Dave Ramsey’s Recommended Household Budget Percentages (+ How to Determine Your Own)

How much do you spend on groceries? How much do you spend on clothing? These are just two examples of how your budget may look. Your household budget may have different percentages for different categories. Dave Ramsey suggests that your budget should be 50% needs, 30% wants, and 20% savings.

This is a good start to help with financial planning, but what if you want to customize this for yourself? Use these steps below to help you determine your own percentages for each category. 

Dave Ramsey’s Recommended Budget Percentages

When Dave Ramsey talks about budgeting, he talks about categories. He suggests that 50% of your budget should be needed, 30% should be wanted, and 20% should be saved.

Needs are things like food, shelter, healthcare, retirement, transportation, household expenses, etc. These are necessities for life. Wants are items like clothing, electronics, entertainment, vacations/travel expenses. Savings is money set aside for emergencies and the future.

It’s important to note that Ramsey’s percentages aren’t right for everyone. It’s best to figure out what is right for you as an individual or as a family unit. For example: if you have three kids under the age of five and want to plan ahead for their college educations then your percentage may look more like 40% needs (housing), 30% wants (clothing), 10% savings (college fund) and 20% wants (vacations). This way you can save money now for a goal that will come in the future!

Dave Ramsey's Recommended Household Budget Percentages (+ How to Determine Your Own)

Determine Your Own Household Budget Percentages

The first step to creating your own budget is to determine your monthly income. The second step is to figure out how much you need each month in order to pay for basic necessities, like food and utilities. Once you’ve figured that out, you can start figuring out what percentage of your income should go into the needs category.

Here are some categories that need to be considered when determining what percentage of your budget will go into each category:

  • Housing
  • Personal care, clothing, toiletries
  • Entertainment
  • Transportations
  • Food
  • Utilities

Once you have these items figured out, you can think about the percentages for each category. You’ll want to spend 50% on needs. To achieve this, you will need to cut back on other parts of the budget–for example entertainment or personal care. You may also want to keep 20% in savings for emergencies or future expenses. You should also keep 30% for wants or items that will bring joy into your life–such as a new outfit or an evening out with friends. Finally, 10% should go towards debt repayment and savings goals.

 Consider Your Spending Habits

One of the first steps is to think about your spending habits. What are you spending most of your money on? Are there areas where you’re buying more than you need? As an example, if you spend a lot on eating out, maybe your budget would be 75% needs, 20% wants, and 5% savings.

It’s important to think about these things so you can determine what percentages best fit what is actually happening in your life right now.

 Determine What Each Category Means to You

The first step to customizing your budget is to figure out what needs, wants, and savings means to you.

Needs: These are essential expenses that should not be overlooked. They include housing, utilities, groceries, and necessities like toiletries and cleaning supplies.

Wants: These are expenses that can be cut if necessary. They include cable TV, Netflix subscriptions, and entertainment.

Savings: This category includes anything you might need in the future like retirement or college funds. It can also include rainy day funds or an emergency fund for when things don’t go according to plan.

 Make a List of Categories

Start with a list of all the categories that are important to you. For example, some categories might be needs, wants, luxuries, retirement, education expenses, housing expenses, transportation expenses.


Start by looking at what you’re spending in each category.

If you need to be more intentional with your money, add up the totals of all your needs and divide that number by the amount of money that is allotted for needs.

Then, do the same thing for wants. The total of these two numbers will give you your percentage breakdown for each category.

After this step, you will have a better idea about how much you spend on needs and wants. Now, it’s time to calculate how much you spend on saving.


Step 1: List your needs.

Step 2: List your wants.

Your wants are items that you want that aren’t necessary to survive but bring happiness or fulfillment. Don’t be afraid to list some expensive items here, like a vacation or a new car.

Step 3: Calculate the percentage of each expense.

Does your needs category account for half of your budget? Is your savings at 20%?

See how you can customize this budget worksheet to fit what is most important to you!


If you want to put in extra effort for your savings, you may want to up that percentage. For example, if you’re maxing out on savings but are struggling with other categories in your budget, then maybe the percentage should be higher. 

This is especially true if you have retirement in mind or some other financial goal.

If you don’t think it’s worth putting more than 20% of your income into savings, you can lower this percentage. Still, even with a lower percentage, it’s important to try and save something each month.

A Simple Guide to Determining Your Own Budget Percentages for Each Category.

Step One: List your income sources

What are you bringing in each month?

Step Two: Determine how much of that income goes to debt payments

What percentage of your income is going to pay off debt each month?

Step Three: Add categories together to determine what percentage should go to each category.

How much of the remaining income do you want to spend on needs, wants, and savings? Now, break down this number between needs, wants, and savings accordingly.

Needs are necessities for day-to-day living. Things like food, utilities, housing expenses are needed. Needs may also be things like car maintenance or taking care of an aging family member. Wants are items that you desire but don’t need. These can include entertainment or vacationing if it’s something you enjoy doing once a year or every few years. Savings is money put away for emergencies or future investments in the business so it should be lower than wants and needs if possible.


The first step to making a budget is to establish what you have to work with. Dave Ramsey’s recommended budget percentages will help you prioritize your money and establish a monthly budget that feels comfortable for you. Once you have a monthly budget in place, the next step is to set goals. Goals are what will help motivate you to stick with your budget. The last step is to establish a way to track your spending habits so that you can analyze what’s going on and determine if your goals are being achieved. Once these steps are completed, you’ll be on your way to a healthier financial situation.

10 Ways to Make $10K in a Week

Would you like to know how to make $10,000 in a week? While it’s not easy, it is possible.

In this blog post, we will outline ten different ways that you can use to make money quickly.

Some of these methods are more time-consuming than others, but all of them can help you earn some extra cash in a short period of time.

So, whether you’re looking for a quick way to pay off some debt or just want some extra spending money, read on for 10 great ideas for making money fast!

Sell Things Online

Many people who want to sell things fast turn to auction sites, such as eBay and Half.com, in order to unload their unwanted items quickly.

However, there are other options you can consider when selling items online to make money quickly.

The first thing you should do is take an inventory of all the things you want to sell. Make a note of how much it’s worth, what condition each item is in, and whether or not you have the original packaging.

How to get started with selling things online?

One of the most important things you should do is take great pictures of your products.

You want to portray them as best as possible so that potential buyers will be interested in buying them. 

You can use a digital camera and an inexpensive tripod to create clear and professional product images. If you don’t have a good photo of an item, you can simply take a picture using your phone.

After taking the pictures, the next step is to find an appropriate platform to create a listing and feature your products. eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook groups are some of the places where you can get started effortlessly.

Selling NFT’s

A non-fungible token or NFT is a special kind of cryptographic token that represents something unique.

For example, CryptoKitties are NFT’s that exist on the ethereum blockchain. These Kitties are unique artwork that has been released into the world for you to buy, sell and trade with other people.

All transactions made with these tokens are stored on an open ledger which means anyone can trace their ownership history.

How to make money by selling NFT’s?

You can make money by selling NFT’s in several different ways.

First, you can sell your own NFT’s on the decentralized marketplaces that exist for these token types. For example, if you created a really cool CryptoKitty, then this is where you would list it for sale.

Secondly, you can buy NFT’s and trade them with other people using decentralized marketplaces. This could be done to build up an investment portfolio of multiple rare items or simply because you want to collect something unique.

Lastly, You can buy and sell digital assets on centralized sites like Rarebits and OpenSea. These are similar to eBay, but they allow users to quickly tap into the crypto world, meaning there are more potential buyers, and your items will likely sell for a higher price.

Earning Gift Cards

Do you buy items online? 

If so, then there’s a high chance that you’ll receive gift cards for stores like Amazon, Nike, and Sephora as gifts from time to time. Well, instead of letting these gift cards sit around in your junk drawer, why not turn them into cash?

10 Ways to Make $10K in a Week

How to make money by selling gift cards?

There are several websites where you can sell unwanted gift cards for cold hard cash. Some of the most popular places include CardCash and Raise. All you have to do is search their marketplace for your specific store’s gift card and then list it on their website with a starting price.

Once listed, all you have to do is wait for someone to buy it from you. When the transaction has been made and verified, the money will be transferred directly into your PayPal account or sent as a check in the mail. 

Get Paid To Complete Tasks

There are several task-based websites like TaskRabbit and Zaarly where you can get paid for completing small and quick jobs around your local community. 

These could consist of anything from taking someone’s dog out for a walk all the way up to assembling furniture.

How to make money by completing tasks?

To get started with the task-based sites, you first need to sign up and create an account.

Next, search for tasks that interest you and apply to those that seem like something you could actually accomplish within a couple of hours.

The best part about these types of jobs is that they pay well and can be done during your spare time. 

So there really isn’t a downside!

Paid Surveys

Are you tired of spending all your free time sitting around filling out surveys? Now there’s a way for you to cash in on your opinion while still enjoying the great outdoors!

How to make money by completing a paid survey

There are several websites where you can find online surveys that will actually pay you real money rather than just giving you points to redeem for gift cards or coupons. 

A few examples of these sites are GlobalTestMarket and Survey Junkie.

These types of websites work by asking you to complete several different surveys that all revolve around a specific topic like grocery shopping, fashion trends, and car technology.

The more surveys you complete, the more money you’ll receive directly into your PayPal account!

Sell Your Photos

If you enjoy taking pictures as a hobby, then this tip is perfect for you! 

There are several different applications where amateur and professional photographers alike can sell their shots to other people without having to leave their homes. These websites include EyeEm, Burst, and Shutterstock.

How to make money by selling photos

The process behind selling photos is actually quite simple.

You first select the photo you want to sell and add a description along with your asking price. When that’s done, all that’s left for you to do is wait for someone to purchase it and then receive the money directly into your PayPal account! 

Crypto Trading

If you’ve been paying attention to the crypto world for a while now, then you probably know that there are numerous ways to make money on cryptocurrencies.

It all depends on your specific financial situation, but one of the easiest and most accessible ways is through trading altcoins like Bitcoin Gold, Litecoin, and Ethereum.

How to make money by buying and selling cryptocurrency

There’s an entire process behind making money with cryptocurrencies, but I’ll go over it briefly in order not to bore you!

The first step is obviously acquiring some amount of cryptocurrency. 

The second step is opening up an account on websites like Binance and Bitfinex. Once your account is created, all you have to do is deposit coins into your wallet and start trading at the touch of a button.

As you start trading on the different exchanges, your coins will not only fluctuate in value, but you’ll also earn a profit from the margin that they have built into their system. 

There are multiple trading techniques. Some of them are

Day Trading:

A trading style in which an investor (or trader) open and close the same position within 24 hours.


A trading style in which we place multiple orders a day, to make some quick profits, these profits range from 0.5% to 1.0% per trade.

Swing Trading:

Trading activity in which crypto is held for more than one day but less than a few months. (As long as that specific trend continues)

Position Trading:

A trading style in which an investor holds one or more currency over long periods.

Sell Plasma

Believe it or not, there is actually a demand for plasma, and companies are willing to pay big bucks in order to get their hands on some! 

The process of donating plasma doesn’t take too long (averagely around 2 hours) and can be done whenever you’re available (although many donation centers prefer evenings). 

