How to Freeze Tortillas

The humble tortilla is the foundation for many tasty meals. Perhaps you prefer a traditional burrito, enchilada or taco.

However, you can use them for much more.

French toast wraps, migas, huevos rancheros in a tortilla bowl and chicken tortilla soup are just a few ways to use these whole-grain products.

Most tortillas come in a large pack with 20 or more pieces in the stack.

If you can’t use them all within a few days, you might want to freeze them. Use these simple steps on how to freeze tortillas.

How to Freeze Tortillas for a Few Weeks

You can freeze corn or flour tortillas. The procedure for how to freeze tortillas is the same for both varieties.

If you only need to freeze store-bought tortillas for a few weeks, leave them in their original store packaging.

If you only want to use one or two tortillas at a time, place a layer of wax or parchment paper between each tortilla.

This allows you to easily slide out one tortilla without having to defrost the whole package.

The tortillas will remain tasty when frozen at 0 degrees Fahrenheit for up to three weeks in their original packaging.

How to Freeze Tortillas for One to Six Months

When you only occasionally eat store-bought tortillas, you may need to freeze them for a longer period of time.

According to the United States Department of Agriculture, you can freeze them for up to six months if your freezer is set to 0 degrees Fahrenheit or colder.

Long-term freezer storage for tortillas requires some additional preparation in order to maintain their freshness.

Remove the tortillas from their original packaging. Place a layer of wax or parchment paper between each tortilla.

Place the stack of tortillas in a freezer storage bag. Squeeze all of the air out of the bag. Label the freezer bag with the date.

Place the bag on a flat surface in the back of the freezer. Use the tortillas within six months of freezing.

How to Freeze Homemade Tortillas

Many people have a favorite recipe for homemade tortillas. Making them yourself is a good way to save money, especially if you need gluten-free or vegan tortillas.

If you just made a large batch of homemade tortillas and need to freeze them for future use, there are just a few extra steps you need to take compared to freezing store-bought tortillas.

Allow the tortillas to fully cool in a single layer on a flat surface for at least two hours. Flip them over to cool and dry for another hour.

This process allows any steam or extra moisture to dissipate. Water crystals freeze and ruin the texture of the tortillas when you thaw them.

Once the tortillas are cool and dry, layer each tortilla between a stack of foil or parchment paper.

Place the stack in a freezer bag. Squeeze out the air, and freeze for up to six months.

How to Defrost Frozen Tortillas

The easiest and best way to defrost one or more frozen flour tortillas is to put them in the refrigerator.

For a corn tortilla, place it in the toaster on the lowest setting. When they come out of the toaster, they’ll be warm and fresh. Use defrosted tortillas the same way as you use fresh ones.

How to Freeze Crawfish

Crawfish is a kind of freshwater treat that is delicious in gumbo, stews and other dishes.

In Louisiana, crawfish are plentiful from December to June. Because of this, you may quickly discover that you have more crawfish than you can reasonably eat right away.

By learning how to freeze crawfish, you can store this tasty ingredient for future meals.

How Do You Freeze Crawfish?

Luckily, learning how to freeze crawfish is fairly straightforward.

One of the easiest ways to prepare crawfish is by boiling them in seasoned water.

Once they are cooked, you can use the following steps to freeze them.

  1. Wrap the cooked crawfish in a freezer bag. Try to remove as much air as possible.
  2. Pop the crawfish into the freezer right away.

Whole crawfish do not last as long as tail meat. To help your crawfish last for longer, you can crack them open to access the tail meat.

In order to freeze the tail meat, you should use the following techniques.

  1. Place your thumbs on the underside of the tail.
  2. Your thumbs should press on the edges until the shell breaks apart.
  3. Remove the tails. They should be placed in a solution of water and lemon juice for one minute. This will help prevent discoloration.
  4. Remove the mustard. This section is high in fat, so it will become rancid in just a month or two. The vein should also be removed.
  5. Put the tails in vacuum bags or freezer bags.
  6. The tail meat can last for two to six months in the freezer.

