Vicks Vapor Rub For Sunburn

After spending time outside in the sun whether it’s working in your yard or swimming in a pool, you might develop a sunburn.

This is often a painful burn that could sometimes have blisters associated with it if it’s severe.

Fortunately, there are a few different treatments that you can use in order to get relief until the burn heals.

Cool Cloth

One way to use Vicks Vapor Rub for sunburn relief is by putting it on a cloth that is wrapped around ice or an icepack.

Try not to leave the ice on your skin for extended periods of time as this could cause damage or irritation to the skin as well.

The menthol qualities associated with the rub can help relieve the pain that you experience in conjunction with the cold from the ice.

Direct Application

If you want almost immediate relief, then you could apply Vicks Vapor Rub right to the sunburned area of your skin.

This is similar to putting the product on your chest when you have a cold or you have difficulty breathing. If you apply it right to your skin, the relief will usually last for a few hours.

You can then apply the rub again if you’re still in pain.

If there are blisters on your skin, you might want to wait until they have healed or use a cloth to apply the rub so that they won’t burst.


Sometimes, your sunburn will begin to itch as it heals. Vicks Vapor Rub for sunburn relief can be used in this situation.

You want to apply the product before your skin begins peeling as this is usually the time when itching occurs.

An option for using Vicks on a sunburn is to put the container in the refrigerator before it’s used.

This will lower the temperature of the product, and with the menthol properties that the product has, it can deliver a refreshing sensation on your skin as you heal from your sunburn.

Avoid wearing nicer clothing when you apply the rub to your skin as the product could leave a greasy residue behind. They could also get stained.

Another tip to keep in mind would be to try to keep a window open or have some kind of ventilation in the room or your home as the aroma of Vicks Vapor Rub can sometimes be overwhelming.

You should also avoid using the rub on young children as it could irritate their skin since it will likely be needed in large amounts.

You can apply the rub to your skin at night before bed so that you can be as comfortable as possible while you’re sleeping.

However, avoid using an icepack on your skin at night as it could leak or irritate your skin.

Stores That Accept Venmo (ever updating list)

Are you wondering, “Is there a list of retailers that accept Venmo?”

The good news is that you can spend your Venmo money at various food, clothing, and other merchants online and in-person. Unfortunately, there’s no master list of merchants that are accepting Venmo. Sometimes you have to go on a case by case basis. This is probably because more and more businesses are beginning to accept Venmo all the time.

What You Need To Know About Venmo

Venmo is a company under PayPal, an online payment company you can use with millions of businesses. Although Venmo and PayPal are owned together, you can’t use Venmo everywhere that PayPal is accepted. Your account information is secure through encryption that protects your account information and monitors accounts for unauthorized activity. What’s unique about the Venmo application is that you cannot access it on a computer or laptop. You are only able to spend your funds through the application on your mobile device.

Venmo charges no fees to use the service. There is the exception of a standard 3% fee applied to credit cards. Venmo also doubles as a social media application that allows users to keep in touch with one another while exchanging money. Do you owe your friend gas money? Venmo is a great place to send them the funds without handling cash.

You can sync Venmo with other social media like Facebook to find friends already on the application. Venmo even allows you to split costs with friends within the application. According to Venmo, there are now millions of merchants that accept Venmo as a payment option. If you’re shopping online, you can make Venmo purchases directly through the mobile website.

You’ll only need to launch the PayPal checkout on a mobile device. If the merchant accepts Venmo, you’ll also see the Venmo checkout button.

If you have a Venmo card, you can pay wherever Mastercard is accepted.

If you’re able to make payments through Venmo, you’ll see the option through the Venmo-branded payment option.

In some cases, you may need to select PayPal as your payment method before you see the Venmo option.

If you cannot find the Venmo button, it means that the merchant does not accept Venmo.

List of Some Stores That Accept Venmo

Are you trying to pay with the Venmo app? Here are some options to get you started on your shopping spree.


  • J-Crew
  • Abercrombie and Fitch
  • Urban Outfitters
  • Foot Locker
  • Lululemon
  • Forever 21
  • Fashion Nova
  • Stuart Weitzman


  • Skullcandy
  • HP

Specialty Merchants

  • Etsy
  • GNC
  • eGifter

Department Stores

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Overstock

Delivery Services

  • Uber Eats
  • Grubhub/Seamless

Ride Share Services

  • Uber

Where You Cannot Use Venmo…Yet

  • Adidas
  • eBay
  • JCPenney
  • Disney Store
  • Amazon

More and more are added everyday so check back soon to see when your favorite retailers are added.