How to make money by donating plasma

There are several websites online where would-be donors can create an account and find out which locations near them are accepting donations. 

A few examples of these sites are BioLife and The Plasma Protein Therapies Association.

Once at the donation center, you’ll be prompted to fill out a medical questionnaire as well as some basic information about yourself. 

If everything checks out, you’ll receive $40-$50 for your first visit and $60-$70 per donation on following visits! 

Installing Vending Machines

Vending machines are a great business! You can invest a little and get some good juice out of it.

This business really doesn’t need much of your attention, as vending machines just need restocking and cash collection.  You can even hire someone to restock these machines.

But you have to be really careful while choosing the vending machines you are going to install.

I really don’t recommend going for something cheap as they usually stop working after some time, which could potentially harm your business in the longer run.

How to make money by installing vending machines

The first step is finding a location where you want to place your machine. After that, all you have to do is contact the company that’s selling them and buy one for yourself! 

Once installed, all you have to do is fill the machine with snacks or beverages of your choice and sit back while it makes you money automatically! 

You can even find companies that will help you with every aspect of this process, like Vending Machines USA.

Install multiple of them, and you can easily make 10k a week.

Selling Online Courses

If teaching isn’t really your thing, then why not try creating online courses?

The great part about this idea is the fact that there are several different types of courses (from technical skills like coding to more general ones like understanding the stock market) and numerous markets that you can sell them in (like Udemy, Creative Live, or Teachable ).

How to make money by creating online courses

The first step is actually creating your course! 

If you’re interested in making revenue on a specific topic, then do some research and see if there’s something already available. If not, then take time to develop a crash course of sorts and upload it to one of the different sites mentioned above.

As soon as your course goes live, potential buyers will begin purchasing it, and you’ll start earning revenue almost immediately. This process will continue until the course expires or whenever you decide to delete it from circulation. 

It’s time to achieve financial freedom

There are several different ways to earn $10k in a week, but I’ve listed just ten of them here. 

One key factor that is required for all of them is consistency and hard work. 

And also If you have any other ideas, feel free to share them in the comments below!

10 Creative Ways to Give Cash as a Gift

Are you looking for creative ways to give cash as a gift? Here are some classy and tasteful ways to make that happen!

When it comes to giving cash as a gift, it’s all about finding the right way to do it. 

Here are 10 creative ways to give cash that will make your recipient feel special. From fun envelopes to cool card ideas, there’s something for everyone! 

So why not add one of these ideas to your gift-giving repertoire this year?

Why does money make a good gift?

Most people like cash. Or do they really like it?

Actually it’s not the l paper currency that is so appealing; it’s what you can buy with it. 

When you give someone some money, your gift will be remembered every time he or she goes to spend it—and that’s something most gifts don’t offer. 

You can never know if someone is in some kind of need or not. Your cash gift and get them out of that specific problem. Along with that, your cash gift will also be remembered for a long time.

But the issue is some people don’t like to give cash directly (Sometimes it’s embarrassing).  

So why not have some creative ways to gift cash?

 Well, we got your back with our 10 most creative ways to gift cash to anyone at any time.

Money Tree

This is a creative way to give money as a gift. Get a pretty plant, pot, and some soil to create your own unique bank – or “money tree.” This can be one of the most popular ways to give someone cash as a present. 

Give the recipient the option of keeping it for themselves or passing it along to another person who may need help with their finances.

It’s also a great idea if you’re giving the money as part of an engagement, wedding, or housewarming present! Just make sure they keep those green fingers in mind when choosing what kind of plant they would like!

You can also get your plant wrapped in a nice cover and with a card attached to it, delivering the message that this money is just for them. 

iTunes or Amazon Gift Card

If you’re looking for a way to give cash without actually giving it, consider buying an iTunes gift card or an Amazon gift card instead.

Not only is this another creative way to give cash as a present, but both of these popular online retailers also offer e-cards for purchase, which means you can send your recipient the code in one email!

This way, they’ll know exactly how much money you put towards their gift and they can easily go shopping immediately with that money.

If you want to add even more excitement to your gift, buy two e-cards and let them choose which one they prefer. 

Another great idea is to select a store that you know they’re dying to shop – just make sure it’s not one of those stores where they have to pay to ship!

Origami Envelopes

Get creative with the way you package your cash gift by making your own money origami envelopes! 

You can fold any kind of paper into an envelope; for this project, we recommend using different shades of green (or whatever color matches your party theme).

Just print out any free template, cut around each line carefully. As long as the recipient knows how to open their new envelope – they’ll be thanking you for years to come.

Creative Ways to Give Cash as a Gift

Wrapped In Love

For a more romantic way to give cash as a gift, try using money origami envelopes! Just fill them with money and then seal the ends by folding them together at different angles.

You can even add a custom message on the front of each one, so your loved one will know exactly how much they mean to you! 

If you want an extra special touch, try tying a few hearts around the center or on top.

Roses can also do the job. If you are trying to gift cash to your loved one. Make a basket full of roses and place your envelope in it.

Money Balloons

Another creative way to give cash as a gift is to use large balloons and fill them with money.

When your friend or family member catches the string, they’ll be surprised (and delighted) as the balloon starts to slowly deflate. Of course, make sure you don’t let go of the string yourself, or you’ll ruin the whole thing!

How to put money inside balloons?

The process is simple, and you can do it with a few steps.

1) Take a normal balloon and fill it up with air.

2) Place a piece of paper inside the balloon, on which you have put some money. Make sure that the piece of paper is large enough to hold just one note/bill/piece of currency at a time. If possible, use denominations that add up to around the amount you wish to give as your gift. For example 20 x 1$ bills= $20

3) Now attach a small weight or pebble on top of the balloon so that there is only enough space for one bill at a time under this pebble/weight. This will ensure that whenever someone adds another bill, the previous one comes out.

Money Pizza

You can easily make money pizza and pack it in a  box. You can write to friends, “Thanks for being my friend” and stuff. It’s creative, unexpected, and clever.

You need:

– Money

– Pizza Box

– Glue or double-sided tape

Decorate your pizza box with the dollar bills that you have folded already. Now it’s time to arrange the money to look like a pizza, and surely you can add some coins as a topping.

But make sure you don’t use permanent glue to fix them.

Using such glue will waste all your coins and money.

Money Bouquet

You can also put money into bouquets of flowers to make a beautiful money bouquet.

Creative Ways to Give Cash as a Gift

Just fill up several large flower bouquets with paper bills of your choosing denomination.

Be sure that there are at least 10-12 pieces of foldable money for every five flowers. Tie some ribbons around the stems, so they don’t fall out or slip away. Your receiver will be pleased by this creative gift which is not only useful but also very creative.

How to make Money Bouquet at home:

The process of making a money bouquet at home is really simple. Here are the materials required for it 

Materials Required :

1) One dozen of plain white flowers, orchids, or roses  

2) Twist ties or thin wire coat hangers

3) Paper money of your choice denomination (in US Dollars)

4) Ribbon for decoration purposes   

Now we know about the material, let’s have a look at how to actually make the bouquet.

1. Cut flower stems to the desired length using a sharp knife or scissors.

2. Insert a thin wire into the stem all the way up to the very end in order to hold the paper bills securely in place without getting crumpled or folded during the insertion process.

3. Use a twist tie/ thin wire to hold all flower stems together tightly.

4. Decorate your bouquet by tying ribbons around the base of all stems using thin wire or twist ties, so they don’t fall out during transportation.

Now you have successfully made a money bouquet at home, and it is ready to gift someone.

Emergency cash box

An emergency cash box is a very good option for you to give cash as a gift. It contains different denominations of notes and coins in small capsules, which can be used at times of emergency.

This gift idea has even saved lives in some cases. In an emergency, when someone needs money, and they find it in their emergency cash box, you can understand the soothing feel they would have.

Cash in a jar

Cash in a jar is also an awesome gift idea. You can make this jar by yourself or buy it from the market. The best thing about cash in a Jar is that you can put any denomination of money.

You can easily make a cash jar at home. Here is how to do it

1. Buy a glass jar from your local store.

2. Get the coins, bills, and pieces of jewelry to put in this money jar.

3. Put a label with a note saying what is inside this cash jar to avoid suspicion or curiosity on anyone’s part.

4. You can even decorate it by painting gold/silver color on the jar or simply keep it as it is. 

Nobody will ever come to know that there are real notes/bills hidden inside this jar.

Additionally, I always recommend attaching a floating balloon around the head of the jar that makes it look really attractive and appealing.

Money cake

Money cake is also a unique idea to give cash as a gift. It’s the best way to make birthday celebrations really special, all you have to do is bake a cake of your desired flavor with money toppings on it or buy it from the market if you are in a hurry.

This money cake will definitely put a smile on the face of the person who gets it. There are many companies that even provide online orders for these types of cakes so you won’t have to leave your house for it.  

Here is how you can make money cake at home

Just purchase a cake from your local baker shop, or make it at home. Next step is to roll multiple bills, and put them on the top of the cake. It’s done.

You can also decorate your money cake with many other toppings like candies, chocolates, sprinkles, etc.  

Here are some tips to make your homemade money cake look really attractive:

1. You can use chocolate or vanilla flavored cake for this purpose.

2. Use white frosting around the edges of the cake and sprinkle slowly with green candy/sprinkles/chocolate chips/nuts etc. This will give it a very appealing look from the outside.

3. Finally, put a few pieces of money on top of sprinkles or chocolates, and you have successfully made a money cake at home, which is ready to be presented as a gift.


Cash is the best way to show your love and affection towards someone special.

If you are looking for a unique and creative idea to give cash as a gift, then the above-mentioned ideas can be really useful for you.

Are you looking for creative ways to give cash as a gift? Here are some classy and tasteful ways to make that happen! 

So which of the creative ways to give cash as a gift ideas is your favorite?

How to Make $1000 a Month?

It can be tough to make ends meet, especially if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck.

If you’re looking for a way to bring in some extra cash each month, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Depending on your skills and interests, there are plenty of ways to make an extra $1000 a month. So take a look and see what might work for you!

Why is having an additional source of income necessary?

This is probably the best question, and if you are reading this article, then it’s something that is on your mind.

So first, let’s have a look at why it is so important to have an additional source of income?

Let’s start with the basics.

You go to work every day, Monday through Friday or Saturday, for most people who have a 9 to 5 job. And you make a decent living, right?

But if, for some reason, you lose your job, what would happen?

There is certainly no way that you could keep your current standard of living without that steady stream of income coming in each month.

You might have to sell your car or your house and downsize, and this is certainly not a fun position to be in.

It’s scary, and the first few days will be tough, but eventually, if you stay positive and keep your mind steady, then you could find a new job quickly.

This is where diversification of income would help. As Warren Buffett says, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

You need to have a backup plan.

It might sound difficult to find the time to make an extra $1000 a month, let alone put away money for a rainy day.

But in this article, we talk about some of the easiest ways to do so.

How to Make $1000 a Month?

10 Ways to Make an Extra $1000 a month

1. Uber Eats

You can easily register yourself on Uber eats, and it’s a great way for students who are still living on campus to make some extra cash.

The best thing about Uber Eats is that you can work at anytime of the day and as many hours as you want. 