Cooked crawfish is extremely perishable. If it is left out for any length of time, it will go bad.

Because of this, you should put it in the refrigerator or freezer as soon as everyone is done eating.

While tail meat can be frozen for two to six months, whole crawfish will only last for a month or two in the freezer.

Can You Freeze Raw Crawfish?

You can freeze raw and cooked crawfish. Many people recommend cooking crawfish first because the cooking process locks in their texture and flavor.

If you freeze raw crawfish, they will only last for two or three weeks. After that, the quality level will quickly start to decline.

How Do You Thaw Frozen Crawfish?

After you learn how to freeze crawfish, the next step is figuring out how to thaw them out.

Since most people cook crawfish before they freeze them, you should be careful about cooking them again. Overcooked crawfish can become tough and dry.

To thaw out the crawfish, you can start by placing the freezer bag or package in a sink of water.

Allow the crawfish to sit in the sink for three to four hours. Then, you should prepare a pot of boiling water. You can add seasoning to the water.

Remove any liquid from the crawfish. Then, you can add the crawfish to the pot of water. After the water reaches a simmer, turn off the heat.

Allow the crawfish to sit in the water for about five to eight minutes.

After this time period has passed, you can serve the crawfish with your favorite seasonings and side dishes.

How to Freeze Croissants

Compared to other foods, baked goods tend to freeze extremely well.

If you are trying to figure out how to freeze croissants, you are in luck. With a few simple steps, you can make sure your leftover croissants do not go to waste.

How Do You Freeze Croissants?

Croissants are a delicious treat that can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner. In Europe, they are often eaten in the morning with a cup of espresso.

Unfortunately, croissants only last for about one or two days when they are stored at room temperature. If you put them in the fridge, they will last for up to seven days.

Thankfully, freezing your croissants will allow them to last for weeks.

If you freeze them the right way, they may even last for several months in the freezer. To learn how to freeze croissants, you can use the following steps.

  1. Start by removing the croissants from their packaging.
  2. Next, place your croissants onto a baking tray.
  3. Then, you should leave the croissants in the freezer for several hours until they are completely frozen.
  4. Once they are fully frozen, you can place them in a freezer bag. As long as the bag is sealed, the croissants can remain in the freezer for two months.

It is important to freeze the croissants on a baking tray before you place them in the freezer bag.

If you just toss them into a freezer bag, they will end up freezing in a large clump.

The baking tray allows them to freeze separately, so you can easily remove one croissant at a time.

When you bag the croissants, you may want to label each bag with the type of croissant and the date.

This is especially important if you are freezing different varieties. Writing down the date is also necessary because it allows you to easily see how old the croissants are when you want to eat them in the future.

How Long Can You Keep Croissants in a Freezer?

If you want your croissants to taste fairly good, you should only keep them in the freezer for two months.

You should put them in a sealed bag, or they will develop freezer burn. While you can still eat the croissants after two months, they may taste stale.

How Long Do Croissants Last in a Fridge?

Croissants only stay fresh for a day or two if you leave them on the counter. Thankfully, they will last for a little longer if you put them in the fridge.

As long as you put your croissants in the fridge right away, they should last for about seven days.

How Do You Thaw and Bake Frozen Croissants?

Sometimes, the outside of croissants softens if they are left in the freezer for too long. If this happens, you can slide them in the oven for a couple of minutes.

The oven will gently toast the exterior of the croissant so that the softness goes away.

In general, you can thaw your croissants by taking them out of the freezer at least an hour before you plan on eating them.

For the best results, you should use a fridge to thaw them overnight. While it takes longer for croissants to thaw in the fridge, the quality and taste will be much better.

Why Mustard Oil is Great for Skin Tightening!

Have you been looking for an all-natural way to achieve tighter skin?