Alum for Skin Tightening – Miracle Cure or Myth? We investigate…

Can you use Alum for Skin Tightening to get rid of loose, sagging skin? We look at how it was used historically, the science and the truth.

Alum is another word for potassium alum.

This ingredient is found in a wide variety of skin care products thanks to its natural ability to function as an astringent.

It can even help tighten the skin. Found in cleansers, wrinkle creams and moisturizers, alum for skin tightening is a very natural and safe process.

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Kalunite is alum in its rock form, which is a naturally occurring mineral salt.

Very minimal risks are associated with its use when it comes to non-reproductive organ system toxicity.

Hypoallergenic for even the most sensitive skin, you’ll find this ingredient all over the beauty industry.

Some other uses for alum include:

-Toning the skin

-Applying under the arms as deodorant. It can be effective for as long as 24 hours.

-Applying as an aftershave to help disinfect any nicks or cuts. It can also tighten the skin, removing razor bumps.

-Healing cracked heels.

-Shrinking your pores.

-Tightening loose skin from weight loss.

How to Use Alum for Skin Tightening

You’ll want to wash your face with a gentle skin cleanser.

Don’t dry your skin. Wet a piece of alum in cold water and rub it gently over the area of skin that you want to treat.

Make sure that you have a few minutes to complete this process.

The longer you leave the alum on your skin to dry, the more effective it will be.

Once the product is dry, it may leave behind a white powder. You can simply brush this off your skin.

How Frequently Can I Use Alum?

You can use this natural substance almost daily and for a few months if you feel the need. You may see the change after a number of uses.

Once your skin is a bit tighter, it will look like it is shining, youthful and radiant.

You can use this treatment option when you have breakouts or problematic skin issues.

Because it is so natural, don’t be afraid to use alum whenever you feel it could be beneficial.

What to Watch Out For

Alum has the potential for drying out the skin.

This can be beneficial if you have oily skin that is leading to breakouts, but you don’t want to dry out skin that is prone to wrinkles.

You can apply moisturizer to the skin after using alum and letting it dry.

Coconut oil is a great natural option to consider.

Shea butter, cocoa butter and olive oil are also natural and very healthy for the skin.

Natural alum crystal can be purchased in a number of retail stores and online.

Make sure that you select a product that is natural, safe and free from any kind of chemical additives or preservatives.

Make sure that you store it in a location that is free of moisture.

It does have the ability to absorb moisture, which could damage the quality of your alum.

Alum for Skin Tightening – Some Thoughts…

Alum is a mineral that has many benefits for the skin. It can be used to treat acne, scars, and other blemishes.

It can also be used as an astringent to tighten pores and remove excess oil. Alum is also known to have antiseptic properties, which can help to prevent infection.

To use alum on the skin, simply wet a cotton ball with water and add a small amount of alum powder.

Apply the mixture to the affected area and allow it to dry. Rinse off with warm water. Repeat this process as needed until the desired results are achieved.

If you have sensitive skin, it is important to test the alum on a small patch skin before using it over the entire face.

This will help to ensure that it does not cause any irritation.

Alum can also be used as a mouthwash. To make a mouthwash, mix one teaspoon of alum powder with a cup of water.

Swish the mixture around in your mouth for 30 seconds and then spit it out.

Repeat this process two to three times per day. You should start to see results within a few days.

Alum is a natural product and is safe for most people to use.

However, if you experience any irritation or other adverse reaction, discontinue use immediately and consult your doctor.

Alum use Throughout History

Aluminum is a very versatile metal that has been used throughout history in many different ways.

It is strong yet lightweight, making it perfect for a variety of applications. Some of the earliest known uses of aluminum were in cooking utensils and tools.

Alum was also commonly used as a food additive to help thicken and stabilize foods. In more recent times, aluminum has been used in a variety of products, including cookware, automotive parts, and building materials.

Thanks to its many benefits, aluminum is sure to continue being used in a variety of ways for many years to come.