2. Do scientific research

Almost all scientific research organizations pay volunteers big bucks to test out their drugs and procedures and monitor their effects and side effects before they go into clinical trials with humans.

If you like science and biology, this is a good option that requires only your time – nothing else – as remuneration is usually in the form of cash or kind based upon your role. 

But for this, you must have some scientific background or a degree related to this subject.

3. Blogging

Blogging is a great way to make an extra $1000 a month. 

You can easily set up a blog and start writing about anything you want. It’s not as hard as you might think it is. Just remember to write for your audience and try to build an online community around your topic of choice.

You can monetize your blog using native ads networks or through selling banner space on your site. There are plenty of other ways by which you can generate income from blogging, but it takes a lot of time to learn the ropes before making any considerable amount of money from these platforms. So be patient and keep at it!

Another great way to monetize your blog is using Amazon affiliate links; you can promote relevant products on your blog and then take a few percent of the sales that come in through these links.

This is just one example of monetizing your blog, and there are countless other ways to do so. So don’t give up if you do not see any results initially.

4. Selling used stuff online

This is one of my favorite ways of earning extra cash because it’s simply really easy to do.

All you have to do is go on a few websites, like Craigslist or Letgo, and list stuff that’s of no use at your home.

It could be anything from furniture to clothes to games and gadgets. Just make sure it is in decent enough condition so that people accept it without too much hassle!

You can add a few more items if they seem good enough, but don’t add junk; otherwise, no one will buy them. 

You want to make sure there is some margin in each item when sales are made later on.

Additional Tip

If you don’t have junk at home, another way is to purchase items, repair them, polish them and sell them right away for a greater amount. 

This method works like magic for flipping real estate. 

5. Start Print On Demand Business

Starting a print-on-demand business is really an easy way to reach the $1000 mark. All you have to do is find a good niche that suits your skills and expertise.

There are plenty of print on demand marketplaces available that help you sell your products online without having to worry about the logistics.

These sites allow you to upload designs, artwork, and other creative content for people to purchase it from you on a per-item basis.

The great thing about this business model is that all the hard work has already been done by the site owners, so all you have to do is add beautiful creative designs in front of hungry consumers!

The site owners will print and ship the products themself for a small fee.

6. Become an Online Tutor

If teaching is what interests you, then consider becoming an online tutor as well! 

There are many websites that offer tutoring services. Some of them are Chegg, Tutor, Studyblue, and Siyavula for South Africans.

You just need to register on these sites and create a profile that highlights your expertise in the subject you’re willing to teach! 

It’s really simple to set up this business model because all you have to do is find someone who needs help with some particular topic.

Then you can charge any price depending upon the time frame of the lessons or course duration.

Becoming an online tutor is one of the most lucrative ways of earning money in very little time.  

7. Start Youtube Channel

Starting a youtube channel is almost free of cost.

If you have a good mobile phone, its camera is sufficient to kickstart your journey towards a successful Youtube channel. 

Once started, there are several ways in which you can monetize your youtube channel. The first one is via ads which you can run once you have 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time hours. 

Once you have gained traction, you will have dozens of companies willing to sponsor you to get featured in your video. 

How to start a Youtube Channel?

Making a Youtube channel is really easy. You just need to create a Google account on Youtube, name your channel and pick up a cool display picture for it.

Then you just have to upload some beautiful media content that highlights the knowledge of your expertise or experience in front of more than 5 billion active users waiting to consume what you have to offer!

Youtube does have some requirements before it starts paying you as mentioned above. 

Once you reach those requirements, you can easily connect your AdSense account and start making money.

There are many other ways you can monetize your youtube channel. Some of them are

  1. Reviewing Products
  1. Getting Sponsors
  1. Creating live polls for companies.

8. Become a Freelancer

If finding and working with clients interests you, then you should consider becoming a freelancer.

The best part about freelancing is that you’re your own boss, so there is no one looking over your head or watching the clock. You choose when to go to work and how much effort to put in.

There are few popular freelance marketplaces where people list their services, such as Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, etc.,

You just need to sign up on these sites, read reviews of each freelancer listed there and try to make a profile better than them.

This way, you’ll start getting offers and work immediately. There is no limit to the amount of money you can earn as a freelancer; it all depends on how much time and effort you put in.

Some tips while working as a freelancer

1. Always finish your work on time.

One of the biggest problems people face when they start freelancing or working from home is meeting deadlines; you need to understand that you’re not the only one who has this problem, and everyone will be looking at you to get a task done!

When people don’t get their tasks done in time, they lose the trust of their clients and eventually end up losing them forever.

2. Make a schedule for yourself:

After you get an offer from a client, always try to plan out how much time it’s going to take for you to complete each part of the project. This way, it’ll become easier for both parties involved in completing the project within budget and deadline, respectively.

3. Always communicate with your client:

The success of your business is directly proportional to the way you communicate with your clients.

If they like the idea of working with you, then there is no reason why they shouldn’t work with you again.  

Always try to meet them on time and make timely updates about the progress of the project. This will help both parties stay in the loop.

9. Start an Online Store

When we talk about online businesses, it’s impossible not to mention e-commerce stores that are flooded with thousands of options for buying and selling products all over the world!

The beauty behind running an online store lies in its level playing field. Anyone from anywhere around the globe can start a business to sell any product they wish. This provides a great opportunity for people who want to make a good passive income every month!

Since only a laptop or computer is required for this business model, along with knowing how to sell products.

All your expenses are low, and you can make the entire process online by yourself without any intermediaries.

So there is no reason why you shouldn’t start selling products online!

10. Start Lawn Care Service

There are thousands of sites listing lawn care services, so you don’t have to worry about the competition because you can start this business with less than $100.

You just need to develop an efficient system so that your customers come back again and again!

The best part about starting a lawn care service is that it provides great health benefits because all you’ll be doing is working outdoors for hours!

This will help keep stress levels down, improve your overall life quality without burning too much cash.

So now that you got the idea of how easy it is to start earning money online, now it’s time to take action!

Tools required to start a lawn care business:

1. Lawn Mower.

2. Grass Cutting Scissor

3. Raking & Sweeping

4. Edging Equipment (Shovel, Broom, etc.)

5. Blower/Vacuum

Keep one thing in your mind, never go for cheap tools. Those cheap tools gonna affect the quality of your work, as well as they, will be useless soon.

Invest once in good quality tools which you can easily use in your workflow. And believe me, you are not gonna regret this decision as these good tools will increase your productivity and save you a lot of time.


You might be surprised to learn that there are plenty of ways you can make an extra $1000 a month without much effort.

 If this sounds appealing, take some time to explore the different options listed above and see what one fits your lifestyle best. 

The key is finding something you enjoy doing so it doesn’t feel like work! Which option appeals most to you?

23 Things to Sell to Make Quick Money

If you’re looking for some extra cash, you might be wondering what you can sell to make money quickly.

There are a lot of options out there, and it can be tough to decide what will work best for you.

In this post, we’ll go over 20 different things that you can sell to make money fast. So whether you’re looking for a side hustle or just some extra money to help pay the bills, read on for ideas!

Clothes and Shoes

People buy new clothes all the time, so there is always a market for gently used items.  

If you have some luxury brands or designer pieces in your closet, check out websites like The RealReal .  

They’ll let you set up sales channels where you can sell your clothing to people looking for that luxury piece.

If you don’t have any high-end clothes in your closet, there is still a way to make money off of clothing.  

Check out apps like letgo and OfferUp. These apps allow you to sell items within your local area through Facebook groups or by creating an account and posting directly on these apps.

Packaged or Perishable Goods

If you don’t have any luxury items in your closet, or if those aren’t selling for a good price, you can always sell fresh goods.  

Farmers markets and local grocery stores are a great place to start.

There are also apps like Instacart where users can shop at their favorite grocery store and have it delivered to their doorstep.

If you’re looking for an even easier way to make money selling food, sign up with Uber Eats or DoorDash to deliver restaurant orders locally.

You can also sell packaged items like snacks and drinks online. 

Websites like eBay and Amazon both have dedicated storefronts for this kind of item, and if you ever thought about starting your own business, sites like Shopify and Etsy might be a good way to go.


If you have a closet full of accessories, there are a lot of places online where you can sell them.  

Overstock and Poshmark are both great apps that allow users to browse for items by category or search for specific items.

Both apps also let you buy from other people, so even if you aren’t looking to sell your clothes, you can probably find some good deals on there.

You can also check out sites like Etsy to sell your accessories online.  

Etsy is a marketplace where people come to buy unique handmade items.  If you have an eye for fashion and want to try selling accessories, this might be the place for you!

Beauty and Cosmetics

If you’re a beauty junkie, selling your old makeup and skincare products might be the easiest way to make money fast.  

A lot of apps like Poshmark have dedicated pages for these types of items, but if you want to try something else, there are also sites like eBay and Amazon.

Just make sure you price things accordingly since people will likely sell their own products cheaper than you.  

It’s also important to buy the right kind of label printer so that all your barcodes are correct.

Books and Magazines

If you’re looking for a change of pace when it comes to selling second-hand items, buying and selling books might be the move for you. 

Both Amazon and Ebay have dedicated marketplaces for people to buy and sell books.

If you don’t want to use these websites, there are also apps like Letgo that allow users to post items locally.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Kits and Projects

If you’re handy around the house, selling DIY kits or projects that you’ve finished can be an easy way to make money fast. 

Websites like Etsy and Pinterest have a wide range of DIY projects that users can buy from other people.

This is also a great option if you’re just starting out with an online business since sites like Shopify and Etsy have all the tools you need to make your own e-commerce site,  selling whatever it is you want to sell.

Household Goods

People buy new things all the time, so there’s always a heavy market for household goods. Websites like Ebay and Amazon are great options to try selling things like utensils and kitchen appliances.

If you want to sell used items, sites like Letgo and OfferUp can be helpful since they allow users to buy and sell locally

Building Supplies

Builders and contractors buy and sell new and used supplies all the time, making it an easy industry to break into.

Websites like Craigslist and eBay are best for selling this type of item since you can post ads free of charge on both sites.

If you want to try something else, there’s also a website called Building Materials where users can buy and sell a wide variety of items.


Selling pre-owned jewelry is one of the easiest ways to make money fast. Websites like Craigslist, Letgo, OfferUp and Poshmark are all good choices for selling used goods, but if you want to go old school with your buying and selling process, there’s still always eBay and Amazon.

Selling Precious Metals

If you’re looking for a more complicated way to make money fast, buying and selling precious metals online might be the move for you.

Sites like Craigslist, eBay and Amazon allow users to buy and sell used goods, but if you want something easier than that, try out an app like Abra.

This app allows users to buy and sell gold, silver and other precious metals with no physical transaction necessary.

Business Services

People are always looking for ways to save time by outsourcing things to others i.e. freelancers.

These freelancers are paid on a per-project basis instead of a fixed salary and hence are inexpensive for many companies.

That is the primary reason why the demand for freelancers has increased over the past few years.

Websites like Fiverr and Upwork are perfect for finding freelance jobs of all kinds, no matter how specific or general they might be.

On these sites, you can offer professional services like administrative tasks or a range of other services such as graphic designing, web development, etc to make money fast.

Toys and Games

If you’re the parent of a baby or even just an avid toy collector, you might be interested in selling some of your old toys and games.