As we age, our skin loses its elasticity and begins to sag.

We all want to look our best, so it is imperative to find ways to help our skin look its best!

Fortunately, mustard oil is a great, natural way for you to maintain your skins natural beauty!!

What makes mustard oil so great?

Mustard oil is full of beneficial vitamins and minerals.

It has omega’s 3 and 6 fatty acids, vitamin E, proteins, antioxidants, and many other nutrients.

All of these nutrients work together to improve your skin’s texture.

How does mustard oil improve and tighten your skin?

Mustard oil has many ways that it helps improve the appearance of your skin and tighten your skin. Many people use mustard oil for skin tightening. The many benefits include:

• Improving your skins overall health when regularly massaged into your skin by stimulating blood flow.

• Cleansing your skins dead cells and pollutants.

• Improving the elasticity of your skin because the vitamin E stimulates your bodies collagen production.

• Protects your skin from UV rays that will cause premature aging.

• Stimulates sweat glands, helping your body to remove toxins more efficiently.

• Hydrates your skin and locks in moisture because of its fatty acid content.

• Antioxidants and other nutrients reduce fine lines and pigmentation issues.

How do you use mustard oil on your skin?

There are two ways to purchase mustard oil. You can purchase mustard oil as an essential oil, or it can be purchased in a bottle similar to that of olive oil. Depending on the kind you purchase, you will use it differently.

Using mustard oil as an essential oil

If you are using essential oil, you will need to dilute the oil first. It is ideal to use grapeseed oil for this, although sesame oil can be used as well. Sesame oil is also better to use on your face if you have oily skin.

You will mix ¼ cup of your choice of oil with 10 drops of mustard essential oil. You then massage this mixture on any skin you want to use it on. Cover the area with a towel if it is not on your face.

Apply a heating pad on medium heat to the area for twenty minutes, then use a mild astringent on a cotton ball to remove the excess oil. If the oil is on your face, dip a clean towel on hot water and hold it on your face for twenty minutes, then wipe the excess oil off.

Using regular mustard oil

If you purchase regular mustard oil, you can simply apply it to your skin, wait a few minutes, and then remove the excess oil. You also can create a mask for your face using one teaspoon of curd, a few drops of lemon juice, mustard oil, and enough besan or gram flour to make the mixture pasty.

Use this mask for 10-15 minutes three days a week to see great skin tightening results as well as improved pigmentation.

No matter how you use mustard oil, you are sure to see some amazing results as your skin gets tighter and younger looking!

Tens Unit for Skin Tightening

Can you use a TENS Unit for Skin Tightening? We look at studies to see what the truth is and if it can help with loose, sagging skin.

As we grow older, one thing we notice as we look into the mirror is our sagging facial skin.

This is the result of our skin loosing it’s elasticity.

With the emphasis that society places on a youthful appearance, many people seek to halt and even reverse the aging process on their face.

Options for Skin Tightening

Until recently the standard treatment to erase the signs of ageing has been a surgical procedure.

During this procedure some skin may actually be removed and other skin tightened and lifted.

It has differing results; some people are so pleased with the results that they have several procedures as they age.

Of course there are people that are not as pleased after having the surgery.

Some people turn to injections of Botox, which is helpful to relax wrinkles and lines, thus giving the skin a smoother appearance.

Botox injections may or may not be used in conjunction with injections of filler.

Filler can sometimes give the effect of lifting and tightening the skin, thus giving a more youthful appearance.

These injections are usually done by a doctor in his office.

Microcurrent Treatment

A treatment that has become popular within the last 10 years is the microcurrent treatment known as the “lunch time facelift”.

This treatment uses the Faradic electrical current which is similar to the treatment of pain with a TENS unit.

This electrical current causes muscles to contract and therefore give skin the appearance of tightening.

It can be used tighten the neck and chin areas as well as to lift the eye brow and eye lid area.

