Frustrated Users Blame AI

Users of Windows 11 are reporting bugs and issues with the latest mandatory security update, and some are blaming Microsoft’s focus on infusing AI into all its products. The update included an AI-powered Bing search in the taskbar, but users have reported slow SSD speeds, broken desktop icons, and issues with the taskbar and Task Manager. Despite users pointing out bugs, Microsoft has not updated its release health dashboard with any known issues related to the April 11 update. The unofficial solution for users is to uninstall the update until a resolution is found.


Meta Has Open-Sourced an AI Project That Turns Your Doodles Into Animations

Meta has made its Animated Drawings project an open-source AI tool, enabling anyone to bring their doodles to life. The project, which uses object detection, pose estimation and image processing segmentation methods to turn drawings into animations, was released by Meta’s FAIR team last year. Users can upload a single human-like character drawing, or choose a demo figure, and resize a capture box before adjusting joint positions and choosing from four animation categories. Meta hopes that offering Animated Drawings as open source will allow other developers to create richer experiences, and users have already granted permission to use 1.6 million images for training purposes.


Nvidia Enhances Mid-Range Video Gaming Chip With AI Technology

Nvidia is upgrading its mid-range RTX 3060 gaming chip with more artificial intelligence (AI) features to enhance graphics, demonstrating the importance of gaming for the company despite the segment’s slowing revenue. The new RTX 4070 chip will cost $599, putting it in the middle of the company’s range of graphics processing units. While Nvidia’s data center chips have powered the company’s revenue growth in recent years, it still got about a third of its revenue from gaming chips, although gaming revenue was down by 27%. The 4070 chips will be the cheapest available that use Nvidia’s newest AI technology to predict what about seven out of every eight pixels should be.