Online stores like eBay and Amazon are popular for buying and selling used goods, but if you want something more specific to your audience there’s also Etsy and Shopify where you can easily find customers.


Selling vintage electronics is usually pretty easy since the market tends to be pretty tight. Websites like eBay and Amazon both offer dedicated stores for selling used electronics, but if you want more options than that try out Craigslist or Letgo.

Apps like OfferUp can also be helpful since they allow users to buy and sell locally.


Another popular form of earning money fast is selling a car or bike that has been sitting around collecting dust.

Sites like Craigslist and Letgo are good options for buying and selling used items, but if you want something more specific to your audience, try out Facebook Marketplace where people buy and sell locally on the social media platform.

If you go this route, make sure to take a photo and write a full description of your vehicle as well as the price to avoid any confusion with potential buyers.

23 Things to Sell to Make Quick Money


Watches are a little more intricate than other items, but they can still be sold for a decent amount of money.

Sites like Craigslist and Ebay are good options for selling this type of item since you can post ads free of charge on both sites.

Websites like WatchRecon or Valuable have dedicated forums where people buy and sell used watches.

Extra coupons

If you have leftover coupons or gift cards that you aren’t going to use, selling them is a great way to make some cash fast.

Sites like eBay will allow users to sell this type of item and Amazon has a section dedicated to used gift cards as well.


Not a lot of people know about printable and that is why they fetch a good amount of money. There are a lot of printables that you can sell such as daily planners, recipe printables, journals, organization printables etc. 

You can hire a designer to make these printables. If you have time, you may explore platforms like Canva, which have ready-made templates. 

This allows even a beginner, with no design experience, to make printables. 

Specialty Items

If you’re looking for something more specific to sell, people are always on the lookout for everything from rare coins to comic books .

Sites like Craigslist and Ebay are both great options for selling these types of items, and don’t forget about popular social media platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Letgo.

The best thing about this method is that you can choose what items you want to sell and the prices you’re willing to sell them at.

Flipping Blogs

Blog flipping is a great way to make some cash fast.

You can find good blogs that have already been established and offer to purchase them from the owner, then you can just change a few things around and sell it for a profit.

Other way is to start a blog from scratch and work on it for at least a year before selling/flipping it for thousands of dollars.

But remember, the second approach will take a long time and consistent efforts.


Sites like Teachable or Skillshare allow users to create classes in pretty much anything.

From baking to programming, you can make an e-course about it and sell it to people who are interested in learning.

If you want something more niche try out Udemy or Creative Live where users upload online classes. Of course, if you don’t want to go through all that trouble there’s also the option of selling your own digital products like eBooks and pdf files.

Scrap metal

Selling scrap metal is a decent way to make some money fast.

There are dedicated websites like Junk Mail and Scrap Metal Art where you can find people who want to buy your old junk so they can melt it down for cash.

Or if you don’t have anything to sell, there are also websites like Craigslist and Letgo where people buy and then sell locally.


Everyone has furniture at home which needs to be replaced over time.

Instead of throwing it away, why not sell it for quick cash?

In order to fetch a good amount of money, make sure to spend some money on repairing a broken part of the furniture and also polishing it.

You can try selling it on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, which is the most popular way of selling furniture for quick money.

Additionally, you can see if anyone in your neighborhood is looking for furniture.

Mobile Phones

Phones are one of the most expensive things in the world and their prices increase every year.

So instead of letting your old phone collect dust, why not sell it and get some quick cash?

Try to sell when a new version of the same phone comes out so you can fetch a better price for your device.

You can try selling it on eBay, Letgo, Facebook Marketplace, etc.

It’s time to get started!

The products listed in this article might can help you generate some extra cash along with your other sources of income. 

We have listed items ranging from foodstuffs and household goods that can be sold for a high price at yard sales or online auctions, to electronics that may not have been used as much as they should because of their relatively low cost. 

Which product do you think can fetch you the most money?

Legit Get Paid to Sign Up Websites

Are you looking for Legit Get Paid to Sign Up Websites that pay out cash? Here are some we found that work as advertised.

It’s always difficult trying to find the right opportunity, and you’re often left feeling frustrated because it doesn’t work out! 

Now there are many different ways to make money online; one of these is through get paid to sign up websites. These websites will pay you a certain amount of money for signing up for their offers. 

With these 10 legit get paid sign-up websites that will pay you $50+, finding a way to earn extra income has never been easier!

Best Bank & Investment Account Sign Up Bonus Offers 

Do you know what it takes to get the best bank and investment sign up bonus offers? Well, many financial institutions offer incentives for new customers. These can include cash bonuses, points, miles, and other rewards. The best way to get the most out of these deals is by taking advantage of these free sign-up bonus offers.

#1. Public: Earn Up to $70 in Free Stock for Just Signing Up 

Public is a free online investment platform that offers stock trading for people who want to get in on the market without paying any fees. Signing up and opening an account means you’ll choose from one of nine different stocks, which can lead to earning some cash up to $70!

Public is definitely worth checking out if you want a more diverse investment portfolio or need some quick cash without having hassle at all.

Users of this app are reporting a wide range in value, with some getting stock valued at around $10 and others hitting jackpots worth over 60 dollars. Once you invest, you keep the stock for three months; once three months are up, Public will cash out.

                             Pros                           Cons
1. All around transparency 
2. Free investing app. 
3. Debit card fund transfers.
4. Encourages community    engagement.
5. Real-time fractional shares. 
6. Fractional shares and crypto
1. No investing tools like futures, options, or margins2. Day-trading is discouraged3. Mobile app-based platformNew to the market. Founded in 20194. Limited available investments. 5. Limited account type. 

#2. SoFi Money App: Earn $25 In Cash Fast.

SoFi Money, which was formerly known as SoFi Personal Loans, is now an app that pays you cash to try out its service. Sign up for an account and you’ll earn $25 as soon as you make a deposit of $10 within 5 days. 

Besides installing the app on your phone, you’re likely to enjoy using SoFi Money if you want cashback rewards and no hidden fees. 

In addition to the $25 bonus, SoFi also provides an opportunity for investing in stocks and crypto – all from within their app.

                        Pros                          Cons
1. Welcome bonus of up to $100 if you meet certain criteria.2. Free ATM cash withdrawals on All point network.3. Comes with a debit card that allows customers to make cash withdrawals.4. You get 0.25% APY on recurring monthly deposits of $500 up5. Cash back offers.1. Fees for cash deposits.2. No physical customer service locations

#3. Acorns App W/ Swagbucks Hack: Earn $50 Fast!

Acorn app is an investment app that allows you to invest the spare change from every purchase you make. You can choose your own round-ups and forget it. You can spend $4.25 at Starbucks, and Acorns will invest 75 cents for you. However, this deposit is made when your spare change reaches five dollars. By stocking up on loose change, you can soon save up a tidy sum that will really add up.

The app is supported by many different banks and financial institutions. New users can get $5 to sign up if they link their bank account!

Steps to take before signing up on Acorn

Before signing up to Acorns, first, join Swagbucks and do a search for “Acorn” in their app; they offer 5K SB reward points if you signed up through their site! 

Each of the reward point is valued at 1 cent each – what a great way to earn $50 really fast.  You can redeem Swagbucks points for PayPal gift cards after 7 days! 

 If you don’t like Acorns, then just cancel any time since there’s is a monthly fee of $1 attached.

                          Pros                          Cons
Automatically invests spare change.Cash back at some select retailers.Educational contents available.High fee on small account balances.No tax strategy

Top Survey Sites that Offer Great Sign Up Bonuses.

Paid surveys are one of those online money-making opportunities that pay really well, but can be challenging to find.  The good news is that there are legit paid survey sites that offer sign up bonuses to new members. These sign-up bonuses range from $5-$100 and can be claimed once you’ve completed your first paid survey. 

Below, we’ve listed three of the best paid survey sites that offer sign up bonuses. Some have offered bonuses for a long time while others are newly-founded and have only been around for a few months. We’ve also included information on how to get these bonuses, which surveys you can take on the sites, and some tips to maximize your earnings. Read on!

Legit Get Paid to Sign Up Websites

#4. Swagbucks: Get Up To $5 For Signing Up.

Swagbucks is one of the most popular survey sites out there, with a really fantastic community that makes it easy to earn. Also, users of the site can take advantage of promo codes offered by Swagbucks for bonus points or extra money when redeeming for gift cards.

To get yourself to the cash bonus stage, you’ll need to accumulate $5 in qualifying points. This can be done in a couple of different ways: earn 100 points by searching the web via Swagbucks, earn 1 point by watching videos or answering poll questions or redeem 10 Swagbucks earnings for a $5 cash bonus. If you take 5 surveys per week, you should have no trouble reaching your $5 minimum and maximizing your earnings.

                            Pros                          Cons
18 ways to earn money and gift cards – $5 sign up bonus – Earn up to 10% cashback when shopping online Low payout for videos Hard to qualify for surveys 

#5. MySurvey: Earn Up To $5 For Signing Up.

MySurvey is another best-paid survey site.  It has a robust member base and offers strong opportunities for members to make money online with its rewards program.

Registered members can make money by taking surveys, giving their opinions on new products, testing products, and shopping online through the MySurvey portal. After signing up with MySurvey, you can immediately claim your $5 sign-up bonus. This bonus is conditional, however. You must complete three survey opportunities to receive your sign-up bonus.

MySurvey has a lot of survey opportunities that offer gift cards or cash, but the good news is that you can also receive Amazon gift cards via MySurvey – an excellent opportunity for those who are looking for other ways to make money online besides surveys.

#6. InboxDollars: Get $5 Just for Signing Up

InboxDollars is a smaller GPT site compared to Swagbucks, and a legitimate place to make money online.  You can also get a $5 bonus for joining.

InboxDollars offers a variety of ways to make money online. This includes paid surveys, taking photos and videos, completing small tasks, and cashback shopping.

Another exciting feature is the rewards program that allows you to get a $1 bonus for any friend you get to join.

                            Pros                              Cons
$5 Signup BonusLegitimate and transparentEarn Money, Not PointsVarious ways to make moneySimple to do in your free timeSign-up bonus and referral bonusesMinimum payout is $30

$3 Transaction Fee for Some Cash Outs

4 Legit Cash-Back Sites and Apps with Awesome Bonuses

Cash back refers to a credit card that refunds a small percentage of money spent on purchases. You can also sign up through cash-back sites and apps.

#7. Rakuten: $10 welcome bonus

Rakuten is a Japanese cash-back site that offers rebates on many of the biggest stores online. Rakuten allows you to earn a $10 sign up bonus.

When making a purchase in their portal, you will be given the chance to earn extra money back at the checkout stage. You can also make money by referring your friends and family to Rakuten after you Cash back. 

To get started with Rakuten, simply open an account. From there, you’ll want to shop through their portal whenever possible. The more you shop, the more money you will earn. It’s really that easy!

                            Pros                Cons
Easy to use browser extensionReferral program: $25 per/referralUp to 20% cashbackOnly receive cash back quarterlyRequired to access website or app before going to merchant

#8. Ibotta: $10 Welcome Bonus

Ibotta is an app that is available for both iOS and Android devices. When using Ibotta, you can earn money on items like groceries, clothing, household goods and more. After a purchase is made, Ibotta will send you a rebate for cash back.