The nasolabial fold (also known as the marionette lines) is another area where the tens unit can be used for skin tightening.

What is a TENS unit?

A TENS machine is a small, battery-operated device that has leads connected to sticky pads called electrodes.

Tens Unit for Skin Tightening
Tens Unit for Skin Tightening

You attach the pads directly to your skin. When the machine is switched on, small electrical impulses are delivered to the affected area of your body, which you feel as a tingling sensation.

The electrical impulses can reduce the pain signals going to the spinal cord and brain, which may help relieve pain and relax muscles. They may also stimulate the production of endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers.

TENS may be able to help reduce pain and muscle from things like:

  • arthritis
  • period pain
  • pelvic pain
  • knee pain
  • neck pain

Benefits of TENS Unit for Skin Tightening

Numerous benefits can be had by using the TENS unit for skin tightening.

Improved muscle tone, lifted jowls and eyebrows, lymphatic drainage, improved circulation, and skin exfoliation are among the benefits.

The microcurrent is also very useful in helping skin care product to penetrate the outer layer of skin and work its benefits down into the lower layers of the skin.

Another plus with the microcurrent treatment is that it can be done in an hour.

There is no down time after having the treatment. Microcurrent treatments can be done by a licensed esthetician in a spa setting.

Studies on TENS Units and Skin Tightening

There was one study posted in 2016 where 30 volunteers, all women 35 Years to 55 Years old used a TENS unit once a day for 12 weeks.

The improvement in appearance were measured “by overall facial improvement assessed live by the Investigator and a subject assessment of facial appearance including the Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale (GAIS).”

The Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale is a five-grade subjective test. The physician and patient independently describe the degree of improvement in facial appearance. Possible responses were (1) Significantly marked improvement, (2) marked improvement, (3) moderate improvement, (4) slight improvement, (5) no improvement.

The results after 12 weeks showed the following scores:

GAIS (Investigator)
2.17 (0 to 4)

GAIS (Subject)
2.26 (0 to 4)

So both rated the improvement to their appearance as “marked improvement” which is one step better than “moderate improvement”.

Other Benefits of Microcurrent

Microcurrent has also been proven effective in instances of partial facial paralysis due to Bell’s Palsy and automobile accidents.

Improvement can be noted with the first treatment and continues to revitalize facial muscles with further treatment.

Results can be seen after the first treatment but are not lasting until the 6th to 8th session.

The treatments should be spread out no longer than 5 days apart. Maximum results are usually seen by the 12th to 14th treatment.

Maintenance treatments are recommended every four to eight weeks.

Is it OK to wear a TENS unit all day?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some people find that wearing a TENS unit all day helps them feel better, while others find that it becomes uncomfortable after a while. You may need to experiment a bit to find what works best for you. If you do wear a TENS unit all day, be sure to adjust the settings as needed so that you remain comfortable. And if you experience any side effects, such as skin irritation or nausea, stop using the unit and consult your doctor.

Does a TENS unit help with inflammation?

There is some conflicting evidence on whether or not a TENS unit can help with inflammation. Some studies suggest that it can help, while others show no benefits. More research is needed to determine whether or not this is an effective treatment for inflammation.

What are the side effects of a TENS machine?

There are a few potential side effects of using a TENS machine, though they are generally mild and temporary. The most common side effect is skin irritation or discomfort at the site of the electrode pads. Other possible side effects include headaches, dizziness, muscle twitching, and nausea. If you experience any of these side effects, simply adjust the settings on your machine or stop using it altogether. As with any new device or treatment, be sure to consult with your doctor before using a TENS machine.

Can TENS damage nerves?

There is no evidence to suggest that TENS can damage nerves. In fact, TENS has been found to be an effective treatment for nerve pain.

How to Freeze Catfish

The danger of freezer burn is very real, yet this issue can be addressed by applying a few simple tips.

Freezer burn could happen anytime you plan to preserve a slab of delicious catfish for some later meal.

