AI in the Spotlight: Buffett’s Alarm, Microsoft’s Game Changer, Deepfakes Upgrades & Google’s Snackable Search Innovations!

Dive into Warren Buffett’s Concerns, Microsoft’s Groundbreaking Innovations in Bing and Edge, Advanced Deepfake Technologies, and Google’s Enhanced, Visually-Engaging Search Experience for the Digital Age!


‘Worried’ Warren Buffett compares AI to the creation of the ‘atom bomb’

Ol’ Warren Buffett, that billionaire money maestro, is gettin’ a bit antsy about artificial intelligence. Says it reminds him of the atom bomb, if you can believe it. He was chewin’ the fat with his pal Charlie Munger at their big shindig in Omaha, talkin’ tech and all that jazz. Buffett’s bud Bill Gates gave him the lowdown on ChatGPT, and while he’s impressed by what AI can do, he’s worried we can’t un-ring that bell.

Buffett reckons AI will change everything ‘cept how us humans think and behave, and that’s one heck of a leap. Munger, a spry 99-year-old, ain’t buyin’ into all the AI hoopla either, saying good ol’ human smarts still work just fine.

This all comes after 1,600 brainiacs, including that fancy pants Elon Musk, asked for a six-month timeout on AI, sayin’ it’s got some risks we oughta figure out first.


Announcing the next wave of AI innovation with Microsoft Bing and Edge

Microsoft’s Bing and Edge are surfin’ the next wave of AI innovation to revolutionize search as your “copilot for the web.” Their goal? Squash the pesky problem of unanswered web searches. They’ve combined GPT-4’s language prowess with Bing’s search index for a one-of-a-kind experience. In just three months, Bing has seen 100 million daily users and a 4X increase in app installs.

Now they’re taking it up a notch by opening Bing to Open Preview, making search more visual with charts and snazzy formatting, and evolving from single chats to multi-session productivity experiences. They’re also letting developers build on Bing for even more task completion goodness.

In a nutshell, Microsoft is kickin’ it up a notch to create a sleeker, more helpful search experience with your favorite browser sidekick, Edge. So buckle up and get ready for the AI-powered ride of your life.


AI Deepfakes Just Got Better With This Upgrade

MidJourney, a top-notch AI image generator, just got a sweet upgrade with version 5.1. It’s a piece of cake for newbies to create jaw-dropping art and loads of deepfakes now. Remember that viral Pope-in-a-puffer-coat deepfake? Yeah, that stirred up a buzz, and MidJourney put the kibosh on “pope” deepfakes, but you can still make some wacky ones of ol’ Joe Biden.

With the 5.1 update, MidJourney’s better at understanding what users want, giving clearer, sharper images. Plus, it’s more “opinionated,” so it gets creative with even the simplest prompts. It ain’t perfect—hands still get wonky sometimes—but it’s got a lot going for it, and the MidJourney gang might cook up a 5.2 version to iron out the kinks. So, buckle up, ’cause deepfakes just got a whole lot better.


Google Plans More ‘Visual, Snackable’ Search, With Videos, AI

Google’s search page is gearing up for a facelift, aiming to be more “visual, snackable, personal, and human,” says The Wall Street Journal. With young folks in mind, Google plans to mix in AI chat features, social media posts, and short videos. The tech giant’s revamp comes amidst growing competition from TikTok and Microsoft’s Bing. Though Google’s Bard AI chatbot is available, concerns about AI accuracy and societal impact have kept it out of search. The makeover isn’t all smooth sailing, as AI bot responses and user-generated content can spread misinformation. Despite challenges, Google is determined to evolve Search and maintain its commitment to delivering quality info and supporting a healthy, open web.


Microsoft helping finance AMD’s expansion into AI chips

Microsoft and AMD are teaming up to give Nvidia a run for its money in the AI chip market. They’re working on a new AI processor called Athena, even though Microsoft claims AMD isn’t part of it. AMD’s stock is loving the news, jumping up 6.5%. The whole shebang is part of the mad dash to secure more AI processing power, since chatbots like ChatGPT are blowing up and hogging all the good stuff. Microsoft’s no stranger to the chip game, with a team of nearly 1,000 working on silicon goodies, and their partnership with OpenAI is pushing them to seek even more computing power. AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su, is all in on AI, calling it the company’s “No. 1 strategic priority.” While Nvidia’s got a head start, Microsoft and AMD aren’t the only ones trying to make their own AI chips – Amazon and Google are also in the race.