Sign Up Bonus: New users are given $10 when they sign up for Ibotta. This amount increases to $20 after earning a $50 referral commission.

How To Earn Money Using Ibotta:

1) Download the Ibotta App (iOS | Android).

2) Search for products you would like to purchase.

3) Add those products to your grocery list.

4) Scan barcodes found on receipts to unlock rebates.

5) Redeem your rebates at participating retailers.

6) Repeat Steps 2 – 5 as often as possible.

7) Refer friends to join Ibotta.

8) Save all your receipts so you don’t forget about anything.

9) Get paid via PayPal weekly

 Features over 300 retailersEarn up to $20 in welcome bonusesGet paid on referrersEarn cashback on gift card purchases $20 Cash out You have to add offers before shoppingYou need to upload receiptsOffers are store-specificMany of the offers are brand-specificYou must make online purchases through the appAdds intrusion 

#9. Top Cash Back: $10 bonus for signing up and spending $25

TopCashback is an online cash back rewards site that offers the highest rates in the industry. The site has over 1,000 partner stores and it promises to pay you cash back on all your purchases.

When you sign up with TopCashback, you’ll get a $10 bonus. Your first payout will be sent within 24 hours of meeting their requirements.

There are no limits to how much you can earn with this program. All you need to do is shop through one of their partners and meet the requirements. 

The only thing you need to remember is to make sure that you’re signed up for the right credit card because some cards won’t qualify for this offer.

Some of the best deals include:

• Amazon – 3% cash back on everything

• Gap – 4% cash back on select styles

• Macy’s – 3% cash back

• Kohl’s – 3% cash Back

• Best Buy – 3% cash back

                           Pros                          Cons
Easy to use.      2. Highest cash back rates   available               3. No minimum to withdraw.Some item exclusions

#10. Befrugal: $10 bonus for signing up and spending $25.

Befrugal is an online cash back rewards program that was founded in 2009. The site has thousands of partner stores, and it pays you cash back rebates based on your purchases from the stores it works with.

After signing up with Befrugal, you’ll get a $10 welcome bonus after making a minimum purchase of $25 within 90 days of signing up. You can also use your earned funds towards paying any other bills or debt you have, including student loan payments.

To start earning cash back with Befrugal simply add qualifying items to your shopping cart. Once you’ve added all of your items, click “Checkout” and then enter your email address and password. That’s it! Now you can begin earning cash back on every purchase you make.

To redeem your cash back, just go to your account page where you should see a summary of all of your recent transactions. Clicking the link next to each transaction will take you straight to the merchant’s website to complete your purchase.

                            Pros                Cons
Plenty of payout optionsOver 5,000 cashback storesNo cashback for in-store purchasesCashback sometimes take a long time to be credited


All of these websites are great choices for people who want to make a few bucks as a side gig. You can really start earning money today by signing up with these sites and apps discussed.

Remember, each offers different opportunities so explore them all before deciding which site is best for you.

Truebill Review [2022] –The Ultimate App to Manage Money and Save You Time

Are you tired of paying all your bills but not being able to keep track of them? Do you feel like you can’t stay on top of everything? Does keeping track of your monthly bills and spending get you stressed out?

Truebill is an app that solves this problem. It is the ultimate app for managing your finances. It can help you save time and money by keeping track of your bills, making sure that all of them are paid on time, and even finding new deals to cut down on costs! 

This review article will show you how Truebill has helped me with my finances. You’ll see everything from how it works to what features it offers so that you can decide if it’s right for you or not!

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Truebill

2. How to use Truebill

3. Truebill’s various features.

4. How Truebill works

4. Who is Truebill best for?

6. How to get started with Truebill

7. When it makes sense to use Truebill vs. alternatives like Trim

Let’s get started.

What is Truebill?

Truebill is a money management app that helps you save time and money. It automates your bills and subscriptions, cancels unwanted services, and negotiates better rates on your behalf. Plus, it gives you personalized insights into how you’re spending your money so you can make smarter choices with your finances. With Truebill, there’s no longer a need to spend hours tracking down bills. 

It’s an early-stage venture based in the San Francisco Bay Area founded at the beginning of 2016, which has already helped users secure refunds on their behalf and reduce monthly bills with its simple interface for tracking spending habits.

The app also provides valuable insights into one’s financial situation so you can make better decisions about what type of subscription services might work best for you.

Customers are raving about Truebill. More than 200 people left excellent reviews on Trustpilot, with many citing great customer service and the capacity to save money using this app! One recent reviewer called it “Customer service = detectives!”

How to use Truebill?

Truebill is changing the way we manage our finances. It is a great way to learn about your finances and see where there might be room for improvement to save time and money. There are so many different services (some are completely free, and others are paid), you’ll be better at managing your money.

To get started, you’ll need to download the Truebill app, which is available on both iOS and Google Play, to take advantage of all of its capabilities. Truebill can be accessed via a desktop browser, which I found useful for syncing accounts, but the app has the majority of the key features. it can be a little daunting to try and figure out how to use the app. But, once you get started, it is simple to navigate.

Truebill’s free money management features include:

– Bank Alerts: Get notified when there’s suspicious activity on your account or if a bill is due.

– Bill Negotiation: Get lower rates for services like cable, cell phone, and internet.

– Cancel Unwanted Services: Automatically cancel subscriptions you no longer use.

– Track Spending: See where you’re spending your money and find areas where you can save.

– Bill Reminders: Never miss a bill again by easily adding each monthly expense to your calendar. 

– Credit Score: Get your credit score for free and see how you can improve it.

The following features are available when you upgrade to a premium account:

– Cancellation Concierge: Let Truebill take care of canceling all your unwanted services for you.

– Multi-Account Syncing: Sync all of your accounts in one place, including bank accounts, investment accounts, and credit cards. 

– Credit score and credit report: Get your credit score and history to see how you can improve it.

– Personalized Savings: Get recommendations on things Truebill thinks you should save for, like vacations or home renovations. 

– Cloud Storage Backup: Never lose track of all your account information again with the cloud storage backup feature that automatically saves everything in one place. 

– Pay advance: Get access to a pre-approved advance of up to $120 so you can start saving for your next big purchase. 

– Smart Savings: Set personalized savings goals to save for things like weddings or vacations while ensuring you’ll have enough to cover your bills and expenses.

– Premium chat: Get one-on-one support from a dedicated Truebill representative during work hours

When I first signed up with Truebill, I was skeptical of its ability to help me manage my money better. I was surprised at how much it could do. For someone like me who doesn’t have a lot of time to track every little bill and expense, Truebill is a lifesaver. And for people who are looking to save money on their monthly bills, the negotiation feature is unbeatable.

Truebill Review [2022] –The Ultimate App to Manage Money and Save You Time

Who is Truebill best for?

Truebill is great for anyone that would like to save money on monthly bills. It’s also perfect for people interested in taking control of their finances by cutting costs and saving time.

The Truebill app makes it easy to keep track of your expenses, subscriptions, savings goals, investments, and debts so you can stay up-to-date on your overall financial health.

Truebill is a great tool for anyone who needs help negotiating lower bills. The free version of the app will get you started, but if calling your phone and cable carrier yourself isn’t an option, then give Truebills paid service a try! There are also tons of information on how to cancel services like gym memberships right from their website, which can be very helpful when dealing with these companies.

The paid subscription offers even more features for those who want all of the features and convenience. With it, you can get rid of subscription cancellation or savings automation, so your money goes further with this app! 

You’ll have more time because TrueBill provides many tools in one place rather than having to search elsewhere. The premium service comes with a seven-day free trial, so you can test it out before committing. You can also consider how low monthly fees are compared against other similar services offered by competitors such as Mint.

One of the best things about Truebill is that it’s so user-friendly. It doesn’t require any accounting or financial knowledge – all you need to do is create an account and link your bank accounts and bills. From there, Truebill will do the rest.

How to get started with Truebill

The Truebill app is a fantastic way to see how much you can save by cutting hidden fees from your monthly expenses. It only takes about five minutes and requires no technical skills! 

Get started by downloading the Truebill app for iOS or Android. Next, create an account with your email, name, and password (length must be between 8-20 characters). You can also sign-up using Facebook if you want! 

After that’s done creating/verifying accounts, save yourself some time by allowing access from plaid via bank account & credit card numbers ready when needed. This is needed for sign-up purposes on their website. After that, you’re ready to begin saving!

When It Makes Sense to Use Truebill VS. Alternatives Like Trim?

If the whole concept of truebill seems familiar, you may have heard of companies like Trim which is Truebill’s main competitor. Both provide free budgeting software and savings accounts and can also cancel unwanted subscriptions for you. Although the two apps have a lot of similarities, there are also some key differences.

– The first difference is that you can connect your bank accounts to Truebill so that it automatically tracks when bills are due and any extra charges for services not included in the monthly bill amount. This is pretty nice because, with other apps, it’s hard to tell whether they’re being used properly or not since you have to input all of your information manually. That’s why we recommend using Truebill

– Truebill also offers a feature that allows you to negotiate bills on behalf of the user, which can lead to significant savings in some cases. They also charge a monthly subscription fee of $3 – $12 and charges a success fee of at least 30 percent, in addition to their monthly subscription fee. Trim does not have a monthly fee; instead, it asks for a $99.00 one-time payment each year. There is no success charge for negotiating. Trim also lets you negotiate your credit card APRs, which may save you a lot of money if you’re someone that have credit card debt.

Overall, we believe that both Truebill and Trim are good for budgeting and managing your finances. They are both easy to use and have different features. Both are free to download and can save you time. If Truebill doesn’t seem like the right personal finance tool for reaching these objectives, you can also check out Trim or other money managing apps.

What Services Does Truebill Work With?

One of the great things about Truebill is that it works with many different services. This means that you can use Truebill to manage all of your finances in one place. As the time of writing this article, some of the services that Truebill work with include: 

Banks: Bank of America, Chase, Citibank, Wells Fargo, and more

Credit Cards: American Express, Capital One 360°, Discover, Mastercard, Visa 

Mortgages: Quicken Loans 

Phone Plans: AT&T Wireless, AT&T UVERSE, Sprint Corporation, T-Mobile US Inc.

Utilities: Comcast, Direct Energy, PG&E 

Insurance: Allstate, GEICO, Progressive 

Internet Providers: Comcast, AT&T 

Investing: Betterment, Robinhood

As you can see, Truebill works with a ton of different services. This makes it the perfect solution for anyone looking to manage their finances in one place. Not only does this save you time, but it also makes it easier to keep track of your spending. 

Truebill FAQ’s

Is Truebill safe?

Yes, there are security measures to ensure that your information is secure. Truebill’s access to your financial information is read-only, considered some of the most advanced in the industry. When you create an account with Truebill, your personal information is encrypted using bank-level SSL encryption so that no one can access it except for banks and other financial institutions when necessary to verify transactions or prevent fraud.

What Types of Services Does Truebill Not Work With?

As with any service, there are some services that Truebill does not work with. This includes things like tax preparation, investment advice, and more. However, the team at Truebill is always working on adding new services to their list. So, if the service you’re looking for is not currently supported, be sure to check back in the future.