Maintaining the rich flavor of the catfish can be done very easily once you know how to store it in the freezer properly.

Take a few minutes to learn the most effective tips on how to freeze your choice catfish.

This is a topic that might surprise anyone unfamiliar with the very real problem of freezer burn.

When you put your catfish into the freezer, the icy air might come in contact with the fish, and this causes some damage.

There are a few simple techniques that should be applied to avoid the issue of freezer burn.

What is Freezer Burn?

Freezer burn happens when food products are exposed to the air inside of your freezer.

This can appear on the surface of the catfish as icy crystals, or it could manifest as patches of white discoloration on the fish itself.

The taste will be affected by freezer burn because the catfish will dehydrate from exposure to the frozen air.

Freezer burn might also affect the texture and overall quality of the catfish.

Freezer burn is basically the name given to the effects of the freezer air on exposed food.

This is why you can also apply the same knowledge of how to freeze catfish properly to other foods. This includes other meats and produce, for example.

Freezer burn will not completely ruin the taste of the food, but it will still depreciate the quality of your cuisine.

Learn How to Freeze Catfish

There is a simple method for anyone interesting in learning how to freeze catfish safely.

Avoid all the issues of freezer burn by simply ensuring that the catfish is a completely sealed container.

This is the general principle, but the outcome will be even better if you cut the catfish into portion-sized pieces.

Make sure to remove the fatty line, which is generally located at the top portion or the backside of the catfish.

Final Catfish Freezing Tips

When you cut the catfish into portion sizes, you can place them each into a air-tight sealed bag.

Just add a little salt on the fish directly, which will help to preserve the quality of the catfish.

The next step is the most important one: Ensure that all of the air is completely removed from the bag.

You can also turn the freezer bag over, and push out any remaining air pockets.

Finally, storing the bags on the side can add an extra level of protection against the possibility of freezer burn.

This information will help you to remember to apply the correct storage procedure each and every time.

Learn how to freeze catfish without the problem of freezer burn by applying the helpful tips provided in this article.

Preserve the quality of your catfish by storing the fish inside the freezer correctly.

Consistency is also important; you need to apply the appropriate actions every single time.

The icy air inside of the freezer will preserve the catfish without degrading its quality only if the surface of the fish is not exposed.

The correct storage method must be done every single time in order to remain effective.

How to Freeze Bok Choy

Bok choy is a tasty vegetable that can be used in a variety of dishes. This is a good reason to freeze extra portions of the leafy produce for later use.

However, there is always a risk that the freezing temperatures can reduce the nutritional content of this plant.

In addition, freezer burn can affect the flavor of the bok choy, and this will adversely affect the quality of your meals.

Benefits of Bok Choy

Bok choy is a nutritious vegetable that is leafy, green and widely used in Asian recipes.

An active ingredient in this food is known for its health benefits. It is considered to be a superfood, and it’s packed full of folate, calcium, beta carotene and glucosinolates.

Bok choy is increasingly popular, as its versatility qualities allow many interesting culinary adaptations to occur.

These are just a few of the reasons why preserving the bok choy in your freezer is a big deal.

It would be a shame to see all of that delicious nutrition go to waste just because of the way it was packed into the freezer for storage.

Why Does Frozen Bok Choy Go Bad?

Bok choy can be delicious even after weeks in the freezer, but this will only be the case if it is frozen properly.

However, many people experience an undesired result; the bok choy will become mushy and lose its nutritional value.

This can happen if its improperly frozen, so there are a few easy tricks you can use to make sure that the bok choy is well-preserved in your freezer.

There are a few very simple tricks that you can easily apply to preserve your bok choy in the freezer without sacrificing the taste or nutritional content.

In addition, these methods will also extend the total life of the frozen bok choy.

You can enjoy a delicious meal with frozen bok choy months after putting it into the freezer; keep reading to learn how to freeze bok choy properly.