How Much Does It Cost to Use Truebill?

There’s no cost to downloading the software and using it to keep track of your money or budget. The team at Truebill is committed to providing quality services at an affordable price. As such, a premium subscription (optional) is available to Premium members. You can pay on a scale between $3 to $12 per month for more powerful features (the features accessible to you are identical regardless of how much you spend).

Is it possible to get overdraft reimbursements using Truebill?

No, Truebill does not help you negotiate reimbursements with your bank. While it does provide a script and instructions in the app to assist you in calling and attempting to bargain down the charges on your own, they do not assist you in contacting and bargaining away the costs on your own.

Truebill Review: Final Thoughts

Overall, Truebill is an amazing app that can help you manage your money and save you time. It’s easy to use and has many great features, making it perfect for anyone looking to get their finances in order. If you’re looking for a way to take control of your money, then I highly recommend Truebill.

It may or may not be for you if you’re on top of your budget and spending each month. If you’re too rushed to keep track of auto-renewing subscriptions or service outages, the free service might be worth it.

However, as for the premium services, if you have more than a few bills to pay, Truebill could become your best friend. 

Imperfect Foods Review [2022] – Pros, Cons, and More

One of the newest trends in food is imperfect foods. These are fresh fruits and vegetables with minor cosmetic defects but are otherwise healthy to eat. If you’re looking for a way to reduce waste while still eating nutritious food, then read on! 

This article will review Imperfect Foods company, it products, pros, and cons, as well as alternatives options if you ever need them.

What do people think about these new products? What are some benefits? Have there been any negative reviews or reactions? 

Continue reading to find out…

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to the company

2. How Imperfect Foods works

3. How much does it cost

4. Pros and Cons

5. Is Imperfect Foods worth it

6. Product details and delivery

7. Imperfect Foods and its competitors

What is Imperfect Foods?

Imperfect Foods is a company that delivers fresh food to your home. Imperfect foods are vegetables and fruits with minor cosmetic defects like bumps, bruises, or tiny defects but otherwise healthy options for eating.

The company sells food that may not be perfect or meet grocery store standards. The food might have strange shapes, unusual colors, or other superficial imperfections. 

They supply products and groceries that are both conventionally grown and organically cultivated. The grocery store also delivers other things like pantry staples, delicious snacks, meat, eggs, coffee, grains, household items, and an assortment of exclusive products to your doorstep.

  • What Problems Does It Solve?

Every year in the US, 40 billion pounds of fruit and vegetables go unharvested because they don’t meet the standards for being “pretty.” Imperfect Foods is looking to sell this produce at a discounted price so that less goes to waste.

It can also help you save money on groceries and add more healthy options to your diet. Imperfect Foods offers conventional and organic produce, which can be hard to find elsewhere. Imperfect Foods is cheaper than your average grocery store since you’re getting food that would have otherwise been thrown away.

How does it work?

Imperfect Foods works by delivering the produce to your doorstep. You can order online or through the website, select what you want, and then set up a delivery day and time that works for you. They offer both conventional and organic food options, so you can choose what’s best for your family, irrespective of size.

You can also add meat, eggs, grains, and other household items to your order. Imperfect Foods offers a variety of delivery days and times to fit your needs. You can also order a box of pre-selected items or create a custom box with all of your favorite foods. 

Deliveries are made weekly, biweekly, or monthly in the US. When you order, they’ll send an email with a picture of your box’s contents so that you know what to expect. They also have detailed information about each product on the website if you want more information before ordering.

Food Options

Imperfect Foods offers a comprehensive line of products, making it easy to cut back on your expenses. There are many more options available nowadays than when I initially created my account. As a result, receiving the email informing me it’s time to personalize my box is always exciting because I never know what fresh products I’ll discover. 

Here are some of the things you may buy:

Produce Fruits and vegetables, including apples, oranges, potatoes, carrots, including organic and non-organic variations.

Bakery: Bread, pastries, cookies

Canned Foods: Soups, stews, fruits, vegetables

Boxed Dinners: Macaroni and cheese, Hamburger Helper-type products

Refrigerated Items: Milk, eggs, cheese

Frozen Foods: Pizza rolls, chicken nuggets

Meat, seafood, and poultry:  Meatballs, sausage links, tuna fish, salmon, turkey, and patties

Dairy: Cheese slices (American/Cheddar), cheese, yogurt cups.

Snacks:  Chips, cookies, trail mix, crackers, dried fruit, nuts, and Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Plant-based items: Great for people like me trying to reduce their meat consumption or follow a vegan lifestyle. There are often Vegan Meat, Earth Balance buttery spread, organic oat milk.

Household items: Haircare products and beauty supplies. These include shampoos, soap, conditioners, body wash, or lotion. 

Each week, your choices will vary based on what’s available, but you can always count on receiving various products. Most boxes contain between six and seven items, but some weeks may include eight or nine. So, it’s ideal if you enjoy change. It may not be a good fit for you if you want to keep your meals consistent from week to week. Your shopping window opens 5 days before your delivery date each week. You may modify your box during this period by adding or removing products from it. 

How Much Do Imperfect Foods Cost?

Products are priced separately and vary in price depending on the store where they were sourced. However, you can generally expect to pay about 30% less than you would at a grocery store. There is also no membership fee or subscription required, so it’s a great option whether you want to save money or eat healthier foods. Here are the projected pricing, size, and type for a few items:

Size/Type                                     Price

Small — Conventional                $11 to $15

Large — Conventional                $20 to $22

Extra-Large — Conventional      $39 to $43

Small — Organic                         $14 to $17 (organic versions may be more expensive)

Medium—Organic:                      $16 to $18 

Large — Organic                         $33 to $35

The items you receive are always fresh, and you’re able to choose the exact produce you want in your box. The price of your order updates as you add and remove products while shopping. You’ll be charged for what’s left in your purchase after your shopping window, as well as a delivery fee of $4.99-$8.99, depending on where you live.

Pros and Cons


– You can choose the specific product you want in your box. 

– They support sustainability and the environment. 

– You can save money and get healthier food options with this service because you’re buying foods that have been rejected by other retailers for their cosmetic defects or imperfections. 

– The products are always fresh. 

– There is no membership fee or subscription required. 

– The prices are about 30% less than what you would find at a grocery store. 

– They have a very responsive and intuitive website, and there is a great variety of products available. 

– The delivery process is easy and convenient.

– They provide excellent customer service.


– The selection of items isn’t always consistent week to week, as some products are limited in supply at times. It also might not be ideal if you want to keep your meals consistent from week to week.

– The prices of items vary, and some may be more expensive than what you would find at a grocery store.

– You may not like the idea of receiving a box with random items each week. 

– They are not available in every state in the US, and the delivery fee is $0.99-$11.99, depending on your location. 

– Unfortunately, they don’t have an app yet.

Overall, I think Imperfect Foods is a great way to get fresh, sustainable produce for a fraction of the price. It’s perfect for anyone who wants to save money, be healthier, and help the environment.

Is Imperfect Foods worth it?

I don’t know about you, but even if my meals don’t look as pretty or perfect as the pictures on Instagram or in grocery shops, I’m still going to eat them. I love eating fresh, healthy food and saving money. 

Imperfect Foods allows me to do both. I’m going to be perfectly honest here, it may not always look perfect, but the food is still nutritious and delicious. Sure, some of their products might look a little weird or funny on the outside, but that doesn’t mean they’re not good to eat, and more often than not, Items are fresher than what you would find in a grocery shop.

You can save anywhere from $11-$39 per week by using Imperfect Foods, and you’re also helping out the environment because their goal is to reduce food waste. So yeah, I definitely think it’s worth checking it out.

The only downside is that the produce isn’t always consistent, and you might not get exactly what you want every week. However, I don’t see this as a huge problem because there are still many options to choose from, and it’s nice to get something different sometimes. 

You can now get $20 off your first four deliveries ($80 total) when you sign up today. Sign up here

Product Details and Delivery

Imperfect Foods delivers food items to various locations around the United States like California, Oregon, and Washington. The food they deliver is cosmetically imperfect fruits and vegetables. Imperfect foods try to reduce the amount of wasted food by delivering it.

More detailed information about the products delivered can be found on the Imperfect Foods website. The site names each product with a description that includes what type of product it is (for example, “cabbage”) along with its weight and size (“medium” in this case) for efficient ordering.

All their produce goes through a third-party inspection program called Global GAP (Global Good Agricultural Practices) before it makes its way onto your plate. The produce is also sorted into different categories: fruits, vegetables, herbs, and a miscellaneous category that includes shellfish and odd-shaped items. 

Ordering Process:

Once you have chosen the products you want to order, it’s easy to place your order on the website. You need to provide your name, email address, and shipping address. You can also choose a delivery date and time. The website says that orders are usually delivered within two days of placing an order.


The produce is packaged in cardboard boxes with labels that list what’s inside the box. The vegetables are packed separately from the fruits, which is a good idea to keep them from being crushed. Each order contains a little card that lists the contents of your box and has spaces for you to write comments about how everything was packaged.


Imperfect Foods uses its own fleet of delivery people to distribute items to customers. The company has a wide variety of delivery days and times to choose from. Some areas have as much flexibility as you want your produce delivered as other grocery stores offer their consumers. Each day they have deliveries at least twice throughout the week (with Wednesday being one of those days) through both morning and evening hours, so there’s bound to be a time that’s convenient for you.

Imperfect Foods and Its Competitors

Imperfect foods and its competitors are shaking up the grocery industry. The companies sell produce and other foods that are typically thrown away because they don’t meet certain cosmetic standards. One of their main competitors is Misfits Market, which was started in 2018. Both are quite similar, although there are some minor differences between them. 

Misfits Market offer delivery to several locations, while Imperfect Foods offers delivery to only a few states. Because they deliver via USPS, its delivery options are quite flexible. Imperfect Foods, on the other hand, uses its own delivery vehicles. The only downside of using USPS is that the items might get bruised in transit.

Both companies have good reputations for quality, freshness, and sustainability, but Imperfect Foods has a slightly larger selection of items. 

If you order from Misfits Market, you must spend at least $30 on meat and seafood. Imperfect Foods does not have such a restriction.

Overall, Imperfect Foods is a better company to choose. I’ve been ordering from them for over two years, and the service has always been excellent, but if you live where Imperfect Foods is not available, Misfits Market is a great alternative.

Imperfect Foods Review – Closing Thoughts

I hope you’ve found this Imperfect Foods review helpful. Overall, the service is a great idea and can be extremely beneficial for people looking to save money on their grocery bills or reduce their food waste. Indeed, the items don’t look as perfect as grocery store items, but I think the benefits outweigh that downside.

Honestly, most of the products appear to be in good shape and would be difficult to categorize as “ugly.” If they deliver in your city, I’d recommend giving Imperfect Foods a try. Sign up here.

The Best Investing Books Of All Time (As Voted By 20 Top Investors)

Investing can be a daunting task for anyone, but when you add in the fact that there are many different types of investment opportunities and strategies to choose from, it’s not hard to see why some people might feel overwhelmed. The good news is that there are plenty of books out there that can help make things a little less complicated. In this article, we’ll explore what 20 top investors voted as their favorite investing books of all time.

Best Investing Books Of All Time
Best Investing Books Of All Time

The Intelligent Investor By Benjamin Graham

The Intelligent Investor is a book written by Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing. He was Warren Buffett’s professor at Columbia Business School and mentor. Buffet described this book as “By far the best book on investing ever written.” The main concept that he emphasizes in his books is to invest with a margin of safety which simply means to buy stocks at prices that make them attractive investments when compared to the company’s intrinsic value.

This book is a must-read for any investor and is available free online.

Security Analysis By Benjamin Graham

One of the most influential investing books ever written, Security Analysis is a cornerstone of modern financial theory. First published in 1934, it was penned by none other than Benjamin Graham – Warren Buffett’s mentor. The book covers everything from individual stocks to bonds and portfolios, making it an essential read for any investor.

Many experts consider Security Analysis to be the bible of value investing, and it’s easy to see why. If you want to learn how to invest like Warren Buffett, then this is the book for you.

You Can Be A Stock Market Genius By Joel Greenblatt

This book is all about how to find good investments and make money in the stock market. Joel Greenblatt, a successful hedge fund manager, shares his investing secrets with you in this book. He teaches you how to look for undervalued stocks and profit from them. You Can Be A Stock Market Genius is a must-read for anyone interested in investing.

The Essays Of Warren Buffett

This book contains a collection of the letters and other essays that have been compiled from Buffett’s writing. This book is a must-read for anyone interested in investing and how it relates to life outside of the markets.

The Essays Of Warren Buffett
The Essays Of Warren Buffett

The Warren Buffett Way By Robert Hagstrom

This book is a great read for anyone looking to learn about Warren Buffett’s investment strategy. Hagstrom does a fantastic job of breaking down Buffett’s approach and making it easy to understand for the average investor.

Reminiscences Of A Stock Operator By Edwin Lefèvre

Reminiscences of a Stock Operator is one of the most well-known and highly respected books when it comes to investing. The book follows the life and career of Jesse Livermore, who was known as one of the greatest stock traders in history. Reminiscences provide an inside look at how Livermore thought about the markets, how he approached different trades and the changes in his ideas over time.

Margin Of Safety By Seth Klarman

The book Margin of Safety by Seth Klarman is a classic on value investing. It was first published in 1991 but has been updated with current data as recently as 2017 (which shows up on page 224). The introduction to the latest edition includes this quote: “It is my hope that the ideas and values espoused here will continue to be a guide to those who seek to preserve and enhance their capital while making the world a better place.” Klarman is the founder, president, and CEO of The Baupost Group, LLC., one of the largest hedge funds in the United States.

Common Stock, Uncommon Profits And Other Writings By Philip Fisher

‘Common Stock, Uncommon Profits And Other Writings’ should be read by every serious investor.  It is the first book that every aspiring value investor should read (and re-read) and it will teach you how to think like a great investor.

Philip Fisher’s investment approach has proven to be extremely robust over time, as evidenced by his outstanding performance during the 1950s – 1990s. He focuses on understanding a business and its products before investing, which is something that all investors should emulate.

One Up On Wall Street By Peter Lynch

One Up On Wall Street is a great book for beginner investors. Lynch offers advice on how to invest in stocks and provides case studies to illustrate his points. This book is a classic for a reason – it’s packed with useful information.

Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion By Robert Cialdini

It was first published in 1984. The book explores the psychology of persuasion and how to use it to influence people’s behavior. It has been described as a “classic” and has been cited extensively in scholarly works.

The Great Crash 1929 By John Kenneth Galbraith

“The Great Crash 1929” is a book written by John Kenneth Galbraith and published in 1954. The book chronicles the events leading up to the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and provides an analysis of its causes. It has been praised as one of the most insightful books on the crash ever written.

The Little Book Of Common Sense Investing By John C. Bogle

John C. Bogle is the founder of Vanguard, and he is considered to be one of the most influential figures in the world of investing. This book is a great read for beginners, as it provides an overview of common sense investing principles that anyone can follow. The book also includes stories about how to invest in practice, and it is a highly motivating read.


When it comes to investing, there is no one right answer for everyone. Different strategies will work for different people, and what works today might not work tomorrow. That being said, there are a few investing books that have withstood the test of time and continue to be recommended by some of the top investors in the world. We’ve compiled a list of these books above, along with a brief description of each. So if you’re looking for some guidance on where to start when it comes to your own investment portfolio, look no further – these books are sure to help get you headed in the right direction.

The Best Product Testing Sites For Getting Free Items!

Here is a list of over 40 legitimate websites where you may earn money testing things or get free products in exchange for your honest evaluation. Additionally, we address some of the most frequently asked questions regarding product testing options.

Freebies for product testing might include everything from granola bars to sunscreen to jogging shoes. Certain testers may even be fortunate enough to test items such as coffee makers and vacuum cleaners! Additionally, many testing programs compensate you in the form of cash or gift cards in addition to the free products you receive.

This article discusses what to anticipate as a product tester, the advantages of product testing, and a list of legitimate product testing possibilities that will give you free things in return for your honest assessment.

Additionally, you’ll learn about a couple of less conventional methods for obtaining free things.

The post is divided into the following categories (just click on the appropriate link to go to the area you’re interested in):

Product Testing Firms: These firms are primarily focused on product testing possibilities.

Market Research Organizations: These are survey websites and other market research firms that occasionally provide possibilities for product testing.

Brand Testing Programs: This section contains a list of firms that currently do in-house product testing.

Companies that provide mystery shopping services: Learn how to obtain free products by visiting stores and restaurants.

Amazon Vine Voice: The most effective method of obtaining free Amazon items.

Blogging: While starting a blog is the greatest overall method for obtaining free things, it does need some effort to get started.

Additionally, towards the conclusion of the article, there is a list of inactive product testing programs and a product testing FAQ section.

Product Testing Firms

Because product testing businesses only send items to individuals who fulfill their demographic criteria, you’ll be required to provide some personal information for each testing program. Because you will not qualify for every campaign, you will not be able to forecast precisely when you will have goods to evaluate.

The following are some of the most popular product testing businesses that we’ve discovered.

BzzAgent: Testers receive free products in return for posting about them on social media. Members receive around three things each year to test.

Influenster: It is a product testing firm that mostly works with social media influencers. Begin by connecting your social media profiles. If you qualify, businesses will send products to influencers who fit their target demographic in a “VoxBox” (their term for a package of test items). Using the Influenster app to complete your “Snaps” (profile questions) boosts your chances of receiving a VoxBox. Influenster is mostly focused on beauty products.

Mesh01: A relative newcomer to the field of product testing, Mesh01 is a modest firm specializing in outdoor and sports items. This is an excellent match if you are a keen outdoors enthusiast who enjoys activities such as jogging, hiking, or skiing.

Parental Examination Parent Approved: Numerous manufacturers compete for the coveted “Parent Tested, Parent Approved” seal, which is awarded to only the best items. This firm sells items for the home and children, such as diapers, cleansers, vitamins, and bubble baths.

PinchMe: Once a reputable product testing organization, PinchMe’s customer evaluations have deteriorated substantially in recent years. After joining up, members complain about delayed sample boxes (though they ultimately come) and spam emails.

Additionally to product testing, ThePinkPanel gives the opportunity to engage in focus groups (online and in-person). They let you retain the things that have been evaluated and frequently include gift vouchers as well. The program is offered exclusively to female residents of the United States and Canada.

Ripple Street: Previously known as House Party, Ripple Street began by delivering free samples to testers in exchange for hosting a house party featuring the marketed items. As such, the firm focuses mostly on alcoholic drinks but also sells pet food, cosmetic products, and snack items.

SheSpeaks: It is a corporation that is heavily invested in social media. Testers also get the opportunity to appear on SheSpeaks TV, the company’s YouTube channel. SheSpeaks is a female-exclusive product testing site, as the items are given are geared at female consumers.

To maximize your chances of receiving a box of free samples from Smiley360, you must complete surveys, maintain your profile information up to date, and participate in their online community. According to user reviews, Smiley360 is one of the most trustworthy product testing organizations.

Social Nature: If you’re looking for free, health-conscious, and environmentally responsible samples, Social Nature is the company for you. You can order vegan, gluten-free, or all-natural items. Additionally, you may promote (i.e., vote for) things you like to be notified of – and receive a discount! — when the product becomes available at a shop near you.

Tomoson: Whether you already have a sizable social media following or are just getting started, you can use your accounts to receive free things to review from Tomoson. Once you’ve accumulated a sizable following, you may make money by promoting product campaigns. However, user evaluations of the site express dissatisfaction with the business’s customer service and the platform’s push to evaluate things even when they are not delivered.

TryIt Sampling: On BazaarVoice.com, the TryIt Sampling community examines a broad array of items, including shampoo, dog treats, medications, and shoes. They offer distinct programs for the United States of America, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany.

UserTesting.com: This service enables marketers to obtain real-time data on their target audience’s perceptions of their goods. To do this, testers record a video and occasionally a screen capture of their thoughts while they place an order for a product, open the box, and/or try it out. Testers are compensated $10 for a 20-minute test and extra for discussions with company representatives. Payment is processed using PayPal. To apply, you must provide demographic information and take a practice exam.

As a tester for VocalPoint, you may evaluate and test items in the concept and prototype stages, as well as those that have already reached the market. You may purchase these items and receive discounts on the most highly rated ones.

The Best Product Testing Sites For Getting Free Items!

Market Research Firms

Numerous organizations specialize in market research as a whole, with product testing as a subset of that study. These firms mostly conduct surveys, although they may occasionally ask you to test things as well.

If you’re looking for more of these sorts of chances, check out our list of the greatest money-making survey sites.

Ipsos I-Say is largely an online survey company (but it is a subsidiary of a bigger conglomerate that also offers mystery shopping). Certain I-Say polls include product testing.

Pinecone Research: A subsidiary of the venerable marketing business Nielsen Research, Pinecone is another online survey site that periodically solicits user feedback on new products. According to online evaluations, customers could anticipate between one and four surveys every month.

Product testing is only one of the many services offered by the Schlesinger Group; they also perform mock jury trials, clinical testing, and usability testing. Their Facebook page has received mixed reviews, and numerous testers have complained about payment delays or non-payment.

Directly Associated With Brands

Individual brands frequently conduct their own user testing programs without utilizing the services of research firms. While you must complete a profile for each brand you choose to try, you will be less likely to receive a package of random things you would never use. Directly sign up for product testing with the following firms.

Products alimentaires

Kellogg’s: Kitchen Insiders program participants evaluate Kellogg’s goods, such as morning cereals and bars. They, like many other product-testing firms, employ a point redemption system for gift cards.

Subscribe to McCormick spices & seasonings via mail. You may also sign up for local testing chances if you reside in Hunt Valley, MD, or New Orleans, LA.

Red Robin: Within 30 days of submitting an application to be a Red Robin panelist, you will be contacted if you have been approved. According to the application form, this position is primarily available to residents of the Denver metro region, where the company’s headquarters are situated.

Domestic Goods

Good Housekeeping: The coveted Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval is based on the ratings of product testers. Only GH+ members are allowed to become testers; membership costs $20 per year and includes a subscription to the GH magazine.