Top Tips for Freezing Bok Choy

Successfully freezing bok choy by washing the produce well before you even consider what container to use for storage.

The dirt that hides between the leaves of the vegetable should not be present when you freeze it.

This requires you to cut the stalks and completely clean the dirt off of each section. Make sure to separate each one of the stalks from the base of the plant.

Wash the entire vegetable thoroughly, and consider using a pliable vegetable brush to clean any stubborn areas.

When the bok choy is completely clean, boil the bok choy for about two minutes.

Remove the pieces, and submerge them into ice water, which will stop the leaves from overcooking.

Dry the leaves on a paper towel, and store them in airtight zipped freezer bags. Remove all the air from these bags before storing them in the freezer; this process is called blanching.

There is another method that doesn’t require any contact with water, which can invite unwanted rotting.

In this method, you simply clean the stems with a paper towel, and you can use lightly damp paper towels to wipe them clean.

Chop the pieces before storing them in the freezer bag. This process will ensure that your bok choy can be enjoyed without turning into a mushy mess.

Vicks Vapor Rub For Wrinkles

Pesky wrinkles can seem to appear out of nowhere.

It usually doesn’t matter how much time and effort you put into caring for your skin as they can appear even on a surface that’s taken care of like gold.

Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can delay wrinkles or keep them from being too prominent.

Vicks Vapor Rub is a product that you can try that you can easily apply to your skin every day or a few days a week.

Starting On The Sides

An area of your face where you’ll usually see wrinkles before others is on the sides near your eyes.

These usually appear due to creases from smiling.

Apply a small amount of Vicks Vapor Rub for wrinkles on the sides of your face, leaving it there for a few hours so that it has time to penetrate the skin.

This simple step can help decrease the number of wrinkles on the sides of your face and can often keep the severity of wrinkles to a minimum.

Consider the Vicks as though it’s a type of lotion that you apply to your skin when you begin to see wrinkles forming or so that you can prevent wrinkles for as long as possible.


While you’re in the shower, try to use soap that’s moisturizing.

This can help prevent your skin from drying out, which often leads to wrinkles forming on your face and other areas of your body.

After getting out of the shower, apply Vicks Vapor Rub for wrinkles to decrease the number of wrinkles from forming.

Diet Changes

Another way to reduce wrinkles is by changing a few things in your diet.

Try to drink more water during the day.

This simple step can keep your body hydrated, which can work in conjunction with lotions and Vicks Vapor Rub to keep wrinkles from forming or to keep those that do form to a minimum.

Adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet can keep your skin healthy as well as these foods have essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs to stay healthy, which in turn will keep your skin healthy and youthful.

Limit The Sun

Although being outdoors in the sun usually feels pleasant, you should try to limit the exposure you have as it could cause wrinkles to appear sooner rather than later.

If you get sunburned, you can use Vicks to help relieve the pain that you feel and to help keep moisture locked in your skin, which can then help with decreasing the number of wrinkles you might have.

Apply sunscreen as much as possible if you’re going to be outdoors for an extended time to decrease the number of wrinkles as well.

How to Freeze Squash for Frying

Squash is a food that you can enjoy by itself or as a healthy side dish. The summer season is a time when you can get several pieces of squash, but you might not be able to use them all at one time.

Fortunately, you can freeze them so that you can fry them at a later time. Make sure you gather all of the materials that you need beforehand so that you don’t have to set your squash aside after it’s sliced.

You’ll need a container with an airtight lid, wax paper, plastic wrap, or aluminum foil, and flour.


One of the first steps of how to freeze squash for frying is to cut each piece that you have into slices.

The slices should be the sizes that you plan to use for your meals whether you use them as a side dish or in a main course.

Consider cutting a few different widths so that you have a variety of slices to choose from instead of only cutting them at one width.

You’re going to wash all of the pieces of squash before drying them off with a paper towel.

Once the squash is sliced, you can cut small pieces of wax paper that are the same size as the slices that you just made.