Kolcraft: Mom Matters is Kolcraft’s infant cot, carrier, stroller, and other nursery product testing program. If you have a small child (or are pregnant), this is an excellent opportunity to score some free baby goods!

Philips: Philips has already tested electric shavers, pacifiers, high-powered blenders, and electric toothbrushes.

The Savvy Circle is Procter & Gamble’s product testing program: It is for the United Kingdom and Ireland. They do offer a survey/rewards program for users in the United States, but no samples are available.

Johnson & Johnson’s Friends and Neighbors program: It allows participants to participate in product testing, online surveys, online discussion forums, and focus groups. Additionally, they let minors under the age of 18 do product testing on child-oriented items with parental authorization.

Snuggle: The Bear Den gives you the opportunity to test Snuggle laundry products and participate in discussion groups and surveys.

Cosmetics And Personal Care

Members of the Elle/Marie Claire Inner Circle Group provide feedback on beauty products, receive unique material from Elle, and are eligible to win prizes.

Glamor Beauty Club: This product testing club established in the United Kingdom evaluates cosmetics, skincare, and hair care goods. Additionally, members receive discounts on events and early access to the Glamour Beauty Festival.

Although the firm is well known for its cosmetics, it employs men and women to test hair color, hair care, style, personal care, skincare, and sun care products. This program is only available to citizens of the United States.

Sports Merchandise And Fitness

Take note that some of the programs listed below require you to return your used equipment when the testing time is complete. This is true for well-known brands like as Nike and Adidas, who inspect returned merchandise for signs of wear, manufacturing faults, and other variables.

Adidas: The Adidas product testing program is open to men and women in North America and Europe and evaluates items such as athletic shoes and gear. Please keep in mind that the greatest foot size allowed for testing is a men’s 9.

FrontRunner: It is Asics’ customer testing program in the United Kingdom and a few other countries (U.S. residents cannot apply). Testers indicate their preferred method of running (ultramarathons, track and field, trail running, and so on).

Brooks: The Brooks Ambassador Outreach program is looking for runners with a positive attitude toward running and a sizable social media following to test and evaluate their sports shoes.

Fitbit: Anyone interested in beta testing FitBit’s upcoming products can apply. You do not need to own a FitBit to participate in the testing. Because these are new upgrades or new goods that have not yet been released to the market, you will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Fresh Balance: In exchange for an unbiased assessment, New Balance’s product testing department will give you new prototypes of sports shoes.

Nike’s Voice of the Athlete initiative recruits individuals to test products, write evaluations, and then return them for more testing. Children and adolescents are also eligible to participate in testing with parental approval.

Reebok: Similar to Adidas, Reebok offers consumers the opportunity to test their shoes and gear. When you apply, you will be asked about your chosen sports activity. For this testing program, the maximum foot size allowed is men’s 9.5.

Saucony: As a leading brand of running shoes, Saucony’s product tester application is rather detailed; you’ll be questioned about the surfaces on which you run, the area of your foot that makes contact with the ground first, and your typical running speed (among many other questions).

Under Armor: Even if you reside outside the United States, you may participate in Under Armor’s field testing program for clothes and sporting gear. Individuals who work in the footwear, clothing, or sports goods industries (or are connected to someone who works in one) are ineligible to be product testers.

Companies that do mystery shopping

Along with product testing, mystery shopping is an excellent approach to obtaining free goods. And, if you’re lucky, mystery stores may repay your purchases in addition to providing you with a little cash payment.

If you’re interested in learning more about being a mystery shopper, check out our introduction to mystery shopping.

Coyle: This firm offers some of the most sought-after mystery shops, the majority of them are at upscale restaurants or hotels. The competition for these locations is high, but with some phone stores or mid-level restaurant locations, you can get your foot in the door.

Amusement Advantage: My favorite hidden shopping firm is Amusement Advantage. You may bring a date, a friend, or your family for free to enjoyable adventures such as theme parks, zoos, aquariums, or bowling alleys! The majority of establishments are family-friendly, which is unusual for mystery shops.

Customer Impact: This firm conducts mystery shopping in a number of locales. Free fuel, burgers, and even tax preparation are available.

Intellishop: This firm has a plethora of stores. They are particularly interested in the retail and fast-food businesses. Previously, stores featured burger places, chicken restaurants, and oil changes.

SeeLevelHX: SeeLevelHX is similar to Customer Impact and Intellishop in that it provides a wide selection of shops, but the emphasis is on retail and fast food. They pay well and pay promptly via PayPal.

Amazon Vine Vocalization

Because online businesses understand that positive ratings are critical to their success, there used to be hundreds of websites that offered free things in return for Amazon reviews. Amazon’s terms of service, on the other hand, were recently updated to prohibit compensated product reviews. As a result, nearly all of these websites have been shuttered.

Nowadays, the easiest way to evaluate Amazon items is through the company’s Vine Voice program. Vine Voices are product testers that evaluate and rate existing and upcoming Amazon items to assist customers in making educated purchasing decisions.

Although this program is invitation-only, you can increase your chances of selection by submitting nice evaluations on Amazon.com. Other Amazon users may rate your reviews (similar to Reddit), and the more useful reviews you have, the more likely you are to be chosen – especially if you establish yourself as an authority in a certain product area.

Create A Blog

As a product tester, you can get free samples and the occasional gift card, but if you want to earn real money testing things, creating a blog is your best choice.

Brands and manufacturers are well aware of the effect internet influencers have over their audiences and are prepared to pay to leverage it.

After establishing a following, you may earn hundreds of dollars for every post by writing articles on items related to your specialty and viewers. This may be done through sponsored content (when a business requests you to incorporate their product into a blog article) or through a review post (when a brand sends you a product and asks you to write up a review). As is the case with product testing, the manufacturer will provide the blogger with a sample of the product to retain.

With paid or sponsored blogs, things might become a bit dicey morally, especially if you dislike the stuff the company offers you. Always indicate when an article has been compensated or sponsored, and be truthful in your writing. While fabricating good reviews may generate revenue in the short run, you will jeopardize your readers’ confidence if you exaggerate or sugarcoat your genuine opinion. You may return the merchandise if you do not wish to leave a bad review.

Whether you fall in love with a product and believe your readers will as well, you might check to see if the business has an affiliate program. By including affiliate links in your blog posts, you’ll earn money every time a reader clicks on your link and purchases the product. This way, you may continue to be compensated for your posts.

For additional information on creating and monetizing a blog, see our comprehensive guide to starting a blog and earning money.

Programs that are no longer operational or have been discontinued

Due to the great level of interest, several programs restrict new applications if they already have a sufficient number of trustworthy product testers. Here is a handful that has previously had active product testing programs.

  • Consumer Opinion in the United States
  • Decker and Black (by invitation only)
  • Brillo Relationship
  • DeWALT
  • Foods Franklin
  • Advisory Board for General Mills
  • Beach of Hamilton Ambassadors of All-Stars
  • Dirt Devil/Hoover/Orek
  • Kraft Lowes Loop – First Taste
  • Review Squad for Macy’s
  • For Teachers: Mead
  • Minutes of Microsoft User Research Rice Recipes Association
  • Mizuno Trent New
  • The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company’s OXO Insiders Root (by invitation only)
  • Serta Comfort Ceiling Fans (by invitation only)
  • Step two
  • Target’s hello, bullseye (exclusively by invitation – to qualify, post reviews on Target.com)
  • Vogue Influencers Vogue Development Team
  • Walmart Spark Reviewer Program (by invitation only; participants must post evaluations on Walmart.com)

FAQ about Product Testing

You’ve probably heard less about product testing than you have about other revenue sources and cost-cutting measures. It receives far less attention than couponing or mystery shopping. As such, we’ve developed a list of frequently asked questions to assist you in deciding whether to pursue a career as a product tester.

How feasible is it to work as a product tester?

Product testing possibilities are 100% legitimate, and it is very plausible to believe that you may sign up for any of the alternatives on this list and get items. However, signing up does not ensure that you will get items from any given program; this is contingent upon your meeting the required demographic profile at the time. Additionally, a reasonable assumption is that you will receive a product to test on sometimes – it will not be a daily occurrence, even in the best-case scenario.

How frequently will you be sent things to evaluate?

While the frequency varies per platform, you should anticipate a trickle rather than a torrent. Additionally, while the majority of product testing firms allow anybody to join for free, you will only receive items to test and evaluate if you fit the product’s target demographic.

This can be aggravating, as even if you are an excellent reviewer, you may go extended periods without receiving items or freebies. As a result, product testing is best suited for patient individuals hoping to get some great, free goods on a rare basis – not for those looking for a constant side business.

What are the responsibilities of product testers?

Testers evaluate items sent to them by testing businesses. Products might range from footwear to cosmetics to dog food. After a specified amount of time, testers submit a product review – sometimes on the firm’s website for internal input, and occasionally on social media to stimulate corporate participation.

How much time is necessary for product testing?

It varies according to the product. If you’re reviewing a granola bar, a few nibbles is plenty. If you’re trying a pair of sports shoes, the maker may request that you wear them for many weeks before providing feedback.

You may be asked to complete a brief survey, answer a few questions, or write one or two paragraphs in the case of a granola bar. When it comes to running shoes, you’ll frequently be requested to keep a comprehensive, weeks-long log of how frequently you ran, how far you ran, and the weather conditions (hot/cold, rainy/dry, etc.).

In other words, the expected level of effort and the amount of labor necessary vary significantly.

Keep in mind that once you commit to evaluating a product, you are responsible for completing the review. Otherwise, you are unlikely to get any shipments from that program in the future.

Do product testers compensate?

Occasionally, but more often than not, testing firms regard the free things you get as payment. Occasionally, testing businesses may provide gift cards to their testers (or points that can be redeemed for gift cards). A few chosen programs, such as UserTesting.com, compensate testers directly.

Are there positions available for product testers on a full-time or part-time basis?

No. Indeed, the majority of product-testing organizations view testers as volunteers. Because you never know when you’ll have a product to evaluate, this is a more cost-effective pastime than a full-fledged side hustle.

How can you tell whether a product testing fraud is taking place?

While product testing will not earn you a fortune, legitimate firms will never ask you to pay for anything. Avoid any firm, app, or website that requires payment in order to receive “free” stuff. Additionally, beware of anyone who offers a substantial financial reward in exchange for a tiny amount of your time or a few evaluations – if something seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Is Product Testing USA a reputable company?

While this site is not a scam in the traditional sense (they are not attempting to collect money from you), evaluations indicate that they are known for spamming your email. Additionally, many remarks that the questionnaires are long and that the goods available for testing are few and few between.

Does Apple employ product testers?

While it would be wonderful to receive the next iteration of the iPhone for free, this is unlikely. Apple conducts internal product testing on its own staff. Indeed, a large number of product-testing scams use high-value goods (such as iPhones) to entice would-be testers.

Final Thoughts on Product Testing Locations

While product testing may not pay well, you may save money on food, home products, or cosmetics by joining up. If you’re fortunate enough to obtain a larger item, such as an appliance or a bottle of perfume, you can even sell it online once you’ve completed your testing.

If you like receiving mail, becoming a product tester is a fun way to receive free samples of new items. Before joining up with a product testing business, check out their reviews and the kind of samples they deliver. Select reputable businesses that sell things that you use or are interested in.