Once all of your squash is sliced, you’ll season each piece. Salt and pepper are usually enough for freezing. You can add more seasonings when you fry your squash.

You’ll then flour each piece of squash, shaking off the excess flour so that there are no large clumps on the slices.

Put a piece of wax paper on the bottom of the container that you plan to use. You could also use aluminum foil, but you should put a piece of wax paper on it as well to keep the squash from sticking to the foil.

Make a layer of sliced squash on the paper before covering the squash with another piece of paper.

Continue layering in this manner until the container is full. Seal the container, and write the date on the lid so that you use the oldest squash in your freezer first.

Another tip for how to freeze squash for frying is to put it in a freezer bag. You can put whole squash in each bag or slices.

You could also use food wraps around each large piece of squash that you want to freeze as this method takes up a little less room than using a lot of plastic bags or containers.

When you remove the squash from the freezer, you want to let it sit on a counter for about 30 minutes to an hour so that it thaws just a bit before you prepare the squash.

The Benefits of Vicks Vapor Rub for Migraines

Migraines are a difficult thing to ignore. Between the pulsing headache, nausea, and throbbing pain, everyday activities can become difficult to complete.

While every relief method doesn’t work for everyone suffering with migraines, there’s a hidden gem many people should try: Vicks vapor rub.

Unfortunately, migraines don’t pick convenient times to show up.

While some migraines last for a few hours, severe cases last for days and even weeks at a time.

These severe headaches can keep you out of work for extended periods of time and also cause issues with taking care of your home.

If you’ve tried numerous relief methods to no avail, Vick vapor rub is the solution for you.

What is Vicks Vapor Rub

Vicks vapor rub is a topical ointment created for pain and ache relief.

Common uses for Vicks vapor rub include joint ache relief, cough compression, and chest, back, and throat pain relief.

Vicks vapor rub can be purchased online or over-the-counter without a prescription.

Vicks vapor rub has a high menthol content. Menthol is used for relief from tension and stress headaches.

When applied correctly, the menthol activates receptors called transient potential receptors that cool the tension caused by headaches.

This concept is similar to using a cool compress.

Vicks vapor rub is also great for people who prefer a topical solution over taking oral medication.

It’s important to avoid ingesting Vicks vapor rub, especially for small children.

Tasting products with camphor causes nausea, vomiting, and sickness. Eating even minimal amounts can be poisonous.

In severe cases, swallowing can cause seizures.

 Vicks Benefits and Application

Vicks vapor rub is effective when applied to the temples and forehead. Lightly massaging the product increases relief and releases tension.

Massaging Vicks also help you relax. Unlike oral medication and other methods, applying this mentholated ointment works almost instantly.

Migraines come with more than just a pulsating headache.

Oftentimes, migraine sufferers experience nausea and even vomiting in addition to pain.

Vicks vapor rub also assists with nausea-related symptoms. Menthol’s aromatic impact helps relieve upset stomach-related symptoms.

Again, be sure not to swallow Vicks vapor rub.

One of the best parts of using Vicks vapor rub for a migraine is convenience. Migraines come on at any time.

If you’re at work, it’s difficult to rotate a cold or hot compress for relief.

It’s also unlikely you’ll get an opportunity to lay down in a dark room during a work shift.

Carrying vapor rub allows you to apply an ointment and find relief almost instantly.

It’s compact and discreet container fits in most bags, making it easy to carry anywhere.


Using Vicks vapor rub for migraines is an easy and convenient relief method. Because it works anywhere and results occur quickly, consider keeping a container with you at all times.

When you feel a migraine coming on, massage Vicks vapor rub on your temples and forehead and continue your everyday activities.

If your child experiences migraines, don’t allow them to suffer. Vicks vapor rub also offers a children’s topical ointment.

Be sure to discuss your symptoms with your healthcare provider and make sure Vicks vapor rub is a safe